Until the Colors Bleed Gray (Modern/Fantasy WiP)

I was wondering what the name of the music at the beginning was?

Ah, the first song was my little cover of the melody from The Last Five Years from when I was trying to learn how Garageband works :sweat_smile:

It’s a shame that I’ll have to replace it eventually, but hopefully I’ll be able to commission someone who knows music better than I do to make an equally great melody!


This is honestly so amazing, the custom music is beautiful. I’ve never played a WiP before that has background music. So unique, like nothing I’ve ever played before. And the customization is so broad! I love customizing my characters, and the fact that there were so many options made me love this even more :two_hearts:

I’m totally in love with this



Hey guys! I know it’s been a while, but school’s been chaotic, to say the least… Anyways, I’ve been splitting up the available free time I’ve had on art (I’ve made a headshot base for convenience but it’ll still take some time to get through all the characters), actually coding (I’ve been working out the kinks in how school will work for mc), and the Tumblr (if you haven’t already checked it out, I suggest you do because I tend to be more active on there because it’s more accessible for me when I’m at school)!

I’ve been trying to get back into the writing groove and in an effort to effectively introduce the much-anticipated romance options while also fleshing out the mc’s personality and relationships, I’ve been going at a slower rate than before. So I’m checking in to see your guys’ thoughts on how frequently I’ll update the demo, at least for chapters 1 and 2 considering how they mainly deal with introducing characters and the faere world.

So I’ve put a poll down below on when you’ll want me to update, with the first option being the fastest, but with less content per update, than the last one, which will update more slowly, but in larger loads of content.

At what rate should I update the demo?

  • After about every three characters
  • After every few main scenes
  • When chapter 1 is finished and then after all the character intros in chapter 2

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I hope to see you guys soon with a new update with a bit more action but in the meantime, here’s a doodle I made of Sebastian from Tumblr! :grin:


This is an interesting WIP that I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on in the future. I love it a lot and can’t wait for more!

Tho…I’m a bit low-key stressed when I realized that there were some scenes here that are coincidentally similar to my own WIP lol. Like, i’m writing a section where it’s supposed to ask the MC if they are a night owl or a morning person, as well as a breakfast ordering scene. I swear I wasn’t trying to copy you or anything, I read the demo after I had wrote it down :sweat_smile:


Ahaha, don’t worry, great minds think alike after all! Thanks for taking the time to read my demo, and good look on your wip! (It seems really interesting already :grin: :+1:)


Okay so it has been decided! Thank you to everyone who participated in the poll (I accidentally hit the vote button and couldn’t undo it like a clown, rip). :sweat_smile:

I’ll be updating the demo once chapter 1 is finished, so I’ll see you hopefully in the next month or two with a load of new content and story!


I am already extremely interested in this game! I mean, I didn’t think I’d be so interested at playing a blind character. You describe all the other senses they’re feeling so well too!

Now, I was wondering how hard it’d be to raise stats. I personally like to go for “jack of all trades” with my character and sometimes find it hard to just pick a few to focus on. I know it’s to balance the game, but I just want to know if it’s possible to not COMPLETELY suck at anything.

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Found a bug

Hello everyone, I’m back at it again with a bit of a progress update! :lemon:

First up, I know that the recent poll has dictated that you would prefer for the demo to just be updated when chapter one was done so that there would be a huge load of content to binge, but after looking over what was planned I realized that I had underestimated the size of chapter one. Avoiding spoilers, I had originally thought that it would be as simple as you meeting 7 ROs and after the introduction of the last one it would lead over to meeting the rest of them in chapter two. After giving it more than a few seconds of thought I realized that it wouldn’t be as straight forward. This is because not only is the day at school being beefed up with establishing a few initial story, RO, and mc points but also because I’ve been planning for the longest time to give a lot of slow burn moments to the story. For example, in chapter one’s case, I’m fairly certain that not every mc would go “Ah yes, I totally accept this strange new world full of magic that literally fell on me 5 seconds ago, let’s jet” (not saying some of y’all totally wouldn’t do that though haha). This means that after the last RO of chapter one, and coincidentally the catalyst of the story is introduced, there will be a bit more than just a few page_breaks of story after whether you accept or reject the call to action initially. This is why I’ve decided to update the demo right after the seventh RO appears, both because it’s an excellent cliff hanger and also because it will allow you guys to test out what is there so far and give feedback so I can add fixes to the final update of chapter one after. :sweat_smile:

Secondly, I have a bit more fun news which you might be familiar with if you’re following the Tumblr. I’ve been working on a crossover drawing between UtCBG and my friend’s WiP featuring one of the ROs from here and a character that will be showing up in the update of their game. I guess that you can say it’s my own way of celebrating one of my favorite WiP’s on here that coincidentally brought me more into this community. Following what I’ve done on Tumblr, I’ll put a bit of a snippet on here of the drawing in progress plus a hint at what it’s from. Whoever guesses the WiP first will get to request one RO or character for me to draw (Ex: Someone wants me to draw Monty in an e-boy outfit, or Nova going to Disneyland, etc). I’ve hinted at the guest character from the WiP on Tumblr, but here’s a little hint just for the forums: This game has a thread on here which is currently locked. Here’s the snippet!


Lastly, I hope to update the demo at the end of next week, just because my school is still getting situated with online classes due to current world events. Now, onto replies! :clown_face:

I’m glad you liked it! As far as stats go, I haven’t fully fleshed out the intricacies of how they’ll be weighed in the game, but I’m leaning towards mc having a FULL ON weakness as a choice for the players (Ex: As time goes on, you can neglect a skill if you want so that you’re great at some things but suck at others or you can just be okay at most things). Either way, I wouldn’t worry too much about missing out on anything if mc does have some weaknesses. Failing at something will likely never lock you out of more story or gameplay, it will just lead you down a different path that connects to it or goes to something else entirely! :eyes:

Ah, it seems like I added an accidental second indent in the second option, this will be fixed in the next update just because I’ve already typed and changed things so much on the chapter one file. Thanks for pointing it out! :grin:


is it Mortal Hero?

and i love how you color the hair. so shiny~

Welp, guess it’s time to let my charm stats die. Just as I did IRL