Unnatural Season Two Minor Update 06/04/2021 Episode Six two of three cases ready for testing! Check out latest post for link

Latest update:

2 out of 3 cases of Episode Six completed.

Latest word count: 376,134 words (story and code).

Latest Link: Unnatural Season Two (dashingdon.com)

Feedback as always is welcome. Also interested to see if anyone has suggestions with the current structure of where I can add additional scenes related to relationship building for the new characters.



Is it finished?

The second case “echoes” is finished. Still got to write the third case “azurean business” and the games finale.


I was reading through old comments in the forum (sorry if this has been answered, there’s a lot of comments to sift through) and was wondering, if I had taken a single soul in order to get the shimmer ability in order to save Alex and the SRT, would there be any consequences with Charlene and the ability to romance her, relationship with the fae/kota and the other pure/corrupt azures/god?

Would we still be considered a ‘pure’ azure or would that automatically lump us in with the corrupted azures?

One soul won’t have a negative effect.

Would consuming only bad corrupted souls make us good in the eyes of god?

No, it’s still considered bad. It’s more the fact that you are preventing something from returning to Xenom regardless of the morality of the soul.

Don’t pressure yourself too much take it easy ok?
You need a rest too :blush:

I’ve had a couple of days off from writing while I make mental notes about the next case so don’t worry I’m looking after myself. I’m excited to hear how people are finding season two so far.


I think that this is an error

“So the current score is 2 wins for you, 1 wins for me and 2 ties.”

With the event finally over, you both make your way to a food stall to grab something to eat before sitting down on one of the benches.

“That was fun,” you say with a slight smile. “Even if no-one actually won.”

“It was fun,” Denise replies, returning the smile.

It says no-one won

Yeah that definitely is an error. I’ll have a look at the code. I might need to redo that bit to try and make it simpler. Thanks for pointing that out.


Think I’ve found the issue and that should be fixed now.


I found another one, in this run i have the azurean powers and i still can select the fallen angel option

“But Miss Nash said you were an angel like her,” the priest splutters.

You concentrate and for a moment you create two shadowy wings that instantly retract. The priest stumbles back, terror on his face.

“Now, she invited me here. Where is your angel ?” you ask sharply.

“She is inside…” the priest splutters. “Follow me…”

There is another thing, when the game let me improve my stats for the second time and i chose the physical training i couldn’t choose denise as a partner (idk if this is another error) so i chose Avery, the thing is that the following text assumes that you already know that he is a warlock and it feels weird.

Thanks I’ll look into those too.

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Those issues should be sorted now!

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I’m blind or there is no demo?

Um… Scroll the thread and you will find the link to the latest update. @AstinFamily

Find it, thanks.

Communications Officer: Denzil.
Security Officer: Elizabeth.
Tech Officer: Riley.
Science Officer: Alice.
Field Agent Alpha: Denise.
Field Agent Bravo: Lakota.
Field Agent Charlie: Anthony.
Field Agent Delta: Austin.

As you can see, I don’t have Scarlet in my team and i still could select her to go to the first mission and to play that game with Lakota, i think that is a bug