Unnatural Season Two Minor Update 06/04/2021 Episode Six two of three cases ready for testing! Check out latest post for link

These are not needed spoilers because they are more coding related than story related.

Frostbite is something that can occur when you are in someplace cold. So because the village is in a cold place I use the variable to track how cold the MC is. So the colder you are the slower you can react which is why it lowers your stat (during the check only).

Phy_boost is the stat that refers to how warm they are (either by wearing a warmer coat that your partner brings, or a special suit that Anthony gives you. Or some powder you can consume from Catherine which has a decent phy_boost increase but also adds +1 to Frostbite as the powder only makes you not feel the cold the negative effects aren’t stopped)

Basically what your physical stat is for every frostbite you incur it will be reduced by that.

For example Tristan has a physical stat of 50 and incurs 5 frostbite during checks his physical stat I’d reduced to 45. Then let’s say he had anthony as his partner which gives him that insulated suit (phy_boost 5) that then bumps the physical stat back to 50 so negates the frostbite.

you don’t HAVE to not search the village the higher your physical stat and your phy_boost is means you can search for longer. The humanity >49 isn’t required it just helps at that point in the search.

Okay thank, so that mean, i weak that time when i fight?
And when i at the tample, am i get a frostbite when i look at the dead body and searching the “girl”?
And what ammo should i use?
And i didn’t see a " Frostbite" On my stats

And thank for explain to me

Btw, its really horrible that i watch my self killing my friend or my beloved one

Both frostbite and phy_boost are hidden stats. Stopping at the temple gains 1 frostbite

The latest update, just before I get some sleep.

The total Word count is now 502,939 words (Story + Code)

Word count without code is 437,823 words (Story alone)


Is that from the beta?

That is from the version on my laptop.

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Basically I write on my laptop then upload the files to dashingdon when I want to update the demo. So the files on my laptop are always the latest version.


Latest update on my progress;

Season Two is now 509,303 words (story + code) It is almost completed. Just need to settle on the epilogues and then start beta testing. This has taken a long time to get to this point as work and life throws a spanner into the works sometimes. But hopefully, it will be worth it.


Is the beta will show on PlayStore too?

No. That is not how betas work. Betatesting, where (most of) the final fixes and suggestions occur and that happens before the game is released.

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Ohhh thank for explain it to me

Alpha and beta tests happen prior to release the purpose of these tests is for the people playing it to try and find bugs or errors and make suggestions which the author then either fixes, makes adjustments or additions based on what they think fits from the suggestions.

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Four out of fifteen planned epilogues are done. Still considering cutting the number down as fifteen is too much. Especially if I come back to the series at a later date.

Edit: I think I can combine a few into one so might be able able cut it down to five (with only four that can continue the game)


Nine out of fifteen epilogues are done.

536,652 words (story + code) now (although you can remove about 10,000 words from that because the six remaining epilogues currently have template code so I can try and keep all the epilogues equal.

Once I’ve finished the first draft I shall be changing the game linked in this topic to the demo version and reuploading a complete version for the beta test which will be available only to the people who are chosen for beta testing and accesses via my discord so I can keep all feedback in one place. (Will hopefully make it easier to manage.)


Small update;

I was finally able to condense my fifteen epilogues (which was ridiculous) into a more manageable five epilogues. Because of this however, the word count has dropped from 532,652 words (story+code] to 518,621 words (story+code).

All the romances and none romance epilogues are done bar one which I’m trying to comb through the code to remind myself what this epilogue is about (I stupidly deleted the comments that told me that and now I can’t remember). Just working on two secondary epilogues that (if the story allows) the others feed into to give me an even easier two-point start for any future sequels if I decided to continue after writing some of my other ideas.

So fingers crossed, the first draft of UnNatural Season Two will be finished by the end of this week :slight_smile:


Okay, work has been a bit hectic towards the end of this week including a last-minute Saturday shift and coupled with some bug issues I haven’t finished season two yet.

However, there is some good news still. The game passes quicktest and randomtest and I’m currently writing the final two end state epilogues. [How epilogues work is you originally get 1 of 5 epilogues, then depending on end game choices involving your mother you get 1 of 2 end-game epilogues.

The word count is now; 525,519 words (story + code).

I should only need a day or two to finish writing the two scenes.


One more scene left to write now. Denise’s end epilogue If you reunite with your mother.

Latest word count; 530,310 words (story and code).


So which one is the bad ending epilogue?
And, is the epilogue on season 1 is already fix?
Btw, how are you sam?

I’m okay although I’ve woken up with a sore throat.

The bad epilogues are when you don’t survive being betrayed.

The epilogues are not sorted for season one yet. Will be going through it during the beta test of season two.

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