Unnatural Season Two


I chose Scarlett as my love interest , and the scene with her is such a nice read thus far … really make me feel bonded with her, the friendly competition with her is getting to be a real fun :slight_smile: … at 2nd play through, i chose Denise so it was victor who came to visit me…i think the name of “Victor” is yet to be integrated into the line , but i can guess the romance with Denise will have a different route :smile:


Denise should have her own scene too and look into that later.


Line 614 no selectable options

Error when choosing ring toss


Thanks I’ll look into that later. Was that as soon as you chose it or during the ring toss scene?


As soon as I chose it


Thanks I’ll get that fixed later.


Okay those should be fixed now. Taking a break this evening to catch up on some programmes and gaming. But will be writing the final social challenge and the bunny scene tomorrow :wink:


I didn’t see anyone mention this but it seems that the count for points skips giving me a point when I win at the shooting gallery. I chose Denise and in the end we should be tied for points but since I never got one for shooting it’s 1=2 for her.


Hmm sounds like it skipped the code a little I’ll look into that.


The same error go with Scarlett 's scene as well :slight_smile:


The code seems to be fine so not sure why the points are being awarded.

Can you both tell me your physical and mental stat (it’ll be either 60/40, 40/60 or 45/45) then which challenges you do and I can play test it later.


Alright here’s the report. 45/45 in stats. Partner is Denise. I do the shooting gallery first and it tallies the points at the end with 0-0


Thanks Muchly. I’ll bug bug the hell out of that later :sunglasses:


Denise should work properly now :slight_smile:


Just waiting for @Eric_knight to let me know their stats so i can see why it didn’t trigger for scarlet.

update: just working on the rope climb now. Ashley is done, onto Austin next :slight_smile:

edit: Austin is done now taking a break then will do the rest before I go to bed.


The counter works now but didn’t the advert usually come in its own scene?

If not then please feel free to ignore me and accept my apologies.


Yeah I normally have it between page_break but haven’t added it yet as the advert usually occurs on the second half of the episode (coding fact: Each episode consists of a part 1, part 2, and seperate case files as I find it easier to find bugs this way)

edit: Ashley, Austin and Denise are written so far, just friend, lakota, scarlet and victor left to do then bunny time!

edit1:All but Victor done now. it’s nearly 1am here so I’ll finish writing Victors. Upload the latest version and work on the win or lose bunny scene tomorrow.


Okay all social bits done, just got to write the win or lose bit bunny scene but as its nearly 2am now and I’ve got work tomorrow I’ll do that tomorrow.

ps: apologies to Denise fans, please don’t hate me if you choose to do the rope climb hides



sorry… i was late to reply… but i think you fix it already right ?

when i play this time it was alright …final score 1-3 because we tie the last match :slight_smile:


Glad it works now. Just to write the winner and loser bunny suit scene later.

How are everyone finding their social dates so far?