Unnatural Season Two Minor Update 06/04/2021 Episode Six two of three cases ready for testing! Check out latest post for link

In episode three do the case called Buried first

Okay, after that?
I try that case before, he was gone, so can you give me a guide how to find him?

I mean like step by step if you understand what i mean

I’ll post a step by step guide once I finish work.

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Okay, thank you for help me

Im sorry if that trouble you

If you do “Buried” first in episode three you should encounter people outside the tomb as well as the client who hired you for the case. Once your inside, you will encounter the vampire trapped in rubble. Any attack you choose will kill him as he is literally too weak at this point to be a threat.

So i need to do burried and dont kill the ghoul to find the vampire?

If you do buried first there is no ghoul to fight as he is still trapped.

Okay let me try it first

I done what you say, i play the “buried” Case first, but i still fight with the ghoul and the vampire lose, im not kidding, i want to give a screen shot but i still cant send, ahhhh!!!

Is that a bug or the code got eror?

Just tried the demo myself and I got the scene you’re getting. It’s a bug. I’ve made a note and will fix it later as I’m going to bed. (It’s 3:28am here)

Thank and i hope you get a good well sleep

Just had a look and the code should be sound so I need to look at it closer to find the cause.

Edit: I think I’ve found out the issue but I haven’t got time to test it so updated the demo with the fix for now.


how to get the achievement remember me :thinking: :thinking:

Is that from season one?

season 2

Remember me is achieved in the case From Dust.


I got this message when I was playing the game,it stated that I should report it,so I am reporting it now:-

Something has gone wrong here - this should have been your romance scene if you romanced someone. I’ll send you ahead to the next scene, please let me know on the forums if you reach this message.

My MC is romancing Denise.

Thanks. I kept encountering an issue so put that message there to try and catch it.

Something definitely isn’t triggering like it should.

Ohh sam, i got that too, im with denise too

I forgot to tell you, sorry

Btw, when i complete a mission, some of the achievement that usually will get after the mission, i dont get the achievement, that a bug right? for example, i didnt get the achievement from the case "hidden door killer’ you know like a box that kill

Btw, what the romance you mean from that message? (Just like that guy)