Unnatural Season Two


So there used to be 5 horsemen… but the 5th quit when he found better paying job?


If this was in response to the book I’m reading it’s literally a new position they just decide to offer it to the protagonist.


I read season 1 that was great story you made love it death it was first choice game I read


I don’t know if this has already been mentioned because there’s over 1000s posts on this thread and I am too much of a coward to go through them all, but will there be a chance to become like a pseudo-parent to Marie? Like, we’re given the chance to promise to take care of her, and like… I really want to help that child develop her powers (and force the RO to help parent this sweet child)!


You can become a big sibling to them not quite a parent but I can consider it sure.


Hey @Nocturnal_Stillness I was wondering if you had any plans on adding more potential firearms to the roster or possibly enabling the MC to equip their agents with weapon loadouts as well as choosing their own weapons for the mission also if there is a possibility of acquiring some of those succubus killing bullets that were used in School Days


In season two yes. You will be able to aquire various guns and ammo through research. Including what a like to call a “mara special” after our resident poison queen @MaraJade which is lamia created.


Played through Unnatural again, Fockin’ longer than I remembered.

I enjoyed the consequences of my decisions, like Denise, a proper character unavailable if you pick the wrong branch or say the wrong thing. That takes a level of dedication I admire in your writing.

I like it’s world, feels bigger than the characters in it, I like, magic is recently acknowledged, thing, keeps it grounded, and consistent. Your info text about brands of Unnatural makes me wish for a standalone story from any of the other sides of Unnatural, and that’s great, a sign of a good universe, is that the viewers should always want more.

AA stuff, like it, got a bit hectic near the end, but that’s how I can tell it’s a good climax.

Luved it, can’t wait for S2.

Slightly Lewd Comment

Noticed the two sex jokes I pushed in?


Snow is falling, Snowhere to go, Knee deep in snow, Winter Cryptid, Operation Snowman, Winter Wonderland. Those are off the top of my head if you didnt get any ideas for a name yet.
New additions. Cry of the himalayas, Not Yeti, Frosty, Let it Snow, When in Snow, Do as the Snowmen do, An Unnatural Christmas, Snow not what you do.


I have to say my fave suggestion is “Not Yeti” I like puns.


Is there currently a projected release date for unnatural season 2?


No date yet. Currently working on Episode Two when I get the chance. My day job has been a bit busier lately.


Bad news first not written anything for this for a few weeks because of not being able to decide something.

Good news is I have been able to decide so will start writing again.

Great news I intend to have a three month writing spree where I try and do Nanowrimo x3!


That is all great news, except the bad news.

Also, writing sprees are fun and scary at the same time, so good luck with that


Is there a demo for season two? I m a little late to the party.



It’s episode one and most of episode two.


Something that confused me in season one was when I had Ren translate the tome from the library and it said something about humanity. Was that all the action the tome will see or will you continue it as a subplot in season 2? Or did I just make the wrong decisions?


I gotta ask. Is the case “Fangs for the memories” a play on the falloutboy song?


It will reappear in season two


No just a pun on the saying thanks for the memories. If that is a fallout boys song then it was just a coincidence.