Unnatural Season Two


I believe It all depend on the choice of ourselves regarding what we will do when we are in the role of our Main Character… sometimes it is not totally about the power we possess , i knew the Azure is more powerful than the Shade but since i prefer to solve problems with a more diplomatic and compassionate approach , i chose to embrace the Shade instead :slight_smile:


Defective? Letvr Vatra always worked right, it always burned everything, it worked fine :stuck_out_tongue:.


And here I am using my pistol.



Again, I bring up the scenario I gave before. You can’t go on a stealth mission and burn everything since you were asked to make sure no one knows it was you.
But you burned everyone you came up against and the SRT was shut down as a result.
Even if that isn’t the case I’m sure your burning habits have resulted in the SRT deciding they should contain you due to the threat you are being with these genocidal habits out of fear.
If you then went on to burn the SRT then I’m sure the fae would get involved, who nocturnal has already said can stop you from using your powers.

End point, you can’t just burn everything you come up against as you have a job in the SRT and therefore have to stick with what you get told to do, such as be stealthy and MAKE SURE NO ONE KNOWS AN AZURE BURNED EVERYONE IN THE MRU TO GET TO THEIR PLANS.


Because they’re weaker, than light one. :slight_smile:


Who are weaker and how does it relate to burning everyone you meet and being killed by the fae, who can stop you using your powers, during urban’s genocide run.

Edit: I have already said that this isn’t about which is better, it’s about urban’s morals, haven’t I?


As long as Urban gets the job done and doesn’t get a bunch of civilians killed the srt are willing to turn a blind eye. You just need to look at Victor and his continued employement by the SRT, as he is an ends justify the means character.

Fun side fact; one of the scenes added in the rewrites involves the player shooting Max or if their partner shoots them to defend the player. Consequences was something @fiogan said was important in scenes like that.


Kind of defeats the purpose of infiltrating the MRU to find their plans to shut down the SRT if the infiltration is what leads to the SRT shutting down though, I’m just saying that someone who is wiling to risk their organisation just to kill whoever’s in their way would be risky to keep around.


It depends on how literally @Urban goes around burning everything, taking out a werewolf/vampire is one thing but going roung torching buildings and civilians alike is another matter.


well considering the scenario I gave him was Infiltrating the MRU to find their plans and his response was “I used Letvr Vatra every time I could, it is just beautiful”, I think that multiple injured civilians and burned buildings are definitely present in this scenario, unless I’m overestimating the azure powers.


MRU are criminals, I can use Letvr Vatra on them.


Exactly, https://goo.gl/images/1APsPT


And burn down the buildings around them filled with innocent people because you burned through a locked door and let the place burn because it’s “beautiful”. Fire spreads, you know.


I think you never used Letvr Vatra, I don’t remember any burning building only bad guys burning.


I don’t think you remember your answer, you said you’d use Letvr Vatra every time you could, meaning you COULD try to burn the locked door, which COULD result in the building burning down.

As for not using it, I’m going to assume you didn’t go to the library during the MRU attack on the SRT, where you can use Letvr to control the fire to save the person in the BURNING LIBRARY.


Lol man, you taking it too seriously.


Seeing everyone here talk about Letvr Vatra and here i am the guy who likes uping the blade to it’s bow form.


Hey, I asked what you’d do on a stealth mission, you’re the one who decided that you have to burn everything there.


If you burnt everyone in an area before they could raise the alarm your still being stealthy


I like this logic. We should get “stealty” achievement for blowing up a whole world - ultimate stealth - no one will notice that you killed them all… :smiling_imp: