Unnatural Season Two Minor Update 05/12/2020 Episode Five finished and half of Episode Six released for testing! Check out latest post for link

Very appreciated, cause shade is awesome.

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Spoilers below. Do NOT reveal them if you do not want the possible endings to be revealed. Please note that this is the current plans and might change as I write them. I’m keeping spoilers to a minimum but these WILL give you a good idea of where the story is going. [Also remember this is trying to be an “endpoint” while still leaving an option to return to it if needed.]

For all players, the main choice at the end game [Think of this as the attack on the SRT HQ leading up to the epilogues] is whether they choose to go and find their mother or leave her with her new life.

Then from this starting point; if the player reclaimed their Azure powers they will either link up with Charlene to deal with a currently unnamed unnatural that was created by Xenom as a mirror of the Azure to stop the Azurean Civil War but they were never woken up until now. OR if they consume enough souls they will end up with either Lakota’s family coming after you OR Charlene will come after you (still deciding at what number of souls for either fae or Charlene.)

However, if the kept their Shade powers they will either link up with Charlene to deal with the unnamed unnatural. Join this new unnatural which has very similar powers to a Shade MC or ignore the fight and settle down.

[Please note all players will be able to settle down with their RO the settle down option just gets you there faster with a slightly worse-off world due to not knowing what happened between the Azure and the Shadow users.]

These are just my current thoughts and might change


You could put the option at the beginning actually having a second protagonist and vice versa of course it would be a lot of work but if you ask for my opinion I would put a plus 1 to no secondary protagonist.

1+ No secondary protagonist

I’ve decided to remove the second protagonist because it might feel strange considering I didn’t do this in the first season. Plus it requires breaking the fourth wall to inform people of the switch.

However I am not removing it completely but reworking it into a new case currently called Echoes. In this case you basically find a group of echospheres glass orbs that contains an echo of a past event. Of course these past events will be the secondary protagonists scenes as the MC will have to relive each event.

I think it will be the best of both worlds as it allows those who aren’t keen on the story to skip it while letting those who are interested in it to continue it.

Plus the fact each echosphere contains an echo of an event it makes sense for the gaps in time between each scene.

Just need to decide whether to have an echosphere available each episode after the body is found or make it a case solely in episode 6 where all echospheres are available.


Is the mom’s MC still alive? And is there any chance to find the Mom just asking


Yes. The reveal means she was given back the ability to reincarnate before she died. So she is alive but she isn’t your “mom” any more physically at least. Its not been revealed yet if she kept her memories or not.

Second question. Yes there will be a chance.

aw, I really hoped to keep the second MC all together. They seem great. And maybe seeing the two MCs meet. But I understand why you did it. Maybe you could have a different game dedicated to the second MC someday? Like have it be a kind of sequel to this? Like have the react to certain things that they’ve heard about and stuff from these books. That way with those you could work in romance with them too. It could be interesting. But it was just a thought.

The scenes will still be in there they will just be introduced differently.