Untitled 50's Super Hero/Secret Agent Game (WIP)

So since this is the other project I’m working on alongside Chronological Caverns I thought I’d make a thread about it. No title as yet but the premise is that it’s 1953 and your MC is working for a top secret international organisation at the height of the early days of the Cold War, battling an evil group whose aim is to destroy the nations of the world and dominate.

Oh, did I mention there are people with super powers, including yourself? And Martians and other monsters exist? Essentially it’s a tribute to the book based James Bond, 50’s films and the Silver Age of Comics. I can so far confirm the following character aspects which should be present:

  • Your character starts at 20 years old as a young agent in 1953. The game is likely to span roughly 8 to 9 years, finishing in 1961/62. A altered version of the Cuban Missile Crisis might be the final catalyst.
  • Players can select from special origins both from their source of power and country of origin. Right now these are Alien, Magic, Mutation and Gadget, effectively the four sources types of power source in comics usually. For country players can originate from Britain, the USA, the USSR or China since those seemed the most suitable world powers of the time. This will impact the beginning or the game (so if you’re from Britain you might have lived through the Blitz as a child).
  • Your actual enemy though is a different crinimal organisation (think SPECTRE in James Bond). These two aspects will likely have an impact on who your arch enemy in the game will be, which changes depending on your origins.
  • Totally undecided on romance yet but I know there will be some. Some sort of combo of ‘Bond Girls/Bond Boys’ and the types of love interests super heroes have, most likely.
  • Exact powers have yet to be finalised but they will likely be avaiiable regardless of their source - size changing is likely to be one. The idea I have is each core power gives you access to a special vingnette during the game - so using the size change example, you might have found your love interest has been poisoned by the enemy and you’ll need to shrink down inside their body to sort it out.

That’s what I have so far, any thoughts on what you’d like to see in a 50’s era game would be awesome!


Cheese! And lots of it! I’m thinking the cheesy dialogue of Bond. The cheesy, impossible scenarios that Batman and Robin always found themselves in, but miraculously escaped from. Foolish enemies that tell you there plans in detail before trying to kill you in an overly elaborate way. A love interest that always manages to wander into your enemy’s path just as you are about to elicit justice. Oh, and lots of gimmicks everywhere!

Aside from all of that, though, an undertone of a much larger plot. A slow plot that is built upon subtly in each vignette. Built up and up until POW! The game becomes deadly serious. Your loved ones are in danger - a real danger this time. The villain is suddenly more smart and more evil than any other you have encountered. Your decisions more critical with a final choice that see you save the world or save your loved one.

Good idea i like it but i dont know if i could enjoy being the good girl for once but i supose i could seduce like a spy could be great game and you say the magic world to atract my attention: poison :))

@andymwhy Thanks for your suggestions! I think there will be a sort of epicness which you’d expect from the films and comics of the 50’s where anything can happen, and I suspect that if your have the gadget origins in particular that you will have lots of glimicky stuff. I don’t especially want the love interests to be too ditzy and foolish though, though I imagine there will be some suitable eccentric types, both with allies, lovers and foes. The main villain is determined by your origins, so they might be a cunning Blofelt/Lex Luthor science type or a cold logical Ming/Brainiac type, or something else entirely. I’m quite keen on having the Cuban Missile Crisis (or some version of it) be involved in the final showdown, some suitable threat of nuclear destruction. I am also toying with the idea if it works of a sequel in the 70’s where you play the MC’s son or daughter - taking inspiration from the Bronze Age of comics, Moore’s Bond and the Martial Art/Kung Fu crazes of the time.

@MaraJade It’s important to have some sort of enemy, but you can have your origins in the USSR or China if you fancy being being a deadly ex-Communist agent. I suppose I can always stick some poision in there somewhere, don’t hold it to me though.

Gotta love a bad girl :wink: @MaraJade

@Ausar if you see a pretty girl called Mara Jade in your game run for you live. she has seduction and poison powers :* But I believe I wanna be brit my favorite country. I could be a brit traitor working like a double agent for ussr? . That be cool

Ice Mara her powers freeze you her charming would melt you again.

Okay. I just watched Marvel Agents of SHIELD, so I might be a tad bit in a Super Hero Frenzy. BUT YES PLEASE!

@Madwolf023 Heh, well I am likely planning to have a Nick Fury/Amanda Waller’eqse character as an ally. Big Marvel and DC fan so I’ll be taking some subtle inspiration from those, as well as James Bond.

@derekmetaltron Oh. My. God. I love this project already. Seriously. Also, have you heard of the book series Quest for Karla? It presents a much more realisitic spy to James Bond.

@Madwolf023 Awww, thanks, that means a lot to me. I’ve heard of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, yes, but I have yet to read any of that series. The vibe of my game is likely to be less serious than traditional Bond given that there are people with super powers and aliens and possibly monsters like Godzilla or something. But I’m hoping to let players craft their MC to be Bondish, if they wish.

@derekmetaltron Then a Smileyesque character wouldn’t fit in a silly world like this. However, I would recommend reading the books; if only for fun, because everything that is the MI6 and MI5, it explains it extremely well.

But Bondesque is great too!
Hell, I’m just excited!

Sure, I’ll give it a read or listen when I can, I have nearly all the James Bond books on MP3 as it happens.

Thanks, I’m excited to try and design the characters, super heroes and spies are among my favourite themes in fiction, as is time travel which I’m utilising with Chronological Caverns. That’ll leave dinosaurs and prehistory nicely for my Ozoic series.

@derkemetaltron Well, I look forward to seeing how this project progresses?

@Madwolf203 Cheers, if the remaining planning and commencing of writing goes to plan, I’m hoping to have a demo for one or both of them in Dec, maybe? Probably just the Character Creation and first chapter. For this I was thinking that Vignettes will be centred around a mission in a certain exotic location, the sort of places Bond or Super types would visit as you battle your enemy, all leading up to a major stand off with your enemy some years after becoming an agent.

Carnt wait

A bit like a story am writing currently

@JLBH2000 As in super powers or spies or set in the 50’s, how exactly?

My is about a MI6 operative who is brain damaged and learns about his past,

But then a gang swear vengeance on him but he doesn’t know why… They kill people close to him and kind napp to forture him, but they you find love… It’s only brief can explain it a lot better but I would prefer I Pm so I don’t give anything away to anyone so it’s more of a surprise

That’s ok, it sounds different enough to mine which is likely to be more tongue in cheekish. I better not learn any more though in case something leaks into my own story, sounds interesting though!

Thanks matey good look with yours