Unnatural Season Two Minor Update 06/04/2021 Episode Six two of three cases ready for testing! Check out latest post for link

With the achievements I think once you get them the first time they don’t trigger again.

As for that message. At that point you are meant to get a romance scene that message is coded after the romance scene so I’d the romance doesn’t trigger properly that pops up so it doesn’t crash the game.

EDIT: I’ve found the issue for the romance scene not triggering and have done something that should fix it for now. You will have to start from the beginning of the game for the fix to work.

Btw, where is that message come from?
I mean like what episode that come from?
I play again and i forgot

Edit: Ohh and i see you fix the “buried” Thanks

It triggers in Episode Six.

And how to trigger it? I dont found it, can you give me a guide?

I romancing denise

It triggers naturally if you romance her. You just need to restart so my fix works.

Okay, i need to restart, all of it?

Yes. The fix is in Episode One.

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Okay, i done the restart and ready to start over

And sam, if you done the story and make a load from the season one, is the “humanity” Meter will become 100 in season 2 or the same like the previous season one?

And cat it be in PlayStore? I want to download and buy it there (i dont mean to push you to doit, sorry)

Once it is done it will be available in playstore.

Your stats will be what they were at the end of season one.


When i play season one again to find the epilogue one and two
You tell me how to get it, but when i try, the SRT still shutting down and i got the epilogue three again, i just do what you say “dont go after your brother” But the SRT still shutting down


And when i play unnatural season two, i reach where lakota and i play a board game that called “snake and swamp” (Im sorry if the name wrong), there a typo, it should be “dice” Not “die”

And i Realize that if you want to start the romance scen that from episode 6, ou meed to pick denise on your last case, i have a few questions when i romance with denise

Why we in a tent?
Why we at camping?
And where the story that she invited the player to camping? (For explaining)

For the dice/die, since we’re using one die, it is one die. (dice is plural).

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Thank for teaching me about english abe

The romance scenes trigger after your second case you don’t need to have her in the final case the code doesn’t check that.

It is implied she invited you in the note you find. She also explains that you are there to meet her wolf.

Okay, thank for explain

Okay, i already come here for 10 day, but why i still cant post a picture?


It says you joined 17th so you’ve been on the forums for 9 days.


Hey sam, what a advert mean? Is that a ads?

In the context of the game, an advert/ad is both a shoutout and an advertisement to other CoG/HG games.

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even though i will watch the advert, i never see one of it, why?

Just like season one, i never get a ads before from the unnatural

Ohh and btw, i saw a “madagascar” Reference in the story, lol

If you use New Game Plus, chances are you will not see any adverts at all.