UPDATE POST 351 (04/01) the wars we wage (Now with 180k words)! isekai fantasy game

can i make a harem?

I’ve been playing this demo for a long time now but today I just realized, if you go with a male mc then choose the death by train being pushed by a male co worker then time stops, it just screams The saga of Tanya the evil. Now that I mentioned it the whole theme of the wip showcase that.

I only know this anime quite recently so the similarities didn’t occur to me before



Hi ! Some people have been asking about harem/poly path but I don’t plan on making one, at least not in my current plans. Then if further on I think it’d make a nice addition, why not.
Thanks for commenting !

well I guess it’s a bit my fault for the way I’ve been building the interactions between MC and the other characters loool

nah there’s nothing outwardly futuristic but I mean we already got magic so I didn’t feel the need to push on that. I put year 3000 something because I didn’t want to put 2000 :sweat_smile: :

Oh gosh I’ve really been baiting on that wasn’t I ? :rofl: :sob:

The thing is that…I had some small, really small, inklings about a poly route, but not with these currently known characters :face_with_peeking_eye: NO SPOILER THO !


+1 I’ll second that statement ! :rofl: :sob:


Me face before the fact that such an useful thing exists and I just wasn’t aware of it :sob:

Imma genuinely going to go learn the whole choice script wiki and do better because what kind of bs was I on all this time ??

Thanks for the help !


you got there through Adama’s path or another one ? Because I cleared my cache too and still got the error on dashingdon :sob:


Ah so I was overthinking things

Yup ! That’s totally that, Tanya the Evil is what I’ve based the premise of the game


So I remember that the game said the year was 3000 something so are we in the future or does advancements move slowly because nothing in the story really screams we’re in the 3000s

ngl i also did think it would either end up as a poly or a harem, and i loved their character dynamics so much i couldn’t get enough lol🫣


I looked at the Adama path on the food scene and man… There are many out of place tabs, which I think are causing some choices to be skipped?

Here’s an example:

#I want to see how the game works, the technology behind this scheme is just as dangerous as the candies.

     "I really wanted to see a game being played, you've described this memory in such an interesting way." You knew that it had a few risks, which wouldn't have affected you at all if you were at peak performance, but now with your vacillating mana flow, you didn't want to tempt the devil, or even god for that matter.

        #Turning your head toward Thomas and the police officer still in shock, you smirk widely at them, making their frames shudder.
            "As a peace offering" you looked at Thomas, "and as a break from work for you sir. I'll leave you have the first round." [i]Not that you'll actually still have a job after that.[/i]
            You could see their reluctance, but these people were the kind you disliked the most.
            They knew how to bully the weak, and how to appeal to the strong perfectly. They both dragged themselves in front of the game set and Tang started a new play.
            The woman from before approached you with a weary, twisting her hands nervously "$!{id}, may I know your name please ? I'd like to apologize for my friend's outbur—" 
            "And I'd like you to shut up." Your side eye was chilling. She gasped, probably at both the rudeness and the fright of you person, before backing toward her friend group.

            No longer focusing on all the idiots around, you started to look at the wannabe line cutter and policeman start their game. After the first round, you felt a fluctuation in the mana flow.
            *Page_break As I thought.

            The challenge, complicated as it is, wasn't the real problem you had with this game, but more so the fact that playing it sucked the mana out of people.

            The game depletes people of their mana, and the [i]prize[/i], the candies, filled them with a weird kind of energy. That kind of ploy can work quite well with untrained people.

            Like this civilian man…but also  a policeman ? That's a bit more worrying as he should be more attune to his mana flow.

            Sure enough, the two men were wobbling a bit, mana reserves getting drained quite fast.

            "Don you think they look a bit sick ?" asked the lady who tried to approach you to a guy next
            "Maybe Anna, after all Thomas took quite a beating earlier, and that officer some shock."
            Well, your frightening skills were quite on point, but you knew the real reason behind the haggard appearance.                                        
            [i]Anna is quite right though, these two men will be dried out of mana in about…forty minutes and a few dust specks. And honestly.[/i]
            *Page_break You love to see it
            Some rich people think that life is sweet because they've been sheltered from its bitterness.

            Never embarrassed nor denied.

            Served everything on a silver platter and actually thinking that they deserve it.

            Here, had the man not coveted your spot, and the other not been abusing his power, they wouldn't have been in this situation.

