Unpopular Opinions


I don’t need to elaborate on the title, do I?

Here’s mine:
̶E̶A̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶n̶o̶t̶ ̶a̶ ̶g̶r̶e̶e̶d̶y̶ ̶c̶o̶m̶p̶a̶n̶y̶.̶
TES V: Skyrim sucks.
Fortnite is bad.
Mass Effect 3 didn’t have a bad ending.

And yes, all of those were game oriented.


This is an unpopular opinion? I haven’t played it but I’ve seen many posts and images saying the game sucks.


Not in the circle of my friends, it does not. I’m swarmed by comments on how good it is. I don’t like battle royale games.


that’s why the only friend should be the voice in your head :smile:


They give suggestions.

At times.


if you are the kind that can be influenced…

having friend suggesting stuff…is a pain in the ass . I’m like that…

That’s why I never ask ‘Did you like that game ? think I should get it ?’’ …


It’s better than IGN.

At times.



I’m still puzzeling why peoples …how to say…count on review SO much…

it’s like ‘No! I can’t get the game! Gonna wait till X website update and tell me if it’s good!’’ .

how did peoples make choices before the z’internet ?


It’s because most of those websites (cough most cough) and reviews do it professionally and know what the hell they’re doing. Unlike some. But still, the ones I visit good detailed reviews.


But considering that they can be ‘bribed’…

isn’t that like…i dunno…risky? I mean , it isn’t like they have flashing banner that say ‘This review was brough by EA’


Same then an hour later im already buying some steam money from ebgames


Everything and everyone can be bribed. There are very many good and professional reviewers, and besides, you can spot the subterfuge early on really.


I personally , look up the BAD review…

it’s like…it tell me what’s wrong and what’s broken . I base my purchase on what I’m willing to put up with . And even then…if I’m interested , I just take a gamble . Games have been in my life since the Atari…at this point…it’s like breathing…a must :sweat_smile:


I see both the positive and negative reviews on Steam to understand both sides.


Some negatives review cover stuff I usually look for…and some positive don’t cover them . That’s why I look for those more…


I’m a misanthrope
I think all animal products, foods etc should be banned
I really don’t like a lot of popular pokemon, mostly liking cute pokemon. E.G I’m not keen on Luchario, Charizard, legendary doggies, but love shinx, meowth etc. And the none-cute pokemon I like aren’t that popular, such as Arbok, pinsir(is he popular?), marshtomp(as opposed to swampert, so not sure on this one), vigoroth and Sableye. So some of those are less popular than others, and I do like some more popular none-cute pokemon like Kadabra and banette, but you’ll find few of these type of pokemon on top 10 favourite lists I think.
I hate beer, I’m sensitive to it and it makes me feel sick to the point I can’t drink even a bit of it.
I hate apple
I hate xbox…all of them
I like both pokemon gen 3 and 5
I hate family guy
…thinking about it I have a lot of unpopular opinions xd, so I’ll just give one more, my favourite film is by far How I live now…yeah you find me one other person who says that is their favourite film, or even has it in a top 10 list and I’ll…I’ll say Kirlia isn’t actually my favourite pokemon :stuck_out_tongue: .


Without mods it most definitely sucks. Put some mods in there it’s though it’s way better.


I’m glad that is an unpopular opinion. :laughing:


Meh. If I don’t like the base game, it’s pretty bad. Most people say it’s enjoyable without mods but once I tried it I was very confused. The quests are so repetitive that I lost all my immersion and desire for roleplaying.


I’m with you on that one . The smell alone make me wanna puke…