Unnatural Season Two

Ah sweet thanks mate I was worried I’d have to choose between my gamma crew and the newbies

Hi there,

First of all, high praises on the beautiful universe you have created. The characters feel real and lovable (in different ways… significantly different :upside_down_face:) and the mythology shows a great combo of creativity and genuine interest in “holy monsters”.

I will admit that I have played through the first game several times to check out the different romance options, cases, and dialogue options. There are a couple of spelling mistakes, but meh, it doesn’t subtract from the experience. Top two favorite romances have been Victor and Scarlet- in that order. :blush: Yes, es, who doesn’t like a bad boy, but you DID do a great job making him immensely compelling and amusing. One thing that I did not quite get was that during a second play through I got up to something like 82 or 83% with him… I almost fell from my chair at the “in a serious relationship” status and I thought that his extra scene that you het to throw him out of the room was SO much run. Also enjoyed the nuanced changed in dialogue based on heightened rapport (i.e. “Hey handsome”) for the golem sequence.

One of the things that I found very interesting is that it seems that Victor grew on you as time went by. Between the progression of season 1 and the bits that I played in season 2, you seem to increasingly have gotten a kick out of him. The Christmas gift thing was hilarious and very Victor-like. Did I mention I get a huge kick out of Victor? I do. :yum:Your short stories also help provide more context and color (and maybe some questions, lol), so I hope that you add to that.

Overall, you have created an immersive and thoroughly enjoyable universe. Can’t wait for more of season 2. :slight_smile:


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Thank you so much for the kinds words. I’m glad you are enjoying the UnNaturalverse. I have put a lot of work into it and it makes me happy when people notice the subtle changes like that.

There are plans for more short stories but am trying to focus on Episode 3 currently as well as three special short stories which were the prize for a previous art competition.

I hope you continue to get a kick out of Victor and the UnNaturalverse :slight_smile:

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^^ I’m confident I will. ^^ One of the (many) things that I thought that you did very well was the way that the choice of the MC’s LI determined parts of their personality. It makes sense, because certain aspects of a person resonate with you, so who you find attractive may say quite a bit about you… … That’s pretty damning, isn’t it? lol

I favor text-based games, but this is honestly the first one that I enjoyed this thoroughly. Like I said, it’s obvious you’ve done your homework on monsters to build a believable/ tangible mythos. You also unknowingly gave me a great way to take breather during a particularly bad time. So thank you.

I wonder what you have in mind for the MRU and MRU-type organizations for the second game. Does it matter if you have thrown Max off the building? … I’m okay if he’s back because an animator brought him back. I DID avoid hurting him during one playthrough… it was painful. :upside_down_face:

Have fun writing!

If he is alive he can reappear in season two. The MRU does have a role to play but it is a much smaller one depending on whether you got a good or bad ending in regards to the SRT

Nothing new to update yet. But am busy making plans for episode three so should be making progress soon. :slight_smile:


Looking forward to it!


  1. If you have not romanced anyone in the first game, are you given the option to start a romance with any of the originals in the second game?

  2. I am probably the only person on this board that never got Endings 1 and 2, and the SRT always goes buh bye… I know the definition of insanity, so I have not always done the same things, but there is obviously something I’m missing… I have not figured out how to get out of that loop. If there’s a way to get pointers, I would be eternally grateful. If someone has already asked, sorry about that…

On a side note, while messing around with the beta, I found a couple of glitches:

if you select your aunt and uncle as the people close to you, the game believes that you are nuts, considering the available LI for any preference and orientation in the first game, so it’s not sure what to make of you… so… some stuff happens to indicate that you are, indeed, nuts.

Lakota appears on your doorstep (poor Lakota is the token buddy, but it makes sense because he is lovable… anyway). The reaction is correct, the interaction at the fair skips the “bunny suit” challenge… yet somehow I still I wake up with Lakota in the same state as if I had selected the romance… The crumbled bunny suit should not have made me smile, it should have made me wonder when Lakota roofied me. :slight_smile:

If you select that you are spending Christmas alone, “Nobody” knocks on your door… “Nobody” also tells you that they are not letting you spend Christmas alone etc… You even shush “Nobody” when Arthur calls… I’m still trying to decide if that is a prank or a glitch, but it was FUNNY.:smiley_cat:

Umm… yeah. :wink:

Those are bugs. You can kick start the romances in season two if you didn’t in season one.

To achieve ending 1 or 2 it helps to not go after your brother unless you go Azure and take one soul to unlock the shimmer choice try and dont hurt Max.

Edit: on a side note I’ve been a member of this forum for 8 years today. that’s crazy.


Hello nocturnal I was wondering where the demo link is?



Man, I think remember this thread first starting and then I left for a while, it’s nice to see you’re still working on it.
Something crossed my mind that I got too curious about, is there new romances this seasons and if so, could you tell me who they are?

Yes there will be new possible romances.

Cassandra (brand new character - human), Marie (returning from season one - human animator), Story spoiler Jack - the werewolf you encountered in season one Avery (human possible unnatural - new character) and Charlene (brand new character Azure)


Now om really interested in new azure…

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Charlene is actually unique as she is the only new character that can switch from working with the player to working against. Certain choices will literally turn her into an antagonist.

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Welp… I may or may not get royally screw myself…

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So about the romances, can we break-up halfway through to try hooking up with one of the others?
Will there be repercussions if we try to go after them if we’re still together with someone?

Do you go Shade or Azure?

First one is a definite you can choose to break up with them (if I can figure out how I want to do it they may be able to break up with you too)

Repercussions will also be possible although at least one character wont be mad and he’ll be more than happy to share (Lakota is a free spirited type after all)

Shade (personally i like power list more then azure one)

You’ll be okay then.