Unnatural Season Two Minor Update 06/04/2021 Episode Six two of three cases ready for testing! Check out latest post for link

And @Nocturnal_Stillness, when i enter a code that i got from season 2, i got TBD, what that?

Sam hasn’t encoded for the codes to work yet. He is priorizing the main storyline first.

Btw, TBD is “to be determined”. He hasn’t decided on what stats to go a boost yet.

Ohhh, thank

And @Nocturnal_Stillness what i mean the humanity cant increase is that when i use my humanity to strength my power through time to time, my humanity cant restore back like the season one before

Im not asking for “when the update”, im just fixing my miss understanding


Ah I see what you mean. You got a boost in season one because you absorb ren into you. Depending on how high people’s stats can get I might have to add a few more ways of increasing humanity.

Now i regret killing ren, i was so sad that i have to kill ren and now he/she is my source humanity!!!


Do you have a idea to increase humanity?

Btw, the logic about ren and the humanity is really amazing

Ren never actually existed they were there to keep your power under control your minds way of stopping you being overwhelmed. When you finally accept him you gain control of your full power.

Like a half of your soul, thank for remind me
RIP Ren :pray:

And can i help by giving you a idea? i may be a kid, but i want to help

I know a lot of monster, their power, their weekness, their rank

Maybe i can help about the monster

Thank for explain it

Can i help by giving a idea? I know im still a kid, but i want to help

I know alot of monster from the myth, like their power, their weekness, and their rank

Thank you for the offer but I should be alright for monsters. :slight_smile:

Okay, keep up for the good work

Ohh and the building upgrading is still eror

Hey @Nocturnal_Stillness
What its mean all case is done?
I mean, when i got a case like buried, shadow, and from dust, there a selection called case close, is that mean we can do 3 case?

And if the humanity is small, is that will affect the story?

Can you give me a guide to kill the elderly vampire from case “drained”?

And i done play the demo, is that the half of the season 2? Im still want the story longer

And i still havent see Denise making a fort pillow (that still make me not satisfied, because of that i gonna play it again if you done add it)

The building upgrades are not actually an error. They were causing errors so the code has been replaced by placeholder code so it doesn’t break the game. It will be readded prior to the beta test starting.

If the choice says all cases done it means you have done the cases available but the game glitches there so that choice is to stop the game from breaking.

Low humanity does affect things some of your actions and how some people see you.

The Pillow Fort hasn’t been added as I am focusing on getting to the end of the first draft. It will be added prior to the beta test.

The demo is currently the first five episodes. Ad for length season one is about 285,000 words. Season Two is currently about 443,000 words.


Damn that a lot of word to add, good luck sam

So you mean, the building actually been upgrade but the report still say level zero but still the same like the upgrade?

The “skill of wielding the weapon” Still cant level up

And can you please look and answer the cencored part from my questions before?

Nothing happens the code that’s there just succeeds without doing anything.

The weapon upgrades are fixed in my version I’ve just not had a chance to update the demo.

As for the blurred question. I will answer that later tonight as I’m at work currently so don’t have access to my laptop :slight_smile:

Thank sam, i will wait

And i think you right about not upgrade about the “weapon” In demo, i think its a bit useless

The weapon stats are just there to show your competency with each form. They are also combined with your form stat for certain checks.


The easiest way to kill the elder vampire in “Drained” is actually in an earlier episode in Episode Three. If you do the case “Buried” as soon as you get the chance. He is still trapped when you arrive and can be killed super easily.

But when i arrive, he already escaped, where can i found him?

Idk where he trapped, is that need a special partner?