Unsure how to fix only part of the choices being shown

So, I’ve run into an issue where I have 4 choices, but it’s only showing two of them, and I can’t figure out how to fix it.
I am pretty sure that it’s an indentation issue, but I can’t find the indentation that’s out of place. As such, I figured that a few dozen extra eyes might help. Anyway, I will post the choices below, although the hole thing is quite long. With that being said, would you please post where you find the issue, or, if it’s not an indentation issue, would you please post on how to fix it?

	#"Hello, ${n_name}." I say with a smile as I stick out a hand.
		*set n_relationship +3
		*gosub_scene highest_relationship
		*set friendly %+10
		*set stoic %-10
		*set expressive %+10
		*set reserved %-10
		*set impulsive %+12
		*set cautious %-12
		*set easyGoing %+10
		*set stubborn %-10
		"You too."I hear as a large and very warm hand, the same as the one that had gone round my throat earlier judging by where the thumb is, grips my own hand before surprisingly gently shaking it and holding on just a little longer than probably necessary, although it's still lose enough that I can pull my own out if I so choose to do so, although I don't choose to do so, so there.

		"Although if your up for it," ${n_they} continues, smirk now evident though ever so light: "I wouldn't mind getting to know you better at some point later on."
		*if ((t_intro=true) or (housecoat_t=true))

			"If you wish to do anything of that sort with ${wat_them} in the near-future, ${n_rank} ${n_surname}." ${t_name} says, voice flat: "then I would highly suggest that you conduct yourself with more restraint than you have up till this date."

			A low growl rumbles throughout the room, bouncing off the walls and floor.

			"I would start." ${t_name} continues, voice still deadpan: "with not doing that again."

			"You think." ${n_name} snarls, resonant growl clearly audible with every word: "I don't know that, ${t_title}?" Despite the ${n_person}'s anger, the large hand that's still gripping mine does not shift an iota in either pressure from the fingers, or force applied via the wrist.

			"You are currently both highly vexed, as well as highly worried about previous events." ${t_name}'s voice is now as flat and cold as a blade just pulled from ice: "and as such, I shall forget that laps in judgement due to that information. However, ${n_rank} ${n_surname}, you know well My views on that moniker." Then, voice returning to normal as ${t_they} continues: "however, I am also fully aware that you do. Though we may know a thing as well as we can, we may also need an outside reminder of it at certain points."

			"Not fucking grabbing someone by the goddam neck at the drop of a half-flayed hat is not something you just forget." The growl in ${n_name}'s voice increases as ${n_they} continues to speak, even while the hand around mine remains rock-steady: "especially in ${wat_their} case. As such, I don't need you or anyone else to remind me of that. Now, am I fucking clear, or do I need to shove a bullhorn into yor ear and yell it through that to get it into your thick head, ${t_name}?"

			"As you say." ${t_name} says, although ${t_their} voice has softened: "also, no, you need not do that, ${n_name}. I, among all of us, know what pain and self-loathing these events cause you."

			"Finishing this shit now." ${n_name} grunts, growl fading, then. "I know how much that pisses you off, ${t_name}. Sorry."

			"Anger does things to us all, as both I, and you have secsinctly proven." ${t_name} responds: "I simply ask that you remember such in the future, and do not do such again."

			${n_name} grunts before, now turning to me: "If you kindly wouldn't get involved in this right now? I'm pissed as it is. Also, here's your hand back." With that, ${n_name}'s hand abruptly vanishes from around mine. I just nod in reply.

			${n_name} sighs, before. "Me being pissed won't screw you over. Just saying it because I don't want to get more pissed, though that won't affect you Wirth shit either. If what I say makes a difference to you at this point anyway."
			I nod again, and with that, ${t_name} continues to speak.
			*goto_scene unit t_introductions3
		*elseif ((l_intro=true) or (housecoat_l=true))

			"Not to be rude." ${l_name} says, "but perhaps that isn't the best thing to say given what has happened, ${n_name}."

			"You mean the fact I grabbed ${wat_them} by the neck?" ${n_name} says, growl rumbling in ${n_their} chest as ${n_they} speaks: "that, you mean?"

			"I wouldn't have put it quite that way, but yes." ${l_name} replies.

			"Your right. Now if you don't mind?  I am going to continue this. Or are you going to remind me of something else fucked I did if I do?" ${n_name} growls back.

			"I won't, and you know that, ${n_name}." ${l_name}'s voice holds an almost non-existent edge now as ${l_they} speaks.

