Unnatural Season Two Update 01/07/2020 Episode Four finished released for testing! Check latest post for link!

I’m using this month to rest from major writing and limit myself to notes and planning as from Jan I plan to attempt to do a year long nano so want to write 50,000 a month for the entire year.


Give yourself time to relax and enjoy life~.

This is what I look like if I was in charge of an organization in unnatural and my task was to train all of you yeah I’m not good guy if that was the world I lived in ( this from Manga called the last human

PS I’m a good person in heart I want nothing bad happen to anyone but it becomes too training I’m a different person


Is that the one where the main character dies and goes back to just before the outbreak and he uses his knowledge to get stronger?

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yes to me good story and he look for girlfriend from five year when were in the out break

That’s the one I knew it as Moshi Fanren or something lol

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it fun how name can change from English

Yeah. Fun fact UnNatural was originally called Silver Cross Inc until it became Unnatural and eventually stylised as UnNatural.

Silver Cross ended up being the name of the new group you have in Season Two.


As part of my planning cases this month. I thought it would be fun for a little participation from my readers.

So I am considering a flash fiction competition. Would anyone be interested? There would be a theme to follow with a specific Unnatural in mind.


Okay I’ll announce the contest now. Throughout the rest of December I will allow submissions of Flash Fiction (up to 250 words).

The theme is a flash fiction story where the protagonist of your story has a mysterious box which is counting down to something. Whether it reaches zero will be up to each individual writer. For an example here is one I’ve written myself.

The Silver Box

It was that box. It had to be, everything was going perfectly until he accepted that damn box. Alistair had found it in a Nik-nak store thinking it would make a perfect jewellery box. A perfect anniversary present for Julia. It had set him back a crisp $100 bill but he’d accepted it willingly.

But it there was no hinges or lock, it wouldn’t open, of course Julia had found it and wasn’t too impressed. She tossed it out and wanted him to replace it. He’d searched but couldn’t find another.

He returned home to a very angry and upset wife. Alistair was confused, until Julia stepped aside and he saw the box was back on the table. Julia yelled at him and marched right out of the house.

Alistair slumped in a chair at the  table, staring at, that silver box, that damn box. The source of his trouble and it was only then that he noticed the numbers etched into the side of it.

He looked closer, there, a number 0 followed by the word Days, another 0 was followed by the word hours and finally there was a number 5 followed by the word minutes and before his eyes, the five became four. Alistair watched as the number counted down, four became three, three became two, two became one and finally one became zero and the box sprung open...and a shadowy nightmare came rushing out.

Alistair screamed and then saw nothing but darkness.

The box itself is a container for an unnatural known as a Wraith and will feature in a series of closed door murders the protagonist will have to investigate in a case in Season Two. However, the case is not the first one so there will be other deaths that will have to be investigated and the best three flash fiction entries will get turned into past deaths the player has to look into. (The character in my short story is the most recent one.

For more information on the box click this spoiler;

The box is an ornate silver box made of an unidentified material, there is no hinges or locks or any visible method of opening it. The countdown is a series of numbers etched into the box and count down. Starting at three days zero hours and zero minutes and count down. When accepted by someone the box cannot be lost or thrown away, it always returns. The one way of getting rid of the box is to give it to someone else who accepts it. The count down does not stop the moment it is given to the original person it constantly counting down. So if Person A gives it to Person B after a day they will only have two days left and likewise if B gives it to C a day later then they would only have one day left. When it reaches zero, the box opens revealing the wraith inside.

For more information about Wraiths read this spoiler.

Wraiths are created born from and made of darkness, the primordial darkness that existed before the advent of light. They are very angry beings, existing in darkness they cannot see and are fiercely jealous of those who exist in the light. They trapped within the box until it opens and then they only has an hour of freedom before being dragged back inside. They use the hour of freedom to take out their anger on anyone in the room. People are not aware of the box itself being the origin and is often mistakenly assumed to be what draws the wraiths in. Hence why a lot of victims are found in locked rooms with no sign of being broken into.


I have a question. Are you going to develop a little the childhood of the MC? With her bloodfamily (or his) and her uncle family?

Yes there are plans for more childhood scenes due to spoiler reasons and more time with the Aunt and Uncle.


Cool, I think it’s important in these game for developing the main character.

Itll mostly be flash backs a friend said I should let her character go back in time to save her family but I told her I wasnt gonna attempt to touch time travel lol


Yeah, time travel tend to be messy… And it’s like batman, it’s part of the character. And that’s why more moment with family are important, to share the sadness of our character with the player. To make it real.

Yeah currently there are spoiler reasons that have flashbacks and also there will be additional scenes when you introduce your partner to your Aunt and Uncle where they will obviously have embarrassing stories from your childhood lol

Cool. I really like having a character with a past. It help me like him/her more.

Nah… I’m sure nothing bad would ever happen. :sweat_smile:

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I actually did plot out what would happen.

Step 1 go back to the night you lost your family.
Step 2 beat up said monster
Step 3 vanish letting your kid self have a childhood
Step 4 realise without the attack the srt isn’t formed
Step 5 go back in time again to become the monster that kills your family so the srt are brought back lol


If we could get a monster police organization that’s okay with hiring monsters from the start I would be okay with the SRT not getting founded.


Ya my jaw just dropped at how diabolical that is

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