UPDATE! Agents of Lucifer (WIP) UPDATE POST 179!

It’s gonna be fun uploading and bug catching again. :joy:


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Teeny tiny minor update

Finally figured out the baddie for book 2- i figured it out last night and typed it up this morning, and it’s been Mom-Approved lol. I wonder if she’ll ever get annoyed with me constantly asking her for ideas and help :joy:

Editing continues tomorrow! If there’s anything you guys wanna see for Patreon, let me know, as I’m still sorting that out, too!


Wait… what?! Already? And… where’s book 1? I know i dindt sleep that long to miss another holy book on uncle lu!! Dx

(As is, this is intedend as a joke, don banhammer me please, thks! xD)


I’m with you! :scream:

Is there a book 1 we missed???

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:rofl: Nonono, I haven’t uploaded anything new for Book 1, so you haven’t missed anything, don’t worry.

I spent forever (several days on and off tbh-) trying to figure out the plot and enemy for Book 2. I had things I wanted to do, but didn’t know how to do them. Until now, when I’ve figured it out. I wanted to know what to do early so I’m going in slightly less blind than I did for Book 1.


:joy: sorry! got too exited & panicked. Really cannot wait for moooooore :heart:

Chomping at the bit here, are we? :joy: Your excitement is infectious, even through screens.


So I just started this today ( just reach the part where we all regrouped to discuss what we found about the missing Nigel, andLucifer just teleports behind the MC, ) and I just gotta say that I’m really bummed out that Lucifer isn’t an RO here! Honestly, he’s the only character I like so far (in a romantic way).


You’re definitely not the only person who liked Lucifer most thus far in the old demo. I do wonder if that’ll still be true because he’s definitely pushed to the backseat more now.

once ya let the lucfier out kinda hard to reign him back in lol


Teeny tiny update today.

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I would have continued longer but I have a headache and my fingers are sore :unamused:. So today, I got all the way through chapter 16! Tomorrow, I’ll be typing up 17 and the epilogue which meaaaaans- I go onto all the branching stuff! None of them are very long except for like… 2… maybe 3 scenes. The ROs really come into play the further in we go.

Also…I noticed I make everyone grimace. A lot. …I’m not changing that-

I want it to be our inside joke or something. Everyone just grimaces and shrugs.


Moderate Update.

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AHHHH. FINALLY. I’ve typed up the draft and made the first round of little edits. Now, I have to type all the branches and it’ll undergo its next and final round of edits. :face_holding_back_tears: Getting ever closer, I’m excited!


Make it a good one