Unnatural Season Two Update 25/03/2020 Episode Three finished released for testing! Check latest post for link!

Let me Letvr Vathra one of the Ghouls and fight/shoot the other.
Or use shade powers to pin down one and fight/shoot the other.

Your in a situation where the letvir Vatra cant be used otherwise youd cause an explosion. The shade variation might work but again your both attacked at pretty much the same time.so you’d need to pass a stat check. Thanks for the suggestion.

What about the teleport ability? Couldn’t we use it to flee with the partner?

My suggestion would be to make it a skill based one for a strength based mc to be able to throw something onto a ghoul to distract it long enough to solo the other one or for an intelligence based mc to think up a strategy to keep the bet alive it would be a nice way to show of the mc’s skills outside of their abilities

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If you chose to do it before the ghouls reached you otherwise she would be dead before you had a chance

I think @MindightWatcher has the best way. Let the player think outside the box for once. A clever MC might even have given her something just in case.

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You could also have the vet see something in the environment that would help, and then make it an agility/strength/ability stat check to perform the task she called out.

Case number three of Episode Three has passed 5500 words with the first half of the game reaching 109,000 words in total so far!


Episode Three is now finished.

So here is the link for the current version of the game.


Enjoy and feedback is always appreciated.


Error when I chose the second option of Episode three missions.

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Yeah when I chose the second mission: Shadow it just kept loading and loading.

Strange. I’ll have to double check the uploaded files thanks for letting me know.

edit: I’ve fixed the issue. There was a stray capital letter.

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just updated the demo as the version I uploaded didn’t include the last scene of the main protagonist’s part of Episode Three. That’s been corrected.

One thing I’m interested in getting feedback on is the second protagonist storyline at the end of each episode. Does it feel out of place? Is it clear enough when you switch to them?

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Which of the new characters did you choose to recruit?

  • Avery
  • Cassandra
  • Jennifer

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