Unsupervised - You were a sidekick. Now, you kick ass. (WIP)

Been a very very very long time since I last left a message, but considering the content of the story I really have to.

First, I really like the focus on quality over quantity when it comes to the superpowers available.
(Greatly enjoyed the Superspeed / enhanced abilities, and Time control)

While there are a few moments where the assumptions / nature of the power aren’t present as an option (** An example of this would be say, being a time manipulator and not excellerating oneself / decellerating the foe / not doing either, during a confrontation with a feeing villian. Though its rather mild, and it would take away from having super speed). Overall, they are a pretty good fit.

The Characters hit that nice mix of silver and gold age comic characters.

I was pretty certain that I was going to dislike the super hero turned super star Lil Biggie but they had a surpirsing amount of charm (Uncertain if there was meant to be a mechanic about juggling hero life and normal life…As Amir just kinda went “Its Morb- Hero time”).

I really like that Propagander was hinted at before the crowd went crazy.

I do like the pocket sand, / pocket Amir, moment (Really smart option)

Flit, is a very nice moral character. Though I did find it rather convient that the person that wanted to bring the gang back together was given the perfect opertunity.

(Though odd question, but can, or could? Flit telefrag people or is he more of the “jumper” style teleporter when they can bring what they touch with them but can’t / shouldn’t jump into solid things.)

Though between these two, and I don’t know whether this will be for all the charaters. But I like how if you have grown particularly close to them (Without dating) that they’ll have relationship loses if you talk / hang with other people. As it makes it feel like they are their own people, capable of having feelings. Though I could be reading into it.

Ghost girl, and this could be due to playing a straight lace hero, didn’t have a massive amount of interactions. They brood, they feel scared about their secret identity (Which is a nice change of pace), they use computer, they have a reasonable fight with Flit (Who is using excusses to keep the gang together). Maybe they have more interactions if you go Murder Batman style…but I’m uncertain.

Derek Dumas is great as a maybe hypnotised pawn :slight_smile:

Which is to say that I really like how they aren’t written as an unopposed genius secret agent. Its clear regardless of whether they are telling the truth, thinking they are telling the truth, lying about telling the truth but failing / ect, that the new Omega Team / Alpha Team will still have to act like the old with a real / fake mole on the team (Just like with CC on the old team), meaning that Myers bascially gets what they wanted.

Sadly haven’t seen how to find Nora, and Comeback Kid.

I don’t mind Blair Turner, and I feel like they might be Quintessences side kick (in the future, not in the past just encase that was confusing), if they come back. Seeing as they have energy related powers. When taking drugs.

(Though I do feel like some of the options could have been better in dealing with them. As the PC will think about them with Rattlebag, and then promptly forget…After having those close to them be threatened. Feel like there could be room, even if nothing comes of it, for the PC to leave a note to keep tabs on friends / family given Noras history and the threats.)

I like the little hint with the agent talking about the narrative, and the graffi saying that the narrator is lying


This is great i can’t for the finished product the demo got me really hyped up😄


@MahatmaDagon would it be possible for me to later make my own music using the elder tree? I know there is a bit of text hinting at it, but will it be definite? Maybe I could make a find tune, while Lb provide the lyrics?

So I just make the third choice here and I think there is a bug because after LYING I lost 2 point in pragmatism which is not very logic, my MC just go to a party with Teltalle stole some thing and burn a rock man alive…

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Now I just bought some Materials in the Tailor that are supposed to give me a boost in one of my elemental power but on the four not one work…and I found the more important bug that I ever saw for now, I go in the trophy room I select the Cryptozoologist’s small statue of a man-fish that I got from the Party with Teltalle and it instead of next I have a next chapter to click on that send me back in the beginning of the chapter with 50 point of experience to spend

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Why everytime i joke around LB, his relationship get decrease? Is it bug

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Is the (flipAngry)) is normal or is it a bug ?

I think ghost will follow us to an extent as long as we don’t go full on villain

So by my estimates, I believe there’s going to be around 10 power pathways in the story, and that’s not even mentioning the different allegiances. They will consist of the following. We will have the time controller, the fire specialist, the wind specialist, the Earth specialist, the water specialist, the not yet implemented Electric elemental specialist, the multiple elemental specialist, the super strength hero, the speedster and finally, the super senses hero. A good mixture of both quality and quantity, wouldn’t you say?

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One of the things it might be nice to see expansion on is some choice about the MC’s thoughts on their status as an orphan who didn’t have so much as a normal foster home before being taken in by their mentor with the ORs.

More along these lines.

There could be so much bitter resentment packed into them just wanting a more “normal” life, but with orgs like PARENTS in play, that was never going to happen. It is at least implied that the MC was caught between whatever BS the org had planned, and their mentor with the ORs, but that’s kinda the end of it currently.

