Unnatural Season Two


I’d like to know if there will be a tie scenario, such as 3-3 as it ends before a possible tie.


I’ll have to go through all the possible routes for each event afaik it should end in either a player win or partner win.


No, I mean it ends before a tie scenario in total. For example, if the score is 3-1 after the shooting gallery, ring toss and strength test games, it will end despite the partner being able to get an overall tie if they won the dodgem and rope climb games.


Ah sorry I misread it. No that’s intentional. It’s a first to 3 wins scenario.


I guessed that from it ending on a 3-1 score, but doesn’t that still leave it possible for the player to win two, the partner to win two and the final game end as a tie so there would be a tie overall, unless I’m mistaken as I’ve not checked to see if it’s possible yet and I’m just assuming that you have made it possible to loose to the partner, which would result in this result.


It shouldn’t be possible but Id need to check the coding for it.


Okay social scenes and bunny scenes win or lose are finished so yay me.

Which means I get to work on the kitsune and banshee scenes over the weekend :slight_smile:

edit: also finished notes on the second protagonist ready for when I add them.


An FYI I won’t update the demo link again until I’ve got episode one done. Literally got two cases a story related death scene (not the MC during a case fail scene) then an end summary scene to set up Episode two.

So stay tuned and for now enjoy the social scenes.


Started work on the banshee scene the weekend. Can’t decide whether to actually have a chorus of an original song that the banshee sings in the club in the actual text ie instead of “name sings a song”

the scene so far;

You chat for awhile with ${partner} drinking having a pleasant evening. Then the lights cut off, shrouding the club in a blanket of darkness. Immediately you tense up, but then a spotlight cuts through the blackness, illuminating part of the stage. Drawing everyone's attention to the lone microphone sitting in its stand. 

The sudden silence that smothers the club only serves to make the distinctive tapping of high heels more noticeable. The singer sways onto the stage, her floral dress swaying in a wind that wasn't there. Her raven chin-length hair curled around one half of her face almost covering one of her deep green eyes. Those eyes survey the crowd and her full red lips break into a dazzling smile. A cheer come from the crowd which she silences with a simple gesture.

For a moment, Jackie closes her eyes and you can clearly see the singer sigh, letting a held breathe free. Then those green eyes snap open and Jackie sings and the atmosphere electrifies instantly as her melody cradles you, comforts you, draws you closer to her. You close your eyes and focus on the lyrics, letting her song call to you.

I’m really happy with the imagery here :slight_smile:


Okay all. Can’t decide how to best approach this scene.

The player and their colleague (either RO or Lakota if none) are in the club, they’ve just watched the singer perform.

Now spoiler alert The Banshee KNOWS you are there and that you aren’t there because of her music. because of this spoiler I cannot decide whats best to do. So I’ve got three possible options.

Option A; give the player a choice of whether to try and talk to her, sneak round the back to kill her or trigger a firealarm and deal with her in the confusion. Then follow through with it (this was my original idea but i think the spoiler means that two choices wouldn’t work well.

Option B; same as option A but before they can carry out let them get an invite by the singer to meet backstage to interupt it. (this is slightly better but makes the initial choice pointless.

Option C; have the player and partner return the next day where they get an invite upon their return. (this might be better as it allows for more social stuff over night,)

Which option would you prefer? if you have a different suggestion let me know!


I think option C might work best. You could simply have the crowd be too much for the Mc and partner to get close without anyone noticing them trying to get her off on her own or just speaking to her or catching her alone in general. Maybe she could be in constant company of admirers and the mc and partner decide to try and come back before the show starts the next day to catch her with minimal interference? Just an idea. :blush:


Well without knowing why your at the club and if the banshee has done anything to warrant lethal force and from what it seems it doesn’t seem like she’s engaged in anything that would require action at that place in time I would choose C. If SC Inc. is supposed to be legitimate contractors as opposed to well armed vigilantes I would believe that approaching her amicably would be the smartest option. However I would leave options A and B in the mix still because it would be a great way to potentially give the MRU ammo to work with against your cause or to increase their position depending on the end results of season one. If the MC could take down the banshee in all the chaos of A or B without any civilian casualties then it could potentially allow public perception of SC Inc. to be that of a group of loose cannons who get results in a tight spot rather than clean cut professionals. Also not sure if this is an option but possible recruit in the form of the banshee (though depending on the abilities they have in-universe not sure how combat effective she’d be but the more the merrier)


Neat idea that the banshee could have a sort of hold over normal humans. In fact to build of your idea it might be cool that if you botch the job she could join up with an enemy group like the MRU and become a recruiter for them or potentially do the same for SC Inc. and bring in staff for the MC’s base and possible discounts on certain upgrades if she is assigned to a particular department branch


The unnatural has not done anything wrong as far as you know. You’re there because someone (an influential judge) believes their son is being groomed/influenced by the singer and she is an unnatural.

Also this scenario occurs before you form SCI.

I’ve settled for option C myself more social interaction is never a bad thing.


“Social interaction” AKA bunny suit Victor XD.


That is bad for my health :joy:


Work got a bit hectic lately so haven’t done much sadly. But still got 5 days left and should still be able to have episode one done by the end of the month.