Upcoming Choice of Games Releases — 2017


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Runt of the Litter: Released February 23rd. In the empire of Vaengren, the people are divided into the thralls and the gryphon-riders. The riders battle the wyrms, while the thralls serve and keep the gryphons in fighting form. When you, a young thrall, find a gryphon egg cast from it’s mother’s nest, it sets you off on the adventure of a lifetime.
The Eagle’s Heir: Released March 30th. As the best friend of Napoleon’s illegitimate son, you must help guide the French Empire through a succession crisis.
Welcome to Moreytown: Released May 5th. Set in the world of the Moreau Novels.
Demon Mark: A Russian Saga: Released June 1st. Set in medieval Russia, this story follows a young peasant whose sibling has been kidnapped by an evil witch. You must set out to encounter bogatyrs and monsters on your way to making your family whole.
Avatar of the Wolf: Released June 22nd. As the avatar of Wolf, you must negotiate a tribal land and discover what happened to your patron.
The Hero Unmasked!: Released July 27th. A superhero fights a supervillain…the mayor is in danger…and you’re a journalist somehow caught up in it all!
Trials of the Thief-Taker: Released August 10th. In 1730s London, you are a Thief-Taker, an individual charged by the courts to capture criminals and see that they are delivered for trial. Of course, Thief-Takers trod a fine line between their commissions and their targets.
Grand Academy for Future Villains: Released September 14th. As a student at the inter-dimensional Grand Academy for Future Villains, you must survive (literally!) a deadly mix of skill-developing classes, murderous classmates, and professors jealous of your potential.
Choice of the Cat: Released September 28th. As a newfound cat for a European family, you must bend them and the rest of the neighborhood to your will.
The Superlatives: Aetherfall: Released Oct 19th. As a steampunk superhero, aka a Superlative, you’ll adventure through a Victorian setting, saving the Society when it comes under threat.
Heart of the House: Copyedit, Releasing Oct 26. As a Victoria-era occultist, your uncle Kent has disappeared while on holiday in the countryside, prompting you to take it upon yourself to travel to Darnecroy manor and investigate the mysterious house and its inhabitants.
Choice of Rebels: Released Nov 9th. The epic WIP by our own @Havenstone.
Broadway: 1849: Continuity, Releasing Nov 22. As the manager of a theater in 1840s New York, you must balance the politics of the day with the old adage, “the show must go on!”
T-Rex Time Machine: Released Dec 7th. Travel back in time to the Mesozoic, dodge dinosaurs, and do you best to make it home for science!
Tally Ho: Released Dec 14th. A sophomore outing by @gower in the style of Jeeves and Wooster.
The Cryptkeepers of Hallowford: Released Dec 21st. The sequel to The Hero of Kendrickstone.

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