Unnatural Season Two


yeah that one, i did always end up killing them haha, (can it be denise too? hmm)
it was one of the first cyoa i played, i think i will give it a re-read :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If you chose not to romance anyone, will there be any other romantic interests in season two (any other “unnaturals” to choose from)? :slight_smile:


There will be other romantic interests available in season two.

So far there are plans for potential LIs for;

Cassandra; a member of a different branch of the SRT who you get transferred over when you start Silver Cross Incorporated.

Charlene (aka Charlie); an female Azure.

Spoiler Jack; a male werewolf. That you encounter in the Alpha path of Episode Two..

Edward; a friend of Victor and fellow vampire hunter.

A few unsure ones…

Elizabeth; the ass kicking lady in a wheelchair (this will only happen if I can write the romance with the right level of respect.)

Adam; an incubus who you meet during a case.


When are going to be done Boss, I’m looking to season 2


No season one plays necessary for any of that?


No as starting from season two you’ll be able to create a new character so can recreate any requirements.


episode one sneak peak at what I’m currently writing…

Your peaceful slumber is ruined by the grating tone of your alarm. It certainly deserves the hard whack you give the clock to silence it. Grumbling at the disturbance of your sleep you sit up, heading straight for the bathroom. You head over to the sink where you splash cold water on your face to help wake yourself up. With a sigh you head back into your bedroom where you start to get dressed. You're about halfway there when your belly grumbles and you decide to go grab something to eat.
  #Bacon and eggs would be a perfect start to the day.
  #A bowl of porridge would be best.
  #An apple a day keeps the monsters away! And doctors apparently…
  #Something quick would be best maybe some toast.
You eat your breakfast quickly as you had a busy day ahead of you. With your grumbling stomach pacified for now you head back to your bedroom. But, you've barely took three steps when a sharp tap at your door causes you to pause. Glancing down at your  
*if (male)
  bare chest, 
*if (female)
  floral bra, 
*if (enby)
  half-dressed state, 
you decide to…
  #Tell them to wait while you finish getting dressed.
    "Hold on let me get dressed and I'll be right with you," you call out as you head to grab a top.
    *goto wait_ask
  #Just finish getting dressed.
    You ignore the knocking for now and head to grab a top.
    *goto wait_quiet
  #Just answer the door.
    You head straight for the door and swing it open.
    *goto answer_the_door
  #Ask who it is and then make a decision.
    "Who is it?" you call out.
    *if (romance)
      *if (romanced = "Ashley")
        "Maid service," you hear Ashley's giggle.
      *if (romanced = "Austin")
        "It's me, it's time to head out," you hear Austin say matter-of-factly.
      *if (romanced = "Lakota")
        "It's your favourite person!" Lakota replies.
      *if (romance = "Denise")
        "It's me, you said you wanted to talk to me about something?" Denise calls out.
      *if (romanced = "${friend}")
        "I've come to make sure that alarm woke you up," ${friend} replies.
      *if (romanced = "Scarlet")
        "It's me, I thought we could get some early training in," Scarlet answers.
      *if (romanced = "Victor")
        They don't answer but seconds later your door is kicked open and Victor marches in. "Just answer the damn door already."
    *if (romance = false)
      "It's Denzill, Arthur wanted me to come get you."


Wrong, Lakota. I am my favorite person. You can be second favorite :grin:


I hope Victor will also put that door back at it’s place… including a new lock for it -_-
…I wonder if he does that routinely…must be expensive :thinking: , but I guess style is worth it (including MC’s various states of dismal from: “:expressionless: again?” to “:scream: WTF, Victor??”)


he does have a tendancy to kick down doors or climb through the window. thats the life of a vampire hunter sometimes lol

fun fact: the SRT had a special fund set aside just to replace any doors Victor kicked down…


Here is a fun question think to your favourite love interest from season one. Now tell me at what point did they make you go “this is the one my MC loves”


love at first sight with Denise for me. lycanthrope, redhead and a sweetheart.


“Oh she’s a cheerleader!”


It wasn’t one thing, is was several things before the romance truly started. It grow organically, it had time to develop from “mutual attraction” to “falling in love”, something that I found lacking in the other 2 female RO.
It started with Ashley bring jealous of the vampire’s sister, then the flirting in the camp (“do you still have your cheerleader uniform?”), the date, etc.


Can’t wait!!! ^.^ I was really hoping for a werewolf option, too! :wink::grin: lol


There is already a werewolf option, she is called Denise.


I’m aware of that. But I have different “preferences” - if you get my drift? lol


Spoiler ahead (read at your own risk) Oh, also - didn’t Jack die at the end of book one? He was trying to escape and they shot him, didn’t they? Or is there a way to avoid that outcome?


I believe that he dies depending on player choice.


Do you know what to choose so he doesn’t die?