Unnatural Season Two




The initial choice either gives you humanity or will but it also activates a hidden occult Boolean which gives you a bit of additional knowledge of the occult which comes into play when dealing with witches.




That is one hell of a coincidence.


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I’m Ill atm so not writing but if people have questions about the unnaturalverse post them here and I’ll answer them


Hope you’re doing well.

Can’t wait for Season Two! :slight_smile:

I do have one question - are there going to be any more love interests, or just the ones from Season One?

Good luck with your writing!


Yes they will be additional love interests. Some brand new characters and 1 or 2 who was introduced in season one.


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: this is my favorite interactive novel so far.


Awesome! Can’t wait. :smile:


is there a dashington link, btw great job with the first season
i wish you good luck with your future endeavours


Yes there is. It’s somewhere in this topic. I’ll try and post a new link when I get free time tomorrow.





here you go.