Untested lines problem

Hi all, can anyone see a problem with my code please? Quick test is saying that it’s not testing the bottom option and I can’t work out why. It looks ok doesn’t it? Or have I missed something?

I moved this section out into its own label as I was having problems were it used to be as well, so it shouldn’t be anything above or below this section of code responsible. Thanks.

*label doyoutrust

	#"I'd like to."
		She looks up once more, silver grey eyes piercing deep into your soul. "I will forgive you this once, but do not try my patience again. Ask your questions child, then be gone."
		*goto askhecate
	#"Sorry, I just can't."
		Her lips twitch downwards into a frown. "Very well, then there is nothing more for me to say."
		*label canttrust
		*set argosguide "no"
		Hecate opens the door, cool night air flooding the previously cosy surrounds. "It is best you leave now ${son} of Apollo. Hopefully you will live long enough to regret turning down my assistance, though that is by no means certain." 
		*goto leavenoguide
	#"The only person I can really trust is myself."
		Her lips twitch downwards into a frown. "Lonely you must be to have so little faith in others. It is a failing I think, one that may yet cause you to founder on your quest. Very well, if your decision is made up, then there is nothing more for me to say."
		*goto canttrust		
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This might be my monitor or even Discourse (the forum) but the spacing on the third choice does not match the other two choices. (it looks to be on different indents).

Thanks @Eiwynn but it should be ok. Went back and rechecked it. I think it’s just the pasting onto the forum that has made it look a little off.

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I don’t know why this always happens. I look for the problem for ages, can’t find it. Eventually give up and ask on the forum then 15 mins later work it out :confounded:

It’s ok, the problem was in a choice upstream that was out of alignement but for some reason it was only causing the last option to show up as untested when it should’ve been all of them + other sections of the text. Weird. Anyway, fixed now I think.

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