UPDATE (17/07) the wars we wage (Now with 134k words)! isekai fantasy game

Also, can I ask you how did you make the save working please ?


So, I was playing and trying different variations in all scenes . In the scene where our former teacher was trying to insult us and we had an option to choose from three characters the part of our best friend defending us is missing . As for the other two options they are working properly.


“You know, I used to watch an anime about a boy reincarnating and then dying again and again to go back at a checkpoint in his new life.” Im currently reading the update and i stubbled upon this line, is it a re zero reference? Loved the update by the way.


a kind of error when firstly, i chose my friend to be a male. When i chose the top 1 student to be female, my friend became female also. ya might want to look into this. a good story tbh, keep it up.


Wow so many updates, Author is on fire :fire:


Thank you a lot, I’ll check this out and correct the problem.
Thanks for the in depth play which allows me to spot the mistakes ; )


Ohlalah ! Thanks a lot for this, I’ll definitely need to correct this. I’m glad you are enjoying the story so far !!


Ahahah thanks a lot ! I try to write a lot but it’s not as much as I would want to, but I’m super thankful for all the feedback and support I receive : D


I’ve been watching anime since I was 4, so I’ll springle a lot of anime references throughout the game, heck the game is inspired by one lol (I can even “spoil” you a little; in the next update, you’ll get a web novel and anime reference) !
I’ll try to make it so that the people who know the anime/manga/webnovel will get a little grin on their faces, whereas the people who don’t know won’t feel too fazed either. I’m glad you got the reference and that you took the time to comment about it, now I’ll be more confident about this aspect, thank you


Your welcome and im glad that it made you more confident, i started watching anime when i was 5 so as soon as i read the re zero reference it made me so happy and excited i commented it right away. I loved the update great work and I’ll be looking forward to more :heart: hope you have a great day


I am curious about something…Will you add more personality stats like honest,brave,kind etc…And I think my MC’s backer is the goddess herself so in the future will the mc takeover or Marry the empress to take over the kingdom…It would be great help to add a map…I know that the empire is in war but with who?..And what is the empire’s position…is it no.1 within the whole world?..And the step when u choose what u want to be…I chose to be influent person…And it said that I would be in a position that I don’t have to bow to anyone and look down on others so by that I think that my position will be even higher then the empress,Am I right or wrong?..Is the empress single and is she a ro?


The author said the personality its set to be the way it is and we can only change the outcome with stats with what i remember


great demo love the feel of the story also love the interaction with the MC and god hope to see more keep up the awesome work


Hear me out. 2 words…clawed…gauntlets


That’s actually pretty cool


Concerning stats, they won’t be the main focus of the story because I find it a bit too mechanical, like you cannot be kind or brave if you choose to be mean and cowardly a few times before. So you’ll get a few stats, but I’d prefer the player to be really able to go their own (quite limited already because of the plot), way. Then again, I can look into it at a later date and try to figure out if more stat oriented options would be interesting.

No, I can already tell you that unfortunately this is not the game where you’ll be able to manage an Empire. Mc doesn’t want this kind of problems, just money, security and maybe love. And the Empress is not romanceable for plot reasons you’ll have later.

Ahahah once again, this will be soon breach upon in the plot. I try to make things go flowly, and without to much of info dumping at the drop of the hat. But next update, you’ll actually get some very concret infos about the opps.

This, I might actually do in the future, I will keep it in a corner of my head

Thank you a lot for the support ! I hope that the next update won’t disappoint !

Well well well, if you check out the newest update, you’ll see that I did hear you out wink wink

Thanks for this, I got the error and modified it !

I imagined more of a Wolverine type. With the blades coming out of the knuckle area and with a protective guard around the the forearm

Yeeees this is the end for now ! i Might need to check the code to see if I put a “finish” after this scene. If I didn’t, this might be the reason why the screen keeps on loading even though there’s nothing more. Sorry about that though (I hate when it happens)!

I will do it in a post maybe, because I do try to leave some character description in the game without making it too oblivious like saying "Oh look at my friend, he is 5"11, blond haired, sharp jawed etc…
But if some of you feel that you cannot totally grasp the looks of the characters, I’ll add a character description in the stat chart ! (I actually love when people write the physical descriptions in the stat part, so that I can come back at will to it.)

Hiiii thank you a lot for the review and the encouraging words !
@TechNote also pointed out this kind of problem and I’m super sorry about it.
Maybe try to delete all the previous saves and reopen the game ?
Keep me updated on this if you still cannot play !

First of all, thank you for qualifying my story as cool ! I’m grateful that people get behind my concept.
Now for the pov used, you may have seen in the OG post that I put up a poll alongside the new update . And for the moment, an alternate pov of 1st and 2nd person is the most chosen option.

This still might not fit your taste, but at least you won’t feel as awkward as now (And for the next updates, I’ll probably write in 2nd pov because the first parts of my story were there to show you the kind of person you were playing as, so that’s why I wanted to make the inner thoughts come from the MC themself.
2nd pov is quite essential for some parts of the book. :smiley:

Yess this is pretty much how the book goes because honestly, my game is not that much about refleating the player’s personality, but more about seeing how the player gets to deal with the choices of someone with a quite…atypical mindset.

In the game, you cannot choose a good option…you only get to choose between the bad and the worst XD

I might have gone a biiit overboard with that. You are the mc, you make your choices, but I still have, for plot purposes, to limit some character traits you might have wanted to show.

You might play some HG and CoG where you can totally shape the way you are seen by others. Like being cheerful, rude, calm, cold etc…
But in this game you have some latitude on the behavior of the mc, but the personality isn’t all that shapeable.

Nonetheless, I’ll let you all make so pretty heavy choices plot wise during the game, so I hope this will make up for the loss of personality choice !

Thank you a lot for the compliment and for all the corrections you gave ! I’ll implement them for the next update : D
Some of the options are kind of “poor” right now because I’m trying to create the general setting of game, but my goal is to have like 3-4 choices each time !

This is quite a nice point you are rising in the whole God/Kraftais/Mc scene.
I’ll put more options first of all (because it would be more fitting for the mc to be like, “crap why do I always end up in this kind of nonsense”)
And regarding the passage you quoted, I think we have the same thought…?
Mc says that Kraftais is the reason why they were able to access an higher social ground (because conscription in the imperial college+ good level = military ranks= maybe getting decorated at some point in the future), so they feel grateful for it.

The way I’m imagining mc’s thoughts, it would be like : if your actions have good fallout for me, even if you didn’t do it out of goodness of heart, I’ll still be happy about it.

So it’s not as much as mc liking Kraftais because she directly helped them, no, it’s more like mc considers K as several times removed benefactors XDD

Mc feels indebted because Empress gave them the “opportunity” to rise on military tracks !

Thank you for that ! I really need to get back to all these gender pronouns problems because that’s quite bad ! The rifle,problem will also be edited soon : D

HEHEHEHEH DO IT ! Let the intrusive thoughts win this one lol.
Em’s fans will never get old anyways, don’t worry about that XD

This is an error I’ve been aware of and that will be taken care of in the next update !

I’ve been thinking about the battle state of mind of the mc and I’ll probably add this kind of feature !


When i choose the bladed gauntlets later it says i choose the pistols


By the way are the bladed gauntlets are more like wolverine style or claws?


Just gotta ask, but does the demo end at the portion where the group agrees on going on a trip or is there more? Kept getting a loading bar.

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Will you also add ro’s description like how tall they are how they look etc?

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