UPDATE (17/07) the wars we wage (Now with 134k words)! isekai fantasy game

Lol I’m looking forward to seeing the next season of the anime. As well what comes next in this story.


Thank you a lot for this in detail crucial feedback, I’ll correct this !
My plan was in fact to make Dorian/Dana not genderlocked and then if you choose Dana but were strictly straight and attracted to males, you would be barred from any romantical interactions with her.

In this story, I try to put some choice and at the same time, make these choices have real consequences. If D. is the opposite gender of your attraction, you will still have them as a best friend, and all the RO moments will be replaced by friendship bounding.

as things stand I can choose Dana, but lo-and-behold in the next chapter I get Dorian.

For the Dana choice and then ending with Dorian, that’s a big problem that I’ll do my best to solve by the next update (probably today or tomorrow tbh)

Thanks for the investment (because only an invested player takes time to make such good feedback :smiley: )

Until next update !

EDIT : I finally found and fixed the error in my code which transformed Dana into Dorian against our wills lol ! In the next update, this problem is fixed for sure.


Tanya the evil is such a good series that I wanted to produce something around it, thank you a lot for your kind comment. I hope that what I have in story will make you curse Being X/ God, as much as Tanya XD


I’m soooooo waiting for the next season of Tanya the evil, I can’t even express it !!!
Thank you for the support and I hope that I’ll keep things interesting enough : D

Until next update,
Deus lo vult


Sincerely looking forward to your story… It gives me goosebumps

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Omg thankssss ! I’ll try to update in the next few days because I’ve got 14k of new content now, I just need to read it through, rewrite a few bits and put some spacing ; D


Hi everyone ! I consider this update as a “big” one because first of all it’s 18k words (which I consider quite correct) and second because we finally see some of the world’s mecanics with the bounding vows ! (concept I totally got from Jujutsu kaisen as it’s a great way to finally have the villains/good people explain their abilities without it being out of place).

Please tell me what you thing of the explanation because bounding vows (and later in the story binding vows) will be a very important plot device.

Also tell me what you thing about the rhythm, the tone and even the page breaking of the story (if you think that a page is too long or that some additional page break could be added to bring an effect, feel free to give me suggestions).

Don’t hesitate to ask me questions about things that seem weird or unclear, because I’ll gladly explain it (but please don’t be too mean on me lol) and modify the game in accordance when needed ! ; D

See you next update if,
Deus lo Vult !


Not a major thing but it is a little irritating that not all sentences start with a capital letter.


@mah_sanogo there is probably a coding error… When selecting are friend from the orphanage as Dorian they are described as a girl following the rest of the demo.

Loving seeing and learning more :smiley:

Also will we get to choose are own weapon or is it going to be something you have set in mind?


Yes!!! New update, btw bcz of this IF i started to watch saga of tanya evil and i can confirm you, the scene when the protagonist speaking with the ‘god’ is freakin crazy


Dorians gender keeps changing


When we meet god again i choose her female and it says male


I’ll correct that (probably a bit slowly because it will take some time to go through everything, but I’ll work on it !)


Omg I’m so glad I made someone watch SoTE ! Yeah “God” is the biggest opponent in the original series, and in my game, even though God won’t be the biggest opp, they will still put our protag in troubles lol.

Thanks a lot for the comment : D


there is probably a coding error… When selecting are friend from the orphanage as Dorian they are described as a girl following the rest of the demo.

Oh Lord, last time I modified the code because I had the same problem…just the other way around (thanks to @Kivoshon who saw the bug). I’ll be more careful and try to fix it !

Also will we get to choose are own weapon or is it going to be something you have set in mind?

Ohohoh ! I’m going to give quite a few weapon choices ! Around 7+ weapons ! Right now, I’m researching rifles used in WW1 and WW2 to see which one could fit my vibe. I’ve already written the choice of a few weapons but when I’ll upload the next update, I’ll come back once again to the forum to ask all of you if a weapon you like should be added to the mix


Thanks for the notice, I’ll work on it

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Omg me and gender errors lol, sorry about that, I’ll work on it also

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You can quote everyone in the same post


I finished the demo ! I really want to read more !


Thank you a lot, I’m so happy that I managed to catch your interest ! : D

Also, can I ask you how did you make the save working please ?

For the save system, it’s all thanks to dashingdon ! When you’ll upload your game, the site will suggest that you use the save system
For my game, I called it :
*sm_init twww | 4 (in its initial form, its *sm_init mygame | 4)
then you should put this line in the startup file before any actual story code ( I put it just above the line “*comment your code goes here”)
The only “problem” is that this line of code is considered as an error in the quick/random test so I always remove it before debugging my code.
Hope I answered your question !