Unnatural Season Two


I’m not asking for any more details, but as long as there can be a believable link between the death and the case, then I’d be happy. That’s just my opinion, though.

Edit: sorry if my response doesn’t help.


It helps. I need to look at if from all possible angles as I want to make it believable


I had only finish Unnatural Season 1 few days ago, it is a very well written interactive novel with many potentials… an amazing work from you, i am so glad that there will be a season 2 :sunny:

I end season one by Romancing Scarlet , the dating scene where Scarlet brought my character to watch her sister’s kendo tournament is smartly and well written, not only i got to know more background about my romance partner, it allows me to care for her more …especially her sister made me promise to look after Scarlet, which made me feel i am an important person in their life

The fact that Scarlet is a descendant of Vlad the Impaler made her character more intriguing , with her good martial art/sword practice, Scarlet may even rival “Black Widow” of the Romanov … I read that you are making a companion book right? Scarlet’s background as descendant of Vlad the Impaler definitely worth a read :wink:

and i also end my relationship with Denise with 62, a high stat for a close relationship … Denis survived in the end, so would that means Denis will be my team member as well? I find this is very interesting, since i am supposed to be leading the new Team, would that means i have full control on how i handle Denis ? Can i stop further Serum Testing on Denis? Can i allow her to walk and live freely in the new Head Quarter and allow her to receive equal treatment like everyone else without discrimination ? I suppose it is only safe for me to involve with all of Denis’s future mission because the risks are high if we simply allow Denis to pair with other members without my character’s supervision … So logically speaking , Denis’s relationship with the main character also will influence her trust towards the main character right? I think there is a great story-arc involving Denis if she survived season one :smile:

By the way, are there any difference between the power of Azure and the Shade ? In season one , i chose to embrace Shade because i felt that’s what Ren wanted me to do, if i chose Azure, Ren seemed to had vanish… However i do feel that the third power of Azure is more powerful than Shade’s third power (Cloak and search)…

Looking forward for your season two , i feel you had done an amazing job already :smile:


Yes Denise would follow you to the SCI.

As for her serum you could stop further serum testing but she would likely ask to continue. As she knows without it she would be a threat. You give everyone equal rooms but you can send her on cases with others thanks to the serum. Just be careful who to send with her not everyone will work well with her.


Speaking of which, is there a way to save everyone?


You can save everyone its easier to do if you don’t go after your brother (unless you go Azure and have taken one soul then you can go after him and get back through a specific choice(


Yeah about that, what are the repercussions of taking souls, are we just gonna be ridiculed by “god” or is it gonna go full metal alchemist on our butts and they will rebel and destroy us from the inside
Ps how strong could we become if we absorb as many souls in all the games as a whole


If you keep doing it after Lakota warns you then you will have an encounter with the fae. Likewise you will meet Charlene as an antagonist as opposed to a potential ally.


Oh thank goodness, I thought it was gonna be someone challenging

Random person: but it’s all of the fay man!

Me: creates blades of light killing 1 fay and teleporting to the next until all are slayed

Sorry for asking more questions but could we eventually create “techniques” for each power set

Like for azure we can surround our sword in fire to make a fire sword or fire swords instead of arrows

And for shadow we can use shadows to push our body combined with focus would give our arm the strength of a cannon


Why do you need to create anything when you can solve every problem you have with Letvr Vatra?


The fae could turn those blades right back at you. Charlene is another azure who is better than you when you meet her.


Ooo… another RO? :wink:
I have strange question tho. Ther are any chance for save system in game 1?


There too much potential for the game overall…
Every time I think about the game my head goes nuts.
I love it.


My question would be: How do the Azure become stronger without consuming any souls?


Lol, just like in game 1 - using your skills.


The save system will be added once I’ve got the first draft of season two done.


That is a nice way of closing a plot hole and adds more to the story so I see that as a good plus (lol hopefully a chance at stat increases too XD), so as long as the choices have impact I love the ideal.


Wait, they can control my powers? Then why would they not basically make me a slave for their pourposes. If my race was under attack and I had a death dealing demigod I could take control of I would do it in a heartbeat

For Charlene well, time to bulk up or have some lucrative investments


Fae can manipulate your aura which can divert your powers. They cannot control your body itself. For an example when you first meet the elders choose to attack with your shade powers


Through practice and training.

The taking of souls is just a quicker way of gaining power. You will be able to get just as powerful without souls it’ll just take you a little longer. The ability you get for taking a soul shimmer(teleport) will be able to be unlocked through training