Unnatural Season Two Update 01/07/2020 Episode Four finished released for testing! Check out latest post for a bit of fun naming a potential vampire victim!

New link: https://dashingdon.com/play/nocturnalstillness/unnatural---season-two/mygame/index.php?cb=82057

Still just episodes 1-4 but now has a slightly revised “Snakes and Swamps” segment and relocates Silver Cross Inc to its new location. Not to mention you can finally go visit your RO at Christmas in episode two which wasn’t originally triggering. The team mates should appear correctly (although I am still trying to clear the code up as it’s possible for player to not put enough into the facility and leave themselves with a much smaller team. Currently I’ve added an additional cash injection into the facility when you can first recruit someone which puts you at Facility Level 2 if you’re not already].


do you plan to put a save in the demo?

No plans but I can turn on the save stuff in dashingdon if you wish.

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Not that im complaining but you already removed the save option huh

The demo uses checkpoints which take you to the start of the episode.

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Just an update; working on some training scenes and setting up the season two romances (Jennifer, Avery and Cassandra).

So far we have;

Ashley Running laps
Austin Boxing - features a small memory pattern
Anthony accept or deny an injection he offers you - no negatives if you say yes or no
[Friend] Gym fun
Cassandra sparring in riot gear - it does make sense promise!

Still have the following to write suggestions always welcome;
Lakota, Jennifer, Avery, Scarlet, Catherine, Denise and Victor.

current word count 214,000 words approx (story and code) and working on first half of Episode Five.


Question: In addition to Jennifer, Avery and Cassandra, you previously stated that Jack the werewolf from season 1 would also be a recruit/ RO. I was just wondering if that’s still the case or if you’ve decided not to include him as an RO and to just focus on those 3 ?

Jack, Marie and Samuel (if the latter is alive) are still planned recruits. Just focusing on the new characters for now.

Working on some research files for vampire in the drained case.

Current word count is 225,092 (story and code)

MC who are romancing Victor will receive a special customised shotgun that fires [undecided yet but a type of modified round currently). It will have a slightly different look depending on your character.

Every shotgun variation will be made from silver with a motif that changes depending on the following (subject to changes but currently)

Azure players will have a motif of Angel wings around a sun that is burning away a vampire.

Shade players will have a grim reaper motif using a scythe to slice through a vampire.

Humanity greater than 50? the gun will have [undecided] less than 51 and the gun will have skulls carved into the handle.

This is part of the plan for romance options to give you a unique weapon (i.e Scarlet gifting you a retractable sword like she gets or Victor giving you a shotgun).

Not romancing anyone? Well you won’t get a weapon but you will gain a new power instead.


Fancy being a vampire victim? Post a potential victim name and they might be mentioned in a report of the victims during “drained”. These reports are simple just saying their name their age when the went missing and where their body was found (if found).

All you need to do is come up with a name and state whether you want them to be “confirmed dead” or just considered “missing”


Cool! i always wanted to be a grim reaper so having the motif is sweet.

If you need a name for a vampire victim, i'm going throw in "Jean Finnian" who went missing.

Edit: Finnian can be of any gender (i did imagine Finnian as nonbinary since i based them on another character of mine but i’ll leave their gender to you).


Why not a young italian policegirl known as Celes Vitoria?

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I love your works. Cant wait for season 2 of unnatural.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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  *hide_reuse #J. Finnian.
    Name: Jean Finnian
    Age: 37
    Background: A University Professor from Washington Tech, reported missing four days ago.
    Last known sighting: The professor had been to a conference but never came home. Victim's car was found bloodied and abandoned on a side road about half a mile from the railway yard.
  *hide_reuse #C. Vitoria
    Name: Celes Vitoria
    Age: 24
    Background: An Italian policewoman who was reported missing while on holiday over here.
    Last known sighting: The policewoman was last spotted coming out of a bank about a a mile from the railway yard.

Two fan-named victims so far, plus two victims named as the case progresses. Six more names available.

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How about Nova Carter a 26 year old doctor who went missing on her way home from her clinic

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How about a man named Ryan Graves?

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@Atomicurtchen @The_Black_Reaper

Would you like their fates as missing or confirmed dead?

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Confirmed dead please!

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  *hide_reuse #N. Carter
    Name: Nova Carter
    Age: 26
    Background: A doctor who ran her own clinic about a mile from the dig site. She was the first victim attributed to the old vampire after he escaped the dig site.
    Last known sighting: She clocked into work just under a month ago and clocked out as normal but she never arrived home.
  *hide_reuse #R. Graves
    Name: Ryan Graves
    Age: 27
    Background: A paramedic and of the only two victims who were taken together. His colleague Jane also went missing. Reported missing when their ambulance was found ransacked in a field.
    Last known sighting: Last seen answering an emergency four days ago.

Three more names left now.

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Well liked 43 year old homeless women “Rose” (last name unknown) was found drained of blood in the school yard of Eastside Elementary school children on their first break.

(I’ve been in kind of a dark mood lately. 2020 hasn’t been a good year for, well, anyone.)