Until the Colors Bleed Gray (Modern/Fantasy WiP) (Updated 6/21/20) (New YouTube Channel!)

Ricardo has no choice but to accept. :grimacing:

I do plan on following him up with limited harem runs with his cousins Fiona (Male RO focus) and Dynamite McLuvvin (Female RO focus) though I think they’d still suffer a similar fate haha


The LemonInked YouTube Channel is up!

I’m back, and I bring good news!

Hi everyone!!! I’m happy to announce that I’ve finally made my first video for the LemonInked YouTube channel. This channel will feature behind the scenes work, animatics, and possibly even talks from me about writing in regards to my choicescript projects. So yeah, stay tuned for more content! :lemon:

So far there’s just a small speedpaint on there, but don’t worry, there’s more content to come!


The bug fix update will either be put out on Friday, or it will be combined with the next big update, so see y’all when that happens! :lemon:


Question. Did you use some sort of character creator for your pictures? If so, can you tell me which one?

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i remember that Lemon only used one picrew and everything else is drawn by her. (Lemon, if you can make a picrew in your style, i would be ecstatic but I’ll understand if you can’t/don’t/won’t.)

This is the picrew she used: https://picrew.me/image_maker/257476. She used this on the ROs, the MC’s human friends and Sebastian’s parents.

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If you’re referring to the character icons in the the official author art section, then those were drawn by me, I just drew a base head/body shape that I could recolor in order to streamline it (Although I have to admit, the artstyle is a bit outdated). :sweat_smile:

Abe is correct and referring to these posts using the Aloha!Sushicore picrew: ROs and friends, Sebastian’s family

Lol, unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be doing that any time soon. I can barely draw the whole cast without changing something in my art! Although fun fact: I almost made a sort of less advanced picrew that could be used directly in the game, but the number of combinations and need for multiple files stopped me. :pensive:


Hey everyone, just thought that I’d let you know what the next “big” update will look like when it comes out. I’m not sure how long it will take considering that I’m starting school tomorrow and have to work on college apps, but optimistically it will release in a month and a half or two. :sweat_smile:

This update will include a look into the Faere World (finally some magic plot!), the rest of the romance option introductions, and a fair bit of explanations on the world and lore. Essentially, it will be the first half of chapter 2.

It may not seem quite so exciting (the next next update will have even more magic and ominous plot hints), but in case you haven’t noticed, this is a very slowburn story that focuses more on characters and easing into the big adventuring plot than full-on action. Keep in mind that book one in this series is meant to develop the bonds between characters in this cast, as well as follow the personal journey of mc through their final year of school. Think of it as the coming of age story of a great hero. :thinking:

Once chapter 3 (learning the ropes, exploring the faere world, and receiving a true call to action) is done, you’ll get to jump into both human drama (getting to know your companions, dealing with your parental issues, and navigating high school) and magical drama (solving ancient mysteries, fighting monsters, and experiencing A LOT of emotional trauma). So, if you’re still interested in that, stay tuned for more! :lemon:


Oh come one, don’t sell yourself and your story short, this IS exciting!
Sure, next updates may be even more so, but the story, world and your way of writing are so fascinating to me, that I’m sure no matter how big or small, each update will be great!


Looking forward to the update, the character development, and just seeing this story come together


I love how the narrative actually considered the fact that we’re not getting any visual input!
Still, I know you said this but…

I’d like to clarify that this is not an accurate portrayal of blindness and was not written to wrongly portray the lives of those with actual conditions relating to their sight

Even from a not blind person’s perspective I still find it too weird that we knew what to do with sight. If I’d never seen anything ever in my life, how would I know what purple is? What Colour is? What anything is, really? The properties of an object in my mind never included sight, and I wouldn’t know how to reconstruct a mushroom as a visual imagination, thus I would not be able to recognise a mushroom by sight alone. That would extend to everything in this world. I would only realise a person is a person by the sounds they make.

Imagine you received a sensory input that you’ve never had in your life. No frame of reference at all. I wouldn’t even know what it is.

But I see where you’re going with this, mc never knew because they’re blind but they always had the ability to see fae/things normal humans can’t see because they are half fae themselves, right? Which is a creative and fun storyline and I can see how it’ll be hard to have any dramatical affect when mc can’t immediately grasp what’s wrong with what they’re seeing.

Is there really no way to compromise?