			"Sorry." ${n_name} mutters, growl fading: "just really pissed, didn't mean to lash out at you."

			"I've had worse." ${l_name} says, edge now gone: "I can take a hit or 3, and especially from you, ${n_name}. Just, try to remember not to do it next time?"

			"Starting again." ${n_name} says while turning to me: "don't say anything will you? Pissed enough as it is, and I don't need to be more." Then, voice softening as ${n_they} continues further: "though that won't fuck you over any, just don't want to get more pissed off then I already am."

			I nod, before waiting for ${l_them} to continue.
			*goto_scene unit l_introductions3
		*elseif ((d_intro=true) or (housecoat_d=true))

			"${n_name}." ${d_name} snaps: "do you think that's the best thing to say right now?"

			"Yeah." ${n_name} growls: "yeah, your probably right, sorry."

			"Are you?-" ${d_name} starts.

			"No." ${n_name} says, the word more snarl deep in the back of the ${n_person}'s throat than anything else.

			"I forgot." ${d_name} mutters. ${n_name} sighs.

			"Didn't mean. Wasn't mad at, fuck all this shit. Just." ${n_they} growls.

			"I know." ${d_name}'s voice is soft now. "Would it make you feel better if I just continued now, ${d_name}?"

			"Since the next one is you? Yeah." ${d_name} responds, voice now also muted.

			"That case, time to introduce me now!" With that, ${d_name}, after waiting for 4 seconds, starts speaking once more.
			*goto_scene unit d_introductions3
	#I just nod at ${n_name}, though still sticking out my hand.
		*set reserved %+10
		*set expressive %-10
		*set stoic %+10
		*set friendly %-10
		*set n_relationship %+3
		*set impulsive %+12
		*set cautious %-12
		*set friend_n +1
		A large and warm hand, the same one that had last graced my throat judging by where the thumb is place grips my own, shaking it before continuing to hold on past what would be considered normal, although there is more than enough wiggle room that I can pull my own hand away if I so wish.
		*if ((t_intro=true) or (housecoat_t=true))

			"Release ${wat_their} hand, ${n_name}." ${t_name} says, voice sharpening ever so slightly.

			"I don
t expect anything I say to mean shit to you, considering." ${n_name} says, while ignoring ${t_name}: "butt I have no intention on doing that to you again. Weather or not you belief me? Well, that's your choice." With that, the large hand vanishes from around my own, and I retract my hand, while puzzling over the words, and more importantly, the tone that they were used in.

			"Thank you." ${t_name} says.

			"Just, keep doing your introductions now." ${n_name} grunts, before: "please."

			"Because you asked this of me, I shall comply with your request." With that, ${t_name} resumes speaking.
			*goto_scene unit t_introductions3
		*elseif ((l_intro=true) or (housecoat_l=true))



			"Perhaps this is not the best time to continue to hold ${mc_their} hand longer than required."

			"Yeah." ${n_name} grunts before letting go. Then, I assume to me. "You can put your hand away now. Also, thanks." Then, turning away. "OK ${l_name}, do your introductions now."

			"As you wish."
			I almost don't hear ${n_name}'s growled 'thanks', as ${l_name} resumes speaking.
			*goto_scene unit l_introductions3
		*elseif ((d_intro =true) or (housecoat_d=true))

			"${n_name}!" ${d_name} not quite snaps but not quite not snaps, either.

			"Yes? Also, your starting to smoke again."

			"Let go of the ${wat_person}'s hand unless your giving ${wat_them} a hug so ${wat_they} won't be scared anymore?"

			"I would love to give ${wat_them},-" ${n_name} stops, growls, then, turning to face me as the smirk in ${n_their} voice abruptly dies: "you rather a hug, if your up for it, anyway?" Then, turning back to ${d_name} as ${n_their} hand around mine relaxes before turning so mine is on top, "Anyway, you dam well know that by now, ${d_name}."

			"I walked right into that, didn't I?" ${d_name} asks with a huff or a laugh.

			"There was a sign warning about it at the front door as well as 2 people in bright pink shirts doing the Can Can while yelling it at the top of their lungs, and yes." ${n_name} chuckles.
			"Yes you did, ${d_familiel}, before, now turning back to me as ${n_they} continues: "for how ever much that means, I meant what I said."

			"About?" I ask.

			"You having a choice." ${n_name} says.

