Up For Another Fantasy Game?

Uh, I think this is the right category for this question. If it’s not, I apologise. I just wanted to check with you poeple if you’re into fantasy, since I’m going for that type of game. Knowing there’s a lot of them out there I feel like maybe I should settle for writing somthing else? Then again, this idea just won’t leave me :,)

Also, it just didn’t feel right to post it in the WIP section because it’s just all in my head atm. I don’t even have a name for it, yet. I should propbably mention that I’m a bit apprehensive about posting the idea for my WIP, because of the fear of it being stolen. But I guess you have regulations for that? Anyway, those are the questions I have for you right now. If you could add what you like to see in a fantasy game, or paired with another genre, that would be most welcome!

Again, sorry if I’m messing up your order of things, it’s not intentional.

Actually it’s ok to post it in the WIP category, and also i think if you could post a short description of the game that would help people give their opinions

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@GuardsmanTheMad Thanks! I’ll go ahead and do that.

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i, personally, am always a sucker for modern-fantasy settings lol. what kind of fantasy are you planning to write about? i.e. stories about magic and stories including mythical creatures from tales around the world. and don’t worry about not wanting to post, it’s understandable to be a bit apprehensive in starting a new project! take as much time as you need to sort things out because i’m sure that people will still end up being interested regardless!

I’m always up for fantasy. Whether high or low, grim or fantastical, medieval or fairy-like I’ll try it.

There can never be too much fantasy imo, so I say go for it! I’m sure a lot of people would be open to giving your game a go.

Thank you for your kind words!
I plan to write as realistically as I can about magic (u just gotta love dat realism), meanwhile not diving too deep into it. I just want it to “be there”, you know? I’ll add that I read anything and everything about mythology, so there’s going to be plenty of that (much of which the characters will be based on). Some of the story is going to take place in a modern setting, mainly the beginning and end.

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You’re so positive, thank you!!! ; _ ;
It’s probably going to be a mix of both softer and harsher elements!

Since you’ve got the WiP thread going… The fantasy WIP "Unknown"