Unnatural Season Two


Lakota hands down. And he’d do it subtly but with a grin lol


I don’t suppose there might be a way to work in a competition between Mc and whoever they go with and the loser has to get their face painted like some silly animal?


Well I DO have fan art of Victor in a bunny outfit which could be a forfeit for a friendly competition… Hmm choices choices.


Oh god yes please! We need characters in in funny costumes!


Just added a new short story (Alpha and Omega) to the website involving one of the new NPCs you can meet in Season Two.


I’m actually considering hiring some voice actors to do audio versions of some of these short stories would people be interested in something like that?


It wouldn’t be something I would be interested as I would prefer to read it


I love audiobooks and voice acting—I definitely would!



Had you thought of giving more story based on Scarlett’s and her sister’s background as descendant of Vlad the Impaler ? So… Is Vald the Impaler really a vampire in your universe ? If so…could it be that Scarlett and her sister also have Vampire Blood within them ? and may one day have the strength ( and weakness ) of a vampire ? :slight_smile:

I believe not only Scarlett is an interesting RO, she can be an Unnatural herself without knowing it…that makes the Scarlett Romance arc much more intriguing :wink:


@Nocturnal_Stillness Hello I don’t know if you are aware of this and if you are I do apologize. But in unnatural season 1 I have found that upon completion of the mission known as “cure”. I was offered the chance to do the mission again which sense I am attempting to romance Denise allows me too gain more let’s call them brownie points with her then should be allowed. As much as I enjoy it I know in my heart it is wrong to manipulate the system “at least after the third time…” I hope this helps. P.S I love your work and I can’t wait for season 2.


You will find out more in season two of more backgrounds if the team mates but I can say now Vlad isn’t or wasn’t a vampire in the UnNaturalverse but someone who was obsessed with them trying to kill him. The whole impalement thing was he leaving those who attack him in the sun thinking they might be vampires and wanting to leave them to burn in the sun.


Waiting for the update is killing me but at least work is progressing on season two.

Got episode one finally planned out and will work on it over the Easter weekend.

Part one of episode one will be a very social experience with the second part being a case dealing with either a banshee or kitsune.


Hi yeah. It came up in the beta. Should be fixed in the update when it hits.


Revised answering the door scene.

*label answer_the_door
"Coming now," you call out as you pull the door wide open revealing 
*if (romance)
  *if (romanced = "Ashley")
    Ashley standing there with a smile on her face, which immediately grows as her eyes fall to your bare chest.

    "Now, THAT is how you answer the door," she responds with a purr.
    "I was just about to get dressed," you reply shrugging. "Just give me a moment."
    "Wait," Ashley says stopping you letting her fingers trail down your chest making you shiver. "Okay now you can go and get dressed."
    Her laugh follows you back to your bedroom. 
    *goto social
  *if (partner = "Austin")
    Austin who can barely suppress the gasp of surprise escaping his lips, his eyes widen as they see your floral bra. 
    "Wow, erm I mean h…hey."
    "I was just about to get dressed," you chuckle. "You can come in and wait."
    He nods sheepishly and takes a seat as you head back to your bedroom. 
    *goto social
  *if (partner = "Lakota")
    Lakota who grins at you, "you usually answer the door in a state of undress?" he chuckles.
    "I was just about to get dressed," you reply smiling. "You caught me at just the right moment."
    "I'm just lucky I guess," he adds with wink.
    "Well, just take a seat and I'll finish getting ready," you reply heading back to your bedroom. 
    *goto social
  *if (partner = "Denise")
    Denise standing there with a smile on her face, which drops when she sees your state of undress, she immediately blushes and you chuckle at her shyness.
    "Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to disturb you," she says averting her eyes.
    "Don't worry, I was just about to get dressed. Just come and take a seat, I'll be with you in a minute," you say softly.
    "O…okay. I will, thanks," she says as you head back to your bedroom. 
    *goto social
  *if (partner = "${friend}")
    "Wow, putting on a show are we ${name}?" ${friend} replies with a grin.
    "Did you set it that loud?" you ask sternly.
    "Maaybe," ${friend} replies ${hisher_f} grin turning mischievous.
    "That's not cool ${friend}, it could have gave me a heart attack," you reply with a grumble.
    "It'd take more than a clock to take you out ${name}, just hurry up and get dressed."
    "Yeah, yeah," you say heading back to your bedroom.
    *goto social
  *if (partner = "Scarlet")
    Scarlet who immediately raises her eyebrows. She blushes slightly, but she hides it well. She grins at you, "What did I do to deserve this?"
    "Nothing, I was just in the middle of getting dressed," you reply shrugging.
    Her eyes take in the view and she whistles appreciatively. "I guess I came at the right time then."
    "Sure did, you look adorable when you blush," you point out with a smile of your own.
    "Wha…" Scarlet steps back turning an even brighter shade of red making you chuckle.
    "Don't tease me, you're lucky I'm not carrying my sword today," Scarlet responds with a pout.
    "True. No more teasing for now. Just come and take a seat and I'll be with you soon."
    Scarlet nods and goes to sit down while you head to your bedroom. 
    *goto social
  *if (partner = "Victor")
    Victor casually leaning against the wall who immediately pales seeing your state of undress. You chuckle at his embarrassment.
    "You okay? You look a little pale," you say smiling.
    Victor coughs twice and tries to be cool again. "I'm just a bit tired. Why aren't you dressed yet?"
    "I was just in the middle of getting dressed, come and sit down then I'll finish getting ready."
    "Fine. Just hurry up," Victor grumbles taking a seat.
    You leave him there while you head back to your bedroom. 
    *goto social


Hey Noc was wondering if you ever thought of adding a Headless Horseman type of monster to the game in the future or any folklore type of creature such a the Jersey Devil or Spring heeled Jack since the Knights of the cross are now potentially a factor?


Spring heeled Jack will be in it at some point as I have ideas for my own take. (a few basic concepts I used for the daemon jack in Daemonglass)


Wow did not expect a response so quick thanks a ton Noc and I’ve got to say that is a good idea for the daemon jack angle. Got to ask though would he be sentient and possibly recruit able to Silver Cross or would he be a more Jack the ripper type of monster and need to be dealt with accordingly (Hopefully in a sword fight above the Thames :wink:


He will be sentient with a very similar personality to how I portrayed him in Daemonglass


Good to hear and thanks again for the response but i hate to say this I have yet to read the Daemonglass game beyond the demo page and was wondering what kind of personality you gave him. I hope you keep up the great work since this is one of my favorite series in the Choice of Games Listing


A gentleman with a mischievous streak. He has a strange obsession with his blade. Refers to it as his other half.