Nothing MC says to Flit pulling them around when MC could have literally been doing the “retired from hero-ing” thing before LB’s concert shows as much resentment as Ghostling can about it, and supporting her views on her right to go home doesn’t extend to MC wanting the same. Choosing to not stop her because you support her choice to leave in the pizza scene, for instance, just treats it like a “we don’t need her anyway” instead of “she has the right idea, and I support her for it” as an attitude.

All that to say; there’s more than just heroes vs villains here as optional play styles, since I think most of us want to do more than one route in terms of what can be done as every shade of gray between. :sweat_smile:


@MahatmaDagon You contact Derek directly, telling him you defeated a dangerous supervillain called Rattlebag, and that PARENTS should send some people to pick him up at the Paris catacombs.

“You did good, Quick Silver. We’ll take it from here. There should be a reward coming your way once we confirm his identity,” he says. “And I’m glad to hear that Ghostling is safe.”

Though a reward was mentioned, I received nothing.

Yup. It depends on their personality and your ability to influence them.

You can hire SICK for specific purposes, but you can’t join them. You can work with one of their members, though (Claire Voyant), for a heist.

No, you only get to meet Telltale if you go to the first heist.

We are working with 2023, but we might change that depending on when the game gets released.

It’s very hard to meet him again, you have to go to the warehouse and, at some point, need backup. Then a bunch of initiates might help you, him among them. If you have a low relationship with Cloud, if I’m not mistaken, they’ll betray you–and Edward will be one of them.

This was supposed to be a hidden choice only available for those who are playing with 0 brooding, on of our optional “breaking the fourth wall” moments. It just seems silly to say something like that out loud. We can add more options to that choice, but I don’t know if that one should appear.

I’ve never seen Jumper, but Flit can only teleport in empty spaces–it’s an instinctive part of their powers.

They haven’t been introduced yet. It’s for later parts of the game.

Unless you bring him back to the base or you make a deal with him and he escapes (I think he might get caught either way, but I have to check), he gets killed soon after, so the threat is over.

Yup, there’s an opportunity to make a collab with LB later on. Depending on your choice for the team’s name, you and the others might even try to “make a band”.

It’s a bug, I’ll fix it. Thanks for the report.

Elemental powers are capped at 4. We’ll have to see how to accommodate Materials into that. Maybe a good idea would be to have you gain a small XP bonus whenever you use your powers if they are capped and you are wearing any of the elemental materials.

Thank you, I’ll get that fixed.

Do you remember what jokes you made?

Bug, thanks again. Will fix it.

There are a few options related with that (though they might require a bad relationship with your mentor) across the game, but we want to expand this in subsequent interactions with the former sidekicks down the road.

I agree, there should be more options across that whole scene to accommodate different types of MCs. Will work on it.

There’s a variable for it, but it isn’t being checked later. Not sure if the money should come instantly or if it should be conditional to working with PARENTS later on (as in, Lorelai decides not to pay you if you don’t collaborate further). Either way, it needs to be acknowledged. Thanks for the report.


There’s a variable for it, but it isn’t being checked later. Not sure if the money should come instantly or if it should be conditional to working with PARENTS later on (as in, Lorelai decides not to pay you if you don’t collaborate further). Either way, it needs to be acknowledged. Thanks for the report.

It’s worth mentioning that, they do pay the super senses hero immediately for catching Telltale and Claire, or the speedster and elemental heroes for catching Telltale. Don’t see why Rattlebag should be that much of an exception, but I’m fine with whatever you decide. Just thought I’d mention it.

So I just finished my first play through (awesome game so far!). In this play through, I played a female Time Manipulator called Clockwise. I had the Polyvinyl Chrono-chloride implemented into my costume but when I went against that drugged up thug who could also manipulate time, it didn’t seem to do anything to help me :thinking:

Also, when I went against Thaumaturge I was able to convince him to tell me everything he knew about the Starlight Stand, but when I was speaking with Derek they made it seem like he was telling me about it for the first tim…


Just to clarify, the Polyvinyl Chrono-chloride doesn’t strengthen your ability. It only lightens the side effects so you don’t age up too quickly. That’s my understanding at least.

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Oh, I thought it makes it so that others who would have similar powers to us wouldn’t affect us :thinking:, guess that’s on me for misunderstanding :sweat_smile:


I believe that’s because no one else knows that you talk to him about it. That might be something that can be added into the story that you already learned that from the villain :man_shrugging:t6:

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What is this heist that I keep hearing some people mention sometimes? And is there any romances in the demo currently along with poly or future poly romances?

When on the mission in the catacombs, you can choose to ditch the others to go on a heist with Telltale. Depending on how that goes, you may be invited to partake in another heist later on (though this second heist is not in the demo yet).

There are a few ROs you can interact with in the demo, but I haven’t stumbled on any particularly romantic scenes with them. I believe they author stated that these would mostly be slow-burn romances.

How do you meet Vorpal then? It sounded like some players have already met her unless I read them wrong.