Until the Colors Bleed Gray (Modern/Fantasy WiP) (Updated 6/21/20)

This isn’t a demo update or anything but I’m finally a member and now I can edit my posts, bless. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Anyways, for anyone curious about me missing the update release by a week, here was the comic entailing my incompetence that I mentioned earlier!

Lemon is a Fool: Illustrated

I’ll probably fix the stats and some grammar mistakes this weekend before working on the opening scenes for chapter 2 (I decided it was better for chapter 1 to end here), so I’ll see you then! :lemon:


So I went through the game once. I’m really quite fond of the premise. Having a blind MC must be both so very limiting, but liberating at the same time. Having to forgo sight entirely allows one to heavily focus on other aspects of description. (i:e touch becomes SO much more prevalent, as well as the feeling of being totally lost and confused when in a situation that would require sight to navigate, like the hallway scene, with the MC being more or less surrounded by obstacles, and with zero control, lol.) I’m honestly pretty excited about this, not going to lie. I’m a sucker for unique concepts, and unless I’m mistaken, I haven’t seen any other CoG creators making a blind MC. I’ve been wondering though… customizable cane? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Okay I finally got off my lazy butt to make comment lol. So the plot/setting of this is super interesting, especially with the concept of a blind MC. I also love meeting all of the other characters in the school, they’re so full of personality! I’m excited to see where else this goes!

On another note, idk if you’re aware of this but…I was getting a error during the scene when MC fell of Calyspo :sweat_smile::

I’m glad you like it so far! As for the cane, if people want it, I could perhaps put in a flashback scene or something along those lines which can add to mc’s background and personality while also featuring more of their non-faere friends! :eyes:

Hmmm, that’s strange, is there a chance that you remember the choices you made on your walk to school (Ex. the plants vs animals choice, etc.)? The choices at the part where you experienced an error depend on those so maybe I accidentally passed over something. Anyways, thank you for reading! Your demo is amazing and I’m honored that you took time to look at mine! :grin:

Feel free to ask questions, point out errors, or even tell me about your MCs (I’m all ears :ear:), but in the meantime, stay safe and happy, byeeeeee!!! :lemon:


Mini Update:

I’m still hoping to fix the stats/some grammar this weekend. However, there’s something important that I need to change for the story so it might take a bit to fix the details in chapter 1. :disappointed_relieved:

What’s the change you ask? Well…

More explanations will be provided in the demo, so please bear with me while I go back to fix a few things! :lemon:


^Found this.

Pretty sweet setting and characters, gotta love Seb! To be honest, when I found out the MC would be blind, I expected them to have echolocation powers like in Perception :sweat_smile:

All in all, looking forward to more. Just gotta ask a few questions:

  1. Color-tinted glasses like Matt Murdock/Daredevil as accessory?
  2. Bald/shaved head MC?
  3. Was thinking of a blind soccer league when I joined the soccer team in school like they have in FIFA but idk if that can happen, does the US have those for highschoolers?
  4. Harem end? (Just kidding…partly hahaha)
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oh my god i love this so far!!!

this game is amazing!!! i love the detail in describing everything, and it makes the world feel so real and immersive but still wonderful! i also love all the characters! they’re all written in a way that makes me really like them and that makes them feel like fleshed-out people in a way i can’t describe. i literally sent like fifty paragraphs of describing how cool this game was to my friend on discord i love this.

also, i have… a bit of a suspicion for how all the powersets are chosen. if it’s really based on the scenery choices made at the start of the game like i’m suspecting it is… well, that’d be really cool. especially since it seems like a fairly minor thing but could easily narrow down the type of powerset a player would want to have. of course, this might just be me overanalyzing a bit!

overall i love this so far. it’s really well-written and i’m very interested in it! looking forward to what happens next in the story~

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I figured the powersets would likely be based on elemental factors (Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Darkness, Light, Life, Death, Etc.) Though I may be wrong


Hey everyone! The mini-update has been pushed back due to all of the things I’ll need to change after what I mentioned before (the flashback scenes though… :sob:) and because summer school is approaching its last week so final assessments are looming over me. Hopefully, I can finish it soon because I am so excited to get into the real action! :star_struck:

I’m glad that you like it so far! Seb is such a sweetheart and mc is at most more perceptive than others, having to take in their limited surrounding clues and fill in the rest of the details with their imagination. As for your questions…

1.+ 2. I’m on it! Ask and ye shall receive. :laughing:
3. Ooh that’s interesting! Honestly, I have no idea, I wanted mc to be able to participate in the sports team and searched up how it would work. I’m not really a sports person so I genuinely have no idea on specifics, but a couple of Google searches have informed me that there are at the very least various blind soccer programs in the U.S. :thinking:
4. Harem Ending- The author materializes herself into the story to murder mc because she will not allow a thot to romance all 12 ROs in one go. (Also the Wong Twins would kill everyone and each other before they would ever romance the same person). :skull: :skull: :skull:

  1. Can I… be your discord friend :point_right: :point_left: haha nah… unless— No, but seriously I was so happy to know that someone could like my game enough to talk about it to someone else that I had to take a seat and calm down haha! I hope I can continue to meet your expectations with each update I put out. :pleading_face:
  2. Friend, buddy, pal… You are talking to the same person who based a major part of mc angst on bathroom tile patterns, I’m honestly surprised people aren’t questioning my strange choices and additions more… I would go more into why I made these choices but I’ll save that until after you can establish mc’s powers in-game. So keep the overanalyzing going and you’re essentially looking at my thought process! :heart_eyes:

Anyways, that’s it for now, but see y’all soon! :lemon:


Very nice. Thanks! :smiley:

No worries, I’m only marginally familiar with blind soccer rules because of an old online course I took a while back and am definitely no expert on the topic. Either way, I’m still looking forward to whatever you’ve got planned for it.

I’m very sorry for asking that. :sweat_smile:
Rest assured, Ricardo McLuvvin and his bulging bronze biceps will never see the light of day.
Proceeds to strangle Ricardo and say, “Hush child, you’ll have harems as far as the eye can see in heaven.”

To be fair, compared to most harems, 12 people is insane to have and you would never be able to even have enough time to romance all of them properly. Plus I’m sure most of them wouldn’t be happy with being played with and lose their feelings for the MC over time.

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Hoo boi, the ancient emperors of my country would certainly disagree with you :joy:


As much as i am open to polyamorous relationships, 12 lovers can be too much. Knowing that some of ROs hates the guts of some of the others, i would like to avoid being in the crosshairs.