Unnatural Season Two Minor Update 24/11/2020 Episode Five finished and half of Episode Six released for testing! Check out latest post for link

i like the idea that of a “Where Are They Now” because i like knowing what happened to everyone else, not just the MCs and the ROs. Whether you want to close it or keep it open, it’s still possible to make it as vague as you want/need it to be.


As approaching the end of Lullaby I’m not really feeling any new cases to make up the other two possible cases for the episode.

However I have been thinking of making it so that in Episode Six you will get to choose from the cases you didn’t pick in episodes 2-5. The case will be the same with harder checks (and more than likely if it would be possible to save someone the first time, you won’t be able to save them the second to show the fact it’s been awhile since the case was reported.

The issue I have with this is. To do this requires having two separate copies of each case so I can make the changes without causing potential issues in the original. I’ve just tested this out by having copies of each case and the word count jumps from 330,000 as it was, to about 460,000 words but that feels dishonest to me.

[I also considered having all case choices be on the same file but that becomes tricky to track so the player doesn’t end up with a case they cannot complete because its written to be an episode 5/6 case.


Yeah, I have the same issue. I have two different difficulties, but the differences go beyond just checks, the dialogue is very different in parts. Still only adds like 2000 words of original text. So instead of saying the word count is 65,000, I just said 30,000.

I’ll probably delete the copy scenes it just doesn’t feel right.


Does anyone has any knowledge or experience with court style scenes?

oooh, speaking of court style scenes you could have a case where the MC ends up needing to defend themselves in court for something or another.

Just have them come back as a vampire, but still hunt other vampires. I’m talking about Victor here, by the way. In reply to that post about him dying brutally and horribly at the beginning of season two, whoever posted that back in March.

This particular court room scene ended up being really really short as wasn’t happen with most of it. And the MC is watching it unfold before the fun begins or not.

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Mini update: 24/11/2020

Episodes 1 to 5 complete + the current version of episode 6 (minus the ending - you can play three cases for that episode)

Latest link: Unnatural Season Two (dashingdon.com)

Latest word count: 331,783

To-Do List

  • Write “Who Snows”. (Episode 5 or 6 case depending on a choice)
  • Write Find Mom path
  • Write romance final scenes.
  • Write the Azurean Duel finale (Charlene Nash Antagonist)
  • Write the Fae Hunter finale (Fae Antagonist)
  • Write the Revenge finale (Return of the monster who killed family)
  • Write romance paths for Avery, Cassandra, Catherine and Jennifer.

When you try to save during the demo it breaks the game

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I must have missed a *comment ill check ASAP.

Edit: should work now.


Thanks for the update and the function save is working again thx

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Thanks it was a simple fix. I have to comment out the save code when testing and just forgot to remove one of them.


I think this is not the right place for this kind of question… But, at the 2nd are we going to get more option of fusing the shadow Power? Like the shadow armor form+cloak (my favorite until this point).

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This is the right place to ask this kind of question and the answer will be yes there will be more chances of doing that. Plans have to change slightly so will have to work it in earlier than planned.

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In the first game you’re able to absorb a lot of souls Is that going to end up being a problem that you have to deal with later on in this story?

You can? What scenes? Granted, I have not played the first game a while.

Yes. Too many souls and you trigger one of two possible pathways for the finale.

What are they I’ve only managed to see the one where Lakota calls you out for it and in a way threatening you to stop?

Its not written yet. They are mentioned in the to do list in the above post.

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