Unnatural Season Two


Yes… agree

and one more example is the case when the Agency captured Denise, Denise told that she killed several officers or perhaps hurt them out of self defense when those agents broke in with hostile intention… So let say that even during such hostile situation when we have an Unnatural attacking people, could it be that it wasn’t the initial intention of an unnatural to do so? If an Azure was there, could he/she simply taken the excuse that Denise is evil and thus her soul should be eaten without doubt so that Denise can’t kill more people ? But in fact, Denise is a gentle soul that even help us in researching for serum and join us in our quest …


Denise actually said that she didn’t even touch the officers but they got scratches and the SRT freaked out and “put down” the officers


Yeah… that’s why without some sort of restrain , killings will eventually leads to massacre … and think about it, when all unnaturals in the world realise that there is someone who is happy to just kill them with every encounter in order to devour their souls , wouldn’t they all unite under one banner and start their own revenge against all humans ? So instead of preventing the Unnaturals from harming others by killing them, it may actually provoke them to start a massacre against humans … when we start to think that ALL Unnaturals deserve to die, the Unnaturals might think the same about humans as well…


All the soul discussion has me thinking, what if a soul was offered? Say someone willingly gave an azure permission to consume their soul after they’ve died. Would it hold the same consequences as stealing a soul?


It wouldn’t be as bad to the fae but to pure Azure it would be as it still involves taking a soul that is meant to return to Xenom.


I wrote a scene today where a romanced Victor is wearing an apron. He isn’t happy about that but the things we put our creations through.


You know, everyone loves a good villain. A good question that I thought of as I realized this was “what villains could be put into the unnatural universe to make it more interesting?”. Personally I think Monokuma from danganronpa would be interesting, but I wanted to know what the community though so what villains do you all think would be fun to see in unnatural?

(I know it’s not going to happen but it is fun to think about)


Marione is the monster I’m most looking forward to writing personally.


Ther is something unclear to me.The Azures work should be to gather souls brekong the chain that anchor then and to send them to God (sorry I forgot the name) but during the game the option actually misses. You can only absorb them or do nothing.


Because the Azure effectively vanished after their civil war Xenom altered souls to ascend on their own hence why you either take the soul or leave them and they ascend.


New Azure Power teaser.

Echo - allows an Azure to create an echo of a recently deceased soul to watch the last 24 hours of its life. Can only be used on a soul once as the process sends the soul back to Xenom.


Any shade related teasers, like being able to pass through small gaps in walls or doors?


wich charácter was the one you can kill when you are waking up from a dream in the warehouse where the mcs brother is? cant remember the name lol

almost 4 years since i read your 1 book , no wonder i dont remember xD


Is there a demo available


Please read the first post. It was clearly stated that it is still in the planning stage. =)


Not quite a power but there will be a scene where the player can lose an arm or leg and Shade users can create a shade limb to avoid the handicap. (it increases physical slightly due to a shade limb being stronger but it causes a hit to shade powers as it takes a little bit to keep the limb formed.


So you mean Jacob the assassin in episode 3?


There is and there isn’t. I have got a demo but it’s private as its literally just the character creation bit lol


nooo, i mean the romanceable girl that come to wake us up when we are in a dream, i remember fighting in the dream and end up killing her lol


Ashley, Scarlet maybe? I’m thinking you now mean the ghost one where you can be tricked into killing your partner in the case?