Unnatural Season Two Minor Update 06/04/2021 Episode Six two of three cases ready for testing! Check out latest post for link

I’m currently writing a part where you are talking to the suspect. A one Dr. Hiram Alexander Reeves. You can introduce yourself as a member of Silver Cross Inc or a concerned family member.

Now my question is during this scene you can warn the doctor of your reason for being here. Your choices and his response will differ depending on how you introduce yourself. So I’ve got two hidden stats;

Warning - a number that increases with certain choices.
Warned - a boolean that is trigger when warning rises above a certain number.

Now one of the questions you can ask is if he has seen anything strange in the hospital which increases warning by 1. However, I’m thinking that it would be an odd question for a concerned family member to ask so it should increase it by a further 1 (so 2 in total).

Does that sound right to you? Or would that be too harsh?


Small update one of three endings for the case “Whats in a name” is done, just got the two possible combat orientated ones done.

The latest word count for season two is now 387,653 words (story and code)


Third and final case for UnNatural Season Two is finished. Only the finale is left to write. Latest Word count is 393,131 words (story+code). Got some bug hunting to do then can update the demo this weekend.

The finish line is approaching!

EDIT: The demo has been updated.

Unnatural Season Two (dashingdon.com)

This is everything apart from the finale.


:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:Guessing the save files are broken

They shouldn’t be as I’ve not removed anything so afaik your saves should still work

Dashingdon crashed that’s why :grin:

Here’s the error I’m getting

Ah I can see the issue. Get that fixed asap

And it’s fixed. Was literally caused by an extra _