(Update 11/06/21) Balance of Superpower 2: Tricentennial (WIP Superhero, Sci-Fi, Romance)

This is a work-in-progress sequel to “Balance of Superpower” with the first six chapters of the game being playable.

Currently, it’s around 100,000 words without code.

This time you can either play as Rio or create your own character, though keep in mind that the character’s superpowers and background would be predetermined.

14/02/2021 Update - Added chapter three to both routes, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

12/04/2021 Update - Added save slots, a few achievements, and expanded the museum part among other things.

26/04/2021 Update - Added chapter four to both routes as well as some additions to chapter three.

17/05/2021 Update - Added chapter five to both routes. It’s currently the longest chapter due to all of the RO routes.

21/05/2021 Update - Added PICTURES of the ROs! Yes, thanks to the awesome Naadilust there are now pictures of all 20 ROs in the game! :smiley:

11/06/2021 Update - Added chapter six to both routes as well as some additions to the earlier chapters.

Have fun and tell me what ya think! :slight_smile:

I’m especially interested in your feedback on:

Characters — Are they interesintg/likable? Are they distinct form each other? Do they need more screentime?

Story/Pacing— Is the story moving at a nice pace or should it be slower or faster? Do you want there to be more scenes at the academy? Less? What part of the game/story is your favorite or least favorite so far?

Choices — Should there be more of them? What kind of choices would you like to see more or less of? Do you feel like your choices affect the story?


Ooh lol wondering when you gonna come out with the continuation part :joy_cat::smile_cat::smirk_cat:.
@Rustem_Khafizov I even mentioned how unique MC is in first part somewhere couple days ago…

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Oi @Rustem_Khafizov I’ve got a weirdest question (lol just so ya know, I haven’t read much yet) would Rio exists in the storyline if I select/play (as) a new character?!?

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Yes, not only does Rio exist, there will even be an option to romance them. :slight_smile:


That’s awesome, a bit weird (and creepy) since played as Rio last time.
Btw G’Luck with the writing.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

:joy_cat::smile_cat::smirk_cat: I’ve had somewhat of a deja-vu right now so, went and opened first part…

This is from the second one


This same description is in part one but with a year earlier considering Rio came to the Academy a year ago…


And this is from part one…


Then this is from part two…


Now lol before you assume anything, I’m not criticising harshly or something just saying that a bit of a different flavor from the first part would be great…

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Yes, if you begin the game as a new character, the intro mirrors the one from the first game. That’s intentional. :slight_smile:


Hmm, lol still a bit of an odd/different flavor to that would be a good thing considering this is a completely different character than Rio Ramirez.
Again this is just my opinion…

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Oi @Rustem_Khafizov is there gonna a be a save option?!? :roll_eyes::face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:

The new character is meant to be Rio’s opposite, both in power and background. Yet their roles in the story are very similar and they have a lot in common.

I might add it if I’ll figure out how to do it. :slight_smile:

Oh damn devils, I kinda missed that this new character is from Pekanbaru, Indonesia…



Oi @Rustem_Khafizov lol it’s sound for Rio to investigate and smell for this new MC?!?
Someone have to bother MC…

Some of the choices are EXACTLY same word to word from the book one for the new character, like the ones that asks why MC wants to be a superhero.
And the choices when they asks students to demonstrate their powers…



Yup :slight_smile:

I can reword them if that’s an issue, but since the choices would be essentially the same, I’m not sure if it’s necessary.

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Even if the meaning and outcome are the same wording makes the difference too

For example to tell some to ‘leave me alone’ I can tell them to f@#k off or simply as them not to disturb me.

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Yeah, but here the whole point is for the new character’s intro to be as similar to the intro from the first game is possible, while also having some key differences.


But it’s exactly the same…

Lol this is kinda what I’m saying…

Ok lol I’m gonna go and read this now…

Very interesting game! The set powers and ackground didn’t really appeal to me- I usually like to choose my own character’s customization, but the story was interesting :stuck_out_tongue: All the colors are very…bright- doesn’t really match a character that’d be more “broody” or cold. lol it was funny to find a character with my MC’s name- Misty :sweat_smile:


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Which colors would you like me to include in the game?

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