            Your ${eyecolor} pupils must have been from and external point of view looking dully at the display. As if feeling someone's gaze piercing his back, Thomas desperately looked at you, arrogant attitude feebly trying to stay on board.
            "I-I think I'll call it quits right now if it's okay with you ${id} ?" The man wanted a way out, but you didn't plan on giving him any.
            "Naaah come on ! You want to win, you [b]have to[/b] win." Subjection spell on such weak people wasn't hard, and thus, they finished the game after one hour.
            *Page_break with you helping them
            Giving them a small stream of mana to make sure they would see the game through, but not enough to save their mana pathways.
            They'll probably contract mana sickness in a few days, they won't be able to use it anymore without hard medications.
            The crowd quickly dispersed the moment the two men won, leaving you only with Tang. She gave you the prize and smiled, wincing a bit at the sting in her cheek.
            "Here, I know it was a game and that I honestly won, well made people win in my stead, but I still want to pay you, at least for the customer service." [i] Especially since if an investigation starts, you might end up jobless for a while, alongside all these other sellers.[/i]
            Her hand were slightly trembling as she took the money.
            *Page_break "Thank you so much."
            You stared at her pale left cheek and her bright red right, making you sigh, feeling a bit guilty at the fact she tried to defend you and got slapped, you
                #You quickly heal her cheek and pour some of your mana into her, protecting her from the effects of the candies she might have eaten.
                    She reached for her cheek and her eyes twinkled in awe, speechless.
                    You left quickly afterward, the small smile you had on your face vanishing as you gathered your thoughts about the situation.
                    The war is picking back up, and with biological warfare in tow, we're in trouble.
    *goto_scene housefood
                #You take out a small pot of military grade unguent and offer it to her.
                    [i]Release 2 : supplies stocking[/i]
                    The simple spell took out the small medicine you needed for her.
                    She opened the recipient and immediately could recognize the quality of the unassuming paste. her eyes twinkled in awe, speechless.
                    You left quickly afterward, the small smile you had on your face vanishing as you gathered your thoughts about the situation.
                    The war is picking back up, and with biological warfare in tow, we're in trouble.
    *goto_scene housefood
      #I'll do a game myself. I feel quite giddy after bringing these two guys down a notch.
          "I'll play." As you said these words, you knew that the two men who had almost got destroyed by you breathed out quite loudly with relief.
          [i]I'm not done with you though…[/i]
          Anyway, for now
              *selectable_if (intelligence >9) #You don't even have to try that hard; your brain is more than enough               to keep track of the gameplay.
                  Not to mention your current mana enhanced brain, the one you had in your previous life would have been more than enough to win this memory game.
                  Ready…set…go !" As she gave you the start, the plan was already established.
Calmly gesturing before the top left tile, you went on without seemingly any strategy, making a few pairs in the process but not very efficiently.
"What a stupid strategy." The muttering behind you didn't matter as you finally reached the thirteenth turn.

You should have another look at it and maybe clean it up. :sweat_smile:

I’m also unsure where I should be looking to find the *selectable_if problems cause the code makes it a chore to navigate :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I think Childhood friend x Maria would be good poly, supportive friend x ruthless friend would be fire and ice kinda thing, one butter you up only to be sassed with the other later. :rofl:


which reminds me. in the scene where some sleazeball was confronting the mc in the balcony (? the path where it branches off from buffet or balcony) and the RO steps in, when you choose Maria, there’s no romance option, just friends. while bestfriend and Tisman have one, is that a bug or do they not have a romance option yet? :thinking:

Maria scene is quite clear when after MC receiving relic, maria is one with secret crush if you pick certain option she seems like rough stuff.

Then again Maria romance could only locked to hetero option meaning your MC should be Male to even have that option.

That’s weird. When I played last, if I chose the bestfriend in that scene… it just skipped right into going to the ceremony.

ah that explains it. i was playing with a femc ^^;

oh man i misremembered lol. and ye it just straight up skipped the entire thing, so i ended up with tisman

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Ok i played with a male mc yet there is only with option with maria. Is there some specific choices you did.

Didn’t remember the detail, I picked her in the banquet event and goes from there I suppose.

Beside Maria is an heir so I am imagining she wanted a heir to continue her family line that’s why I think she is locked for hetero option, not really following standard player preference romance.