Unnatural Season Two


If I had powers that made me neigh unstobbable I would without a doubt be a serial killer. I mean full on Kira levels of murder


Then the Fae would stop you. I said basically undefeatable in reference to the azure’s light and shade powers being able to be cancelled by the Fae that no-one can seem to come up with a plan where the azure power is used and no-one dies.

Even if you were to use a different power that was almost unstoppable, you’d still lose. Just look at Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls. He gained a physical form that was supposed to be unstoppable but was killed because he entered someone’s mind and that person’s memories were deleted with Bill inside, deleting Bill with the memories.


That’s because the Azure were many, we are one, and not up to full power.
Even when we get to full power we may be able to be a Crowd Control juggernaut, but even they can be downed with the right amount of force applied or more specifically the right Force narrowed down into a fine point. as bullet resistant armor if you target the same spot it gets weaker over time. But say they pinhole a lot of power all at once into one point even if we tank it will we be the same? they do indeed have the power to Stop us as we are way outnumbered. depending on how they play it. Will we be able to take on 2 very skilled fae, 50, 100, we still go down. Do they even let us see them coming or do they simply clear out a area and Drop the whole area. Is a City Block worth it to get rid of a threat like us that has proved we mean business and are willing to kill?..maybe.

I agree with you if they put there mind to it and really try just one of us is nothing by comparison to the Wrath of full Fae court. If we are going evil we would have to have a no witness policy and stay on the move minimizing our patterns as much as possible. Thinking would be our weapon in dealing with the Fae not application of Power.


That’s still not a plan where azure powers are used and no-one dies.
Also, if the Fae can cancel the Azure powers, it wouldn’t just be about thinking, it would be about being so stealthy and quiet that, when you attack, the Fae under attack has no chance to react to you and cancel the azure powers or alert other Fae of your presence.
This scenario is best handled with Shade usage since you can hide in the shadows as apposed to Light, which is more likely to give you away, but even shade will be useless against them if they figure it out you are the one attacking them as I’m certain that they would have countermeasures that would make it impossible for you to come close to killing any more Fae.


Enough light blinds someone. And if you drop them before they can react from a point they don’t see you
Light based power works. It’s all about speed and fury in a attack as light. Most important no one lives you get rid of the evidence eat the souls and bolt.
If you observe and plan it will work to a limit.
My thing was the more you do it the more likly you get caught and someone has to get caught for you to be safe. In any interaction the danger to you rises each interaction the threat goes up give it Time make it erratic and limit the patterns to point to someone. You can do it for a while, but they will catch you eventually. Can’t cancel you out if they don’t know to.
Shade powers you can do to but you act differently more subtlety but the end is the same.

We still get caught eventually. So retire early on and wait a few years.
Your better off being the good guy. The fae have to much available to down them with reasonable safety.

Evil you are doomed you have to kill the fae to survive and in the end you still don’t.


its interesting how this discussion is progressing, but just to step in for a moment whether Shade or Azure would be better against the fae if they came after the player would be irrelevant as the reason the fae would come after the player is if they just kept taking souls regardless.

Also I’m curious if any of you who think they could take on the fae romance Lakota at all?


Cough yea Lakota was one of my favorites.

Talking to him and His crew are what gave me the impression we could only at best take on a handful of fae at once in optimal circumstances assuming we had to. Realistically they would never let us get optimal circumstances if they were aware of us doing bad things, not that i would necessarily be evil, i think in my darkest play through i took 2 souls as a “Divine Punisher”.

Edit: The Fae are defiantly tough and likely the closest threat to us we have encountered based on capabilities.
Id rate them on average a 1 on 1 to a 3 on 1 in a fair fight (but the Fae don’t to seem the fair fighting sort.)


The Fae aren’t unbeatable but they do have an advantage over the MC. I wouldn’t say they’d fight fairly or unfairly but more tactically certainly. They would make the most of their abilities. You’d have to take the fae out without your power or completely by surprise.

spoiler alert if you romance Lakota in this scenario he’ll actually get between you and his family…


Makes sense
Only way is a suprise attack with overwhelming force then power wise and hope guns and swords work for anything left.

Any hope of going the evil route just got hopelessly dashed though mr. Cute is to hard for me to want to have to hurt.
World be happy Lokota is alive…


But when I asked about the MC going full genocide you said that the fae would get involved, or is that what would happen if you took souls throughout the genocide run?
If that’s the case, what would happen if the MC went on a genocide run but didn’t take souls?


its more story related, There isn’t a plan for a full genocide route in-game. But those who keep taking souls will attract the attention of the Fae.

but world wise if the player went genocide taking souls the fae would get involved as would the SRT/Silver Cross Inc

genocide without souls you’d probably get the SRT/Silver Cross Inc involved.

also please note that by genocide i mean killing anyone and everyone innocent or not. a shade user or an azure who doesn’t constantly takes souls and just kills monsters won’t attract the fae’s wrath,


Not sure if this was asked already, but why do the Fae care if you start taking souls?


Saw people discussing romance. I’d just like to throw it out there that Lakota is 100% my favorite guy hands down. It’s like the mc says in game he’s a romantic, and i love it.


The fae don’t like it because culturally they associate soul sealing azure as the bad side. Ironically if there was an unnatural that fed on souls as their diet they wouldn’t have an issue with them.


This has probably been asked but what if an azure was stealing some souls (Of really bad people) To get powerful enough to save people and use the power for good?


There is going to be a currently undecided threshold when they consider you a danger.


I did this. The bad guys became azure’s food and helped the good guys to pass on.


I think it’s like the question of “if I kill one person who planned to kill two am I a bad person?” I think the azure soul thing could be a very interesting path for discussion


But how are we going to decide who deserve to die or not? ummm… it may be something like Minority Report, assuming the law enforcement agency can predict the future and “know” who are the culprits , so they stop the crime before it happen… who will know wether the crime actually happens or not ? just like in the minority report, the protagonist realised that he is going to be the next killer and he didn’t allow himself to be contain, deciding there were flaws in the system when he himself was in the receiving end

So how will our Main character decide who is going to kill who in future? our main character can’t simply become the judge , jury and executioner with the power(s) he/she possess … we can argue that certain unnatural monsters are a threat to humanity , werewolves, vampires , undeads , fallen angels etc will certainly kill someone in the future, are we going to say that in order to preserve peace and harmony , let us eradicate all these threats ? If we have a mindset that all these killing are for a greater good or greater future… in the end, we might turn into something like Kronos or skynet, where the machines had decided that humanity is the threat themselves , so all lives must be destroy in order to build a better world in their own image …

so i think the discussion about "“if I kill one person who planned to kill two am I a bad person?” is a bit “dangerous” , because we are deciding to become a judge , jury and executioner ourselves … then who will be the judge for our actions? are those who judge us wrong are consider “Evil” people too ?

Well… hope everyone don’t mind i just join in for some discussion , just some friendly chat on the topic… :slight_smile:


I would like to point out that you said werewolves were certain to kill someone in the future when werewolves can choose not to kill, it’s lycanthropes that are certain to kill.

Just thought I’d point that out considering that people might kill werewolves under the false impression that they have to kill if those people were to be the judge, jury and executioner, further supporting your point that we can’t judge if we don’t know everything about the unnaturals themselves.