Reply to @Sel_Lee. Yes I completely understand what you mean heare aswell. Although if I remember correctly in the exiating demo it states that our mc had his sight before an accident in which he lost his sight and parent.


Hi guys, this is just a quick check-in! I’ve started school recently and have been understandably a bit busy as my teachers and classes adjust to online learning and assignments. Plus, I haven’t been feeling well recently so things have slowed down a bit… (Don’t worry though, it’s nothing serious! I’m just a sickly person who falls ill every couple of months lol) :skull:

First off, thank you for the support in regards to my last message. I felt bad about how my approach to the game’s jumping off point will take a bit longer than others, so I wanted to clarify my slower writing style in case that’s not anyone’s cup of tea, but I’m glad people are still interested!
Now, onto the feedback:

You have a very good point! When I changed up some parts of the plot, I only adjusted the flashback scenes (which still may need some touching up if I’m being honest) so if there’s anything particularly janky outside of those scenes, that’s why. I’ll probably go back and fix them once chapter two is done, just so I don’t lose my momentum. :sweat_smile:

A small note before I go into detail about how the mc’s sight, or lack thereof, will play a role in the story: Mc knows…things, as evidenced by how they are able to perceive the meadow, though I can’t say that they are actively conscious of this knowledge.

More on mc's sight

I totally get what you mean though. At first, the setup for the game was that the protagonist wasn’t always blind and lost their vision in an accident, therefore allowing me to act more liberal with the environmental descriptions as the mc could base them off of memories as well as their senses. However, now that I’ve changed that concept, there are probably a lot of details that no longer make sense, or at least they don’t make sense right now.

The first half of chapter two has a scene where you get to grill someone who’s a bit more knowledgeable about this, and the mc’s sight and their ability to comprehend what they see is one topic you can ask them about. There will also be more explanations for this as the game goes on, as it’s a bit more complicated than one may think! In the meantime though, if anyone comes across specific scenes that don’t make sense, make sure to tell me so I can take note of them to fix later on!

Here’s a couple of snippets from the first drafts of chapter 2 where the game approaches that question:

Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 2.27.00 PM

That was true at first! However, if you scroll up, you’ll see that one of my posts contains a very important change I made to the plot. :+1:

Thank you everyone for the feedback, I hope to see you all soon! :lemon:


Despite few holes… This is VERY good…


I keep getting stuck at the loading screen where it asks if I want to enable the music. And my Internet is fine.

Because wayhaven 3 demo is out that way


you should make a discord server lol

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Thank you! I’ll be honest, this project was originally me messing with cside so it’s by no means immune to holes. Feel free to call me out if something doesn’t make sense haha! :laughing:

I think my project’s a bit small for that right now, but I wouldn’t be opposed to making one in the future… Maybe once chapter 3 is done and there’s enough interest to warrant making one. :eyes:

Thank y’all for the support… I have an announcement I need to make soon, but for now hold in tight! (It’s nothing too bad haha) :lemon:


Hi guys! Unfortunately, there’s no update yet, and I’ve started getting my college apps ready and taking driving lessons along with all the usual school shmuck so I think it’ll be pretty slow work during October… Maybe I’ll just update in small increments since chapter two is the transition from normal human life to learning just what the hell is going on haha! :sweat_smile:

However… I did finally manage to say that art block be damned, I’m drawing the Calypso icon for the tumblr milestone (if you haven’t checked out the tumblr already, then I highly suggest that you do!). So here she is in all her delayed glory! Check down below if you want to see the full and unedited versions of the icon. Anyways, I hope you’re all doing well, stay safe! :lemon:

Tumblr Icon:

Other versions of the icon

Full Version:

Unedited Version:


Just wanted to let y’all know that the next update is coming by the end of this month. It’s not too big, but you will be meeting 2 more ROs, getting your first glimpse of the land of the faere, and having a few important questions answered! :grin:

Also, I’m thinking that once chapter 2 is finished (that’ll probably be in 2 updates after this), I’ll be focusing on writing more for my 2nd wip (teased on tumblr) and going back to reread chapter 1 and add more branching and rewriting in some areas here. That’ll probably be the norm from that point forward since switching between the two wips will help prevent burnout and will provide me with more opportunities to write for one main one while going back to refine the other. :+1:

Anyways, I hope to see y’all soon with another update! :lemon: