Unnatural Season Two


Nocturnal, your fans are serial killers and you probably shouldn’t accept advice and opinions from them.

Obviously I’m joking before anyone complains.


There was never any evidence. Innocent until proven otherwise!


And when proven otherwise, just Letvr Vatra everything and everybody. #NotGonnaGetUs


Seems like Kronos in Singularity , it deems mankind the biggest threat and goes about launching an attack worldwide to eradicate all humans from the planet…


@Nocturnal_Stillness Hi im not sure if you have stated it since there are alot of posts here but ive been a MASSIVE fan of unnatural since it first came out and along with the ZOmbie Exodus books Ive been keeping an eye out for season 2 and I finally took the time to actually look up this fourm and was wondering. Do you have a set time or date for the next season? or if not is it within the next year or so? Or are you going to be tantalizingly evil and just say “soon…”?
Thanks and either way I cannot wait for the next peice



Kidding started work on it again and hoping to have first draft done by July this year.


You are my savior lol I cannot WAIT for this next peice I wanna keep my romance with lakota rolling! what a tricky fae he is!


Lakota may be cool and all, but I think we can all agree that Scarlet is the best. (Take my words with a grain of salt. I don’t want to start a fight.)


There was a person before that I recall really liking Denise, plus this person who likes Lakota, not sure about other people but I don’t think they all agree judging from these two.

Edit: my point proven instantly below.


Viktor would like to speak with you…


But in all honsety i havenmt played/read the game in a while but I remember 2 characters I Loved depending on my playstyle One is Victor [badboy pshyco] and Lakota esspecially when i dont trust him with a grain of salt at first lol


A war you say? Let me just sink into the shadows and proclaim myself the winner once you all defeat each other.


Denise is the best. GG


I am not sure, but for my play-through, i didn’t have interaction with Denise anymore after the night i receive a letter, asking me to visit her… i did chose the option of asking her room to be shift next to mine, but after that i only got news about Denise survive the attack, since she was receiving her serum treatment elsewhere during the day of attack… my relationship with Denise reach 62 though


Yes i agree the Romance with Scarlet is most fruitful , especially the dating scene where we went to watch her sister’s kendo tournament…


I believe the next interaction with Denise is in the mission “The Cure” after the letter incident followed, by you being able to choose to be with Denise then nothing until the end of the game, thought it’s not for me to say if it’ll be that way after the rewrites.


Thanks… i will try it later, to see what else happen. I didn’t always get the Romance option with Scarlet, i believe there are certain requirement … although after several playthrough, i have a rough idea how to get the romance with Scarlet …

in season 2, there should be more interactions with Denise if she is our Romance option


There will be. Her romance scenes are held back a bit as she isn’t a choose of partner in season one (apart from cure in episode 6. But she will be on season two.


you know whats so intresting to me from alot of books even ones like unnatural? So I was reading another one of the choice books and I always wonder about groups like Max’s and others what dot hey think they can do against people who are so powerfull beyond compherension

Sorry for the random thing but I just reread the Max thing right after reading hero’s Rise and was like wait a minute what are these fools thinking they can even come close to stopping me? IM A GOD OF DEATH I WILL GENOCIDE THEM ALL! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA


I was joking when I said the unnatural fans were serial killers before, but it seems likely that they would actually be serial killers if they had powers that made them basically undefeatable.
Most of the solutions you guys come up with involve death.


No need to worry about me. I try my best to protect everyone… UNLESS YOU ARE AFFILIATED WITH THE FILTHY UNDEAD!