Unnatural Season Two Update 01/10/2022 Continuity Beta now available check post 2690 for details!

I think that would be smarter since the choice doesn’t look like it would mean much. On the other hand if you were willing to give an incentive like we can steal some of the monsters power if we do that then I could see it having a place you know.

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I usually try to get the most powerful character, and i would break the seal, if that generated a good fight scene (cause i like opportunities to use my powers to the max). But if it was the same fight but with high test requeriments, i wouldn’t bother.

A good example of this, is the interaction with the our brother in the first game, i did everything to make him have enough time to get powerful enough, so we could fight at max power, it didn’t work, but lead to a good scene, so i usually do this path.

Ps: always good to remember, I’m an umbra user, so i don’t even have the Letvir Vatra


(Warning spoiler) when i play the season two, i was doing a case called “burried”, and i arrive where i see a 4 dead body, one of them still alive, i ask him where the monster, he say " HI dont know" I think its a typo, please fix it

There a another bug, Denzil say that the house of the SCI has been upgraded, but when i look at the stats, its still ZERO LEVEL,

the next bug is that my humanity is not increasing (how can i upgrade the shade if my humanity is just 1% all the way to the story), the previous season can still increase,

and when i use my sycthe weapon, i look at my stats but the sycthe skill is still 1% (this really piss me off, so please fix this one first),

there are more word that typo and lost the “…” (Should i give a screenshot so you can know where is it?)

And the though and sarcastic level is not moving at all, please fix this

And i will ask this, if the main character have a wing (azure wing or shade wing, like where we show it to the “other” Azure) why it can’t be use to fly?

And i look foward for the fort pillow from denise, i will wait it on the next update

Screenshots are very useful when trying to spot errors so they are appreciated.

The house upgrades aren’t set up yet. I had trouble getting them to work correctly so a lot of the code are just placeholders until I’ve got to the end and can return to it.

I’ll look into the humanity issue same with the scythe stat not rising.

Thank you, please fix it, i will try to find the error too

I dont remember that we give the orb to the goverment, or the fae, or throw to the ocean or burried on himalaya on season one, can you explain why?

Note: i try to post a picture from the unnatural season 2, but idk why i cant post it?

i remember that Sam will input those options in Season 1 after Season 2 is done.

As for the picture, try this:

Look for the upload icon (highlighted here)

A window should show up and choose your file.

If that doesn’t work, it must be a membership thing.

Can you help about that, how i can post the pictures?
I have a screenshot that need to give

Btw, i remember that ryan (from the little red) will give two reward, why its become just one?

i’m rereading the requirements for New, Basic and Member. You’re in Level 1 (Basic) so you should be able to upload images and attachments by now. But i think there is the 24 hour limit (after creating an account) so try again after a day or so.

If that doesn’t work, we may need to consider other ways to send those screenshots; either through discord, email or something else.

Okay thank, i will try to give one post

Nope, i still cant post one pictures, maybe i should wait

You have to increase your trust level to member if you want to upload your photo

If that’s the case, someone needs to update the levels because it mentions that you can upload images and other attachments at Basic and not Member.


So that mean i need to do all of the condition or just one?

So that mean i need to do all the condition or just one to improve my member?

i don’t recall, unfortunately. i think the best bet is to have all conditions done. Based from what i gathered from the requirements and your activity data, you have 5 of the 7 done. The only things you need to do is to go to the forum for 10 days and one more reply to one more topic.

Going back to the topic, i mentioned this in the discord but regarding the seal situation, since it used a sacrificed soul, i would be very hesitant to break the seal (that and also because i'm a Shade user).

Which one of that topic?

I done for the reply, now i need wait for become ten day (this make me sad)

If you’re asking for the membership one, it can be any topic of your choice.

For the other topic i mentioned, the author posted a question on how to deal with a seal in a future scene and i just gave my thoughts about it.

So its like a world of unnatural and that only one way? And that need a sacrifice soul to open it?

No. The seal/shield is created from a sacrificed soul. The question is are you or your character is willing to destroy the seal/shield to approach and maybe fight the Ancient Unnatural.