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The Daring Mermaid Expedition: Released February 12th. By Andrea Phillips, set in the world of the Lucy Smokeheart series. As a junior researcher for the Royal Marinological Society, you set out to prove (or disprove!) the existence of merfolk.
The Hero Project: Redemption Season: Released April 8th. A new game in the Heroes Rise world, with a new main character, where the player is a contestant in season two of The Hero Project.
The Sea Eternal: Released April 22nd. By Lynnea Glasser, author of Creatures Such as We. In the eternal war of the whales and the squid the merfolk must help defeat the squid or risk losing their immortality.
Choice of the Pirate: Released May 20th. Adventure on the Seven Seas! By Alana Abbott, author of Choice of Kung Fu and Showdown at Willow Creek.
Choice of Alexandria: Released June 10th. By Kevin Gold, author of Choice of Robots, you are a Greek philosopher and tutor to the Pharaoh in ancient Alexandria.
A Midsummer Night’s Choice: Released August 26th. Fairy outlaws invade a Shakespearean comedy!
Sorcery Is for Saps: Released October 14th. You are a young apprentice, thrust into misadventure when the king is cursed with kindness!
Congresswolf: Released October 28th. As campaign manager for an incumbent Congressional Representative, what happens when things start to get weird around the full moon?
Saga of the North Wind: Releasing November 17th. Lead your tribe to the promised land in the Valley of the North Wind.
Empyrean: Releasing December 1st. The scion of a noble house of Actorious, you discover and must pilot a dieselpunk aero that can change the fate of the city and its war with the Quon Bex!
Virtuoso: Releasing December 8th. A Napoleon-era musical genius galavants about Meropa, enchanting everyone with their performances while weaving in and out of international intrigue.
Versus: The Elite Trials: Released December 16th. The sequel to Versus: The Lost Ones!

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