Unnatural Season Two


Ahh, yeah I was never stupid enough to do that so I wouldn’t know. Well cocks gun and unsheaths sword time for plan b


So it’s like the dark side of the force?


I suppose that analogy works. If you looked at the strength of an azure on a numerical scale.

Let’s say 100% is the best most strongest of the Azure. An Azure who would be at the level of let’s say 50% naturally; by consuming souls they would actually be closer to 60%.


I am thinking the Shade is the only one who can neutralise the Azure’s Full power ?

Since i had chosen the power of Shade , i am looking forward to duel another Azure …Lol :wink:

so now, it is best that i stop just before the end of season one, when the save option is ready… i continue to the ending so that i can save all my season one legacy :slight_smile:


Season 1 is going to have rewrites, so unless the rewrites are available before season 2 then you’d miss out by waiting for the save feature.

Edit: before finishing the game.


Sorry guys but in unnatural 1 clearly light powers are stronger than dark one.


And how do you plan to capture an unnatural alive without using a shade cage or go on a stealth mission without the ability to hide in the shadows or pick locks without keys. Strength is definitely there for light powers but shade has more uses.


Yeah Azure powers are meant to be more powerful while Shade is more versatile. (Azure can’t capture people with their powers. For example.)

Also there gave been a lot of rewrites do it’ll be best to wait till the update is released I’m just just trying to get the new nonbinary path tested.


Why I would do that when I can use Letvr Vatra?


Because you have been asked to bring an unnatural in alive, been told that you have to find out the Monster Rights plans without them knowing, the list goes on.

Edit: not to mention that shade has its offensive powers as well as I distinctly remember turning the zombies in a room into pin cushions at some point.


Yea, but I remember one shouting golems and burning vampire with his victims only to eat their souls. Plus even god called shadow power as “defective azura”… And at the end - you want to destroy army of angels, not capture them.


Just use Letvr Vatra and the problem is solved!


MRU: Hmm who do we know that have an azure and would want us gone? The SRT? great, we’ll use this attack to shut them down.

You: well… I got there plans.


Yep, I used Letvr Vatra every time I could, it is just beautiful.


You know, if being a defective azure means I don’t become a violent creature of death like how you describe your azure plans to be, then I’d rather take the dark side.
You are literally flipping the whole light is good, dark is evil stereotype upside down with these genocidal plans.


Um, no? Azurs are good and bad. We alredy know that “god” is represented by shadow actually, but you are not a god :slight_smile: . Remember one more thing. MC was born with 4 wings, in U1 he have only 2 and still is more powerful than shadow. About versatility - it’s also true that shadow give you more options, but only because ouer “friend” can teach us about them. As azura your know almost nothing about your powers, so it’s possible that at the end light will give you the same options as shadow


Loving the conversation atm.


But if you already have those abilities in the form of shade, why change what isn’t broken, and this is no longer about usefulness, this is now about the morals of genocide Jack over there with his idea of burning the worlds problems and creating much bigger problems from those ashes.


Speaking of which, nocturnal, what would happen if the MC did go full genocide?

Or can’t you say due to spoilers?


If the MC went on a killing spree they would have the fae and the SRT After them. And in season two you’d certainly have Charlene coming after you and trust me you don’t want that. She’ll go after soul takers regardless but she’ll want to take you in alive. Start genocide and she won’t be taking prisoners…