			"Do you think that that's going to be on ${wat_their} mind right now?" ${d_name} asks: "especially as, well."

			"Don't remind me, ${d_name}." ${n_name}'s voice is a low growl deep in the back of ${n_their} throat now. "Don't remind me."

			"I'm just.-" ${d_name} starts, then sighs. "OK, fine, I can see your mad.

			"Good. Now, please shut up about it. Actually, probably a good time to continue your intro, especially since you get to do your own, and we all know you love that."
			${n_name} retorts back, also with a sigh at the end.

			"OK, doing more intro." With that, ${d_name} continues to speak, though I do hear a muttered "Shit, wasn't supposed to, fucking hell-" From ${n_name} before ${d_their} voice drowns it out. Also, ${n_name}'s hand vanishes from around mine and I return it to my side.
			*goto d_introductions4
	#"Well." I say, grinning as I stick out a hand: "if your strong enough to lift someone off the ground, well. You must just be so much fun at parties."
		*set sarcastic %+10
		*set genuine %-10
		*set charming %+10
		*set intimidating %-10
		*set mind %+10
		*set heart %-10
		*set n_relationship +3
		*gosub_scene highest_relationship
		*set bold %+10
		*set shigh %-10
		*set flirt_n_bold +1
		"O, you have no idea." ${n_name} says, smirk evident in ${n_their} voice and only growing stronger as ${n_they} continues, along with a large and warm hand gripping my own, even if it's the same hand that had grabbed me by the throat, at least judging by the thumb placement, all while I smirk wider as ${n_they} does so.

		"Could always show you, if your up for that in the future." ${n_name} says, even though by ${n_their} tone, ${n_they} seems to think that's about as likley as me being the only human in the room right now. Also, I notice that although the hand has a solid grip on my own, it's still loose enough that I could remove my hand without much effort on my part. Granted, I have no intention of doing that, but the choice is still there, which is nice.

		"Well, I wouldn't have brought it up if I wasn't willing now, would I?" I respond while rapping my own fingers around ${n_theirs} as my smirk grows.

		"You would be surprised." ${n_name} grunts, smirk fading as something else takes it's place. "Now though, I think
		*if ((t_intro=true) or (housecoat_t=true))
			${t_name} should continue this."

			"As you say." ${t_name} says and with that, the ${t_person} continues to speak, with ${n_name} gently, but firmly disengaging ${n_their} hand from mine as ${t_they} does so.
			*goto_scene unit t_introductions3
		*elseif ((l_intro=true) or (housecoat_l=true))
			${l_name} should really keep telling you useful info now."

			"Are you? No, your not alright." ${l_name} starts, with ${n_name} only letting out a short sharp bark of laughter in reply.

			With that, ${l_they} continues to speak, with ${n_name} gently but firmly disengaging ${n_their} hand from mine as ${l_they} does so.
			*goto_scene unit l_introductions3
		*elseif ((d_intro=true) or (housecoat_d=true))
			${d_name} should keep talking now, right, ${d_name}?"

			"OK." ${d_name} says before, voice growing serious: "I'll keep talking now, ${n_name}." ${n_name} just grunts. With that, ${d_name} starts to speak once more, with ${n_name} gently but firmly disengaging ${d_their} hand from mine as ${d_they} does so.
			*goto d_introductions4
	#"Do you always grab people's throats when you first meet them?" I ask as I stretch out a hand, although I'm more curious than anything: "since, well, some people might consider that rude, you know?"
		*set sarcastic %+10
		*set genuine %-10
		*set mind %+10
		*set heart %-10
		*set cautious %+10
		*set impulsive %-10
		*set n_relationship +1
		*gosub_scene highest_relationship
		*set reserved %+10
		*set expressive %-10
		*set friend_n -1
		"No." ${n_name} grunts as a large and warm hand, with said seemingly being the one that had grabbed me by the throat so recently, at least from the thumb placement anyway, grips my own before shaking once before vanishing almost as quickly.

		"I'm just that special then?" I say, smile pulling at my lips now: "well, good for me!"

		"The only reason your not pissing me off right now is because I know your being a sarcastic asshole." ${n_name} growls. "Also, I really don't know how anyone could piss me off more than I already am." Then, the growl fading as it seems ${n_they}, to me at least is putting  a considerable effort into sounding less intimidating, ${n_they} continues with: "though that won't affect you any, mind. Not pissed at you, and I don't deflect, or what ever that word when you get angry at the things that don't make you angry is." Then, voice returning to normal, although now with a noticeable though light smirk, ${n_they} continues:
		"now normally I would be fine with you being an asshole  as I am one myself, and am all for a good back and forth. But." ${n_name}'s voice goes deadly serious now, with the smirk falling away like it had shot by a rod from god: "not for this and not right now. So drop it if you would. Got me?"

		"Fare enough." I say, sobering now: "I can see, well. I can see your perspective, I think?"

		A low growl of a laugh issues from ${n_name}'s direction before: "you." ${n_their} voice is flat now, with a low growl deep in ${n_their} chest more than anything else: "don't know shit about what your talking about." Then, growl fading as ${n_they} continues: "thanks for giving a fuck, though. Means more than you know, and especially considering, well." With that ${n_they} turns away.
		*if ((t_intro=true) or (housecoat_t=true))

			"Now, not to be rudd or anything, ${t_name}, but if you could start your introduction again? Now, if you would be so kind so I won't have the impulse to start throwingg stuff through walls in about 10 seconds?"

			"As you wish." ${t_name} says, before: "I will not be used as a bowling ball a second time, how ever, and if you attempt to use the Newbie for such, I shall insure that you become unable to move due to acute tenden severing."

			"First." ${n_name} says: "People aren't things, and secondly, if you don't remember, I said that you starting you introductions would stop from doing that anyway."

		${t_name} resumes speaking, although seemingly ignoring ${n_name}'s comment while doing so. I would ask about it, but I'm way to fucking tired for any of this shit, so I remain silent.
			*goto t_introductions3
		*elseif ((l_intro=true) or (housecoat_l=true))

			"${l_name}? Keep talking, please."

			"That won't be a problem." ${l_name} says, voice softening before starting to speak once more.
			*goto l_introductions3
		*elseif ((d_intro=true) or (housecoat_d=true))

			"${d_name}? Do your thing and keep talking the ${mc_person}'s ear off, since I'm done now."

			"OK, if you want?" ${d_name} part says and part asks.

			"I really don't care what you do as long as you do something." ${n_name} replies.

			"Wasn't talking to you, ${n_name}, I was talking to ${wat_them}." Is ${d_name}'s reply.

			"That's our ${d_name}." ${n_name} grunts, warmth seeping into ${n_their} voice as ${n_they} continues: "${d_they} actually, genuinely, really gives a fuck about people."

			"O, it's my turn!" ${d_name} squeals before starting to talk, while growing excited.
			*goto d_introductions4
	#"Don't grab my throat again." I growl, although I stick out my hand all the same: "you got me?"
		*set n_relationship -3
		*set cautious %+10
		*set impulsive %-10
		*set intimidating %+10
		*set charming %-10
		*set independent %+10
		*set team_player %-10
		*set stubborn %+10
		*set easyGoing %-10
		"Have no intention of doing so." ${n_name} grunts, voice softening as a long bony hand grips my own. Then. "I got you, though how much you believe me is, well."

		"Don't really have a choice but to trust you." I grunt. "Then again not exactly knew at that, so." I shrug.

		"Point taken.
		*if ((t_intro=true) or (housecoat_t=true))
			Now ${t_name}, would you keep going?"

			"As you say." When ${n_name} doesn't respond, ${t_name} continues speaking.
			*goto t_introductions3
		*elseif ((l_intro=true) or (housecoat_l=true))
			Now ${l_name}, could you keep talking?"

			"That should not be a problem." ${l_name} says. ${n_name} just grunts. After 5 seconds of nothing else from the ${n_person}, ${l_name} continues to speak.
			*goto l_introductions3
		*elseif (d_intro=true) or (housecoat_d=true))
			Now ${d_name}, think it's time for you to keep talking."

			"OK!" ${d_name} says, tone gleeful. ${n_name} mutters something though I don't catch it, even if I do hear the warmth in the words. 5 seconds of silence later, ${d_name} starts to chatter once more, now sounding more excited than previously.
			*goto d_introductions4

Because of how it all shows up, I would assume that the issue is somewhere in the second choice, if that helps any.

You have a new line after "I don it isn’t supposed to be there.


Yeah, that’s the issue. As soon as you’ve got a line indented at a lower level than your #options – in this case, all the way back to zero indent level – Choicescript will assume your choices are over.

Fix that error, and all your options should start showing up.

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Yep, that seems to have fixed it. Thank you.


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