UPDATE POST 351 (04/01) the wars we wage (Now with 180k words)! isekai fantasy game

I just found the game and starting it and I’m curious if your planning to add a bit more to academy rankings I don’t know if their is multiple but I’m talking about the first mention. Of the academy it would be cool to have a say in that

And it would also be nice to be able to determine your characters view on war especially with the new path and goal because it seems a little railroaded and if you can and it’s just later sorry just thought I’d see if that’s planned or not

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Was testing paths and blocking a few when I wanted to save time, served me right smh

damn I remember the punctuation problem I had, I thought I had gotten them all, I’ll fix it asap

Thanks a lot !!!

kurt angle
(me looking at all the problem the gamz has even though I thought I had tested it well enough)

UPDATE : It should be working now ! (if it isn’t imma go roll away)


Well the MC’s ranking is fixed, it wouldn’t really make sense to me to make them be too outstanding from the get go,

Yes, you defo have a more leeway to choose your opinion on the conflict, actually the new death path with the gambling den, if played unrepentantly by saying yes to want to work with the mafia + trying to kill the colleague + when talking with god still saying that you would do it again, you’ll be able to be a bit more morally grey in the story.

yes this will be delved in further, even though i think that MC’s already shown to be reluctant enough to go fight, I can insist on it more in the next updates

yup totally, I plan on making more paths where mc can be really selfish

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Hi ! This problem has ben signaled above and I think it should have been resolved ? (at least it was when I played on the CSIDE), sorry about that, could you try reloading the game and see if it’s still messed up ?

Then I need to play the full game in dashingdon because it works on CSIDE, which means I probably haven’t reloaded correctly the good ressources on dashingdon/moody ink (even though I’ve corrected the problem on my end).

Thanks for that !

Alright fair enough you are a orphan

And alright and I was more talking about how your character is about the war could be a decision of whether or not you like the idea of going to war or it could be a little flavor text if you take that path like “even tho I don’t like the general idea of war i am intrigued by it” so thing like that

And are you planning to keep making darker paths I’m curious

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I play from beginning again and that coding error not fixed it’s still there

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What’s happening?


No okay at this point there’s a problem somewhere I can’t find, because all of the errors people have been talking about are with the *selectable_if options, it works perfectly on CSIDE, also passes the quicktests and randomtests.

I’ve been playing the game, at the same time with the same version, on dashingdon and on the CSIDE and I indeed get an error on dashingdon.

Sorry about that but I’m at a loss rn myself

Aside from some typos or slight word misplacements i enjoyed it until got to that error mentioned above. Though i will do a restart of play since i had the demo up for quite a while in a bit. An defintly i see somethings i. Looking forward to finding more out about.

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Thanks a lot for the feedback : D
I’m quite bummed about that problem because I can’t figure it out in the IDE,

I don’t know if this question was asked yet, but will there be a poly route because when i choose all the ROs to be female (i play as a male MC) some of their actions with each other and the MC looks straight from a harem anime, so I was wondering if their will be a poly route people could take or it’s just the ROs personality and I’m overthinking things

I suspect your overthinking things in this regard at least based of the actions ive seen at least thiugh i could be wrong lol.

Just got through playing the majority of the demo and I have to say, I’m craving a dirty, trashy, trope-heavy harem myself. The dynamics of the ROs together is just too delicious. I can taste those trashy tropes miles ahead, and they got me craving.

But no, I don’t think you’re overthinking it myself. In my head, its the inspirations rubbing off and the idea of competing ROs making it seem plausible. Because lets face it, it’s the most common isekai trope there is. Connotations and all that.

That said, I have no idea what the author’s intentions are. So while I see what you see as well, it might just be our trash-addled minds making conclusions.


I hope it’s the case because I like me some trash, but I’m fine if it is not the case because I was gunning for the empress cousin either way


Unless the empress her self is up for grabs as an RO


My brother in trash, all we can day is hope and pray.

But I’m partial to the “childhood friend” myself, so I already know which way my winds blow in this story.


Ya i think the demo needs a proofreader.


Well, if it’s any consolation @mah_sanogo, I got to the houseclothes1 scene with the *selectable_if with no problems, maybe they had to clear their cache?

With that said though, your WIP is prob one of the most difficult to navigate codewise cause you don’t use a *scene_list :sweat_smile:

I haven’t done a deep dive, but I noticed that you put an extra tab for
#You decide to keep it low, only planning on telling the information to ${Timothy1}. in the scene houseclothesdorian, which meant that choice wasn’t accessible.


It’s repeated a scene with Timothy after clothing store and then end up with error