Unnatural Season Two Major Update 25/09/2021 Episode Six The game is waiting for beta testing! Check out latest post for link

That’s great Rookfall will be coming around looking forward to it. yay for season 2 I still need to finish season 1 though

Amazing news, i loved the first game & i hope we will be able to work on building the Azure/Shade powers even more.

a definate buy for me once its released

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You will be able to improve your powers as well as learn new abilities.

Maybe one day, one day we can fly…

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I still wanting become human only power i want includes poison and persuade


We’ll see.


I was actually considering a “Bad Ass Normal” mode. It’d mean writing completely new paths through the game so I would need enough people wanting it to warrant the extra effort as my writing time is already brief.


If our Queen wishes for it, it shall be so. All hail the poison queen!

Okay my friends if/when Unnatural reaches its 400th rating I will reveal a bit more about three cases.

So which ones interest you the most? The three with the most votes I will reveal more details :slight_smile:

This game looks pretty cool.
haven’t played the first yet but it’s on my todo list.


Thanks. Hope you enjoy it when you do :slight_smile:

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hmm I wonder if I did a kickstarter for an actual Unnatural web series whether it’d take off? (Not that I would I quickly learnt my script writing skills are awful lol)

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hay :slight_smile: i just wanted to say Unnatural is amazing xD so far I’ve played through and beaten it three times :slight_smile: i was kind of curious about the code in Exodus. rather what part is it in? I hope season 2 dose great :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to playing it :slight_smile:

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sorry i think my net bugged out for a second x.x

I’m getting a bug for the first game in the by tooth and claw where I save jack and the ranger comes instead but it won’t show his name and no matter what you do you always end up dead . I have only run into it twice but my stats are always high enough to kill them but I’m killed even after it said I killed them both.


I’ll double check with JimD if he put it in yet.


thats interesting I’ll look into that, can you tell me what version of the game it is please. (latest should be 1.1.1 (if i remember right)

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Yeah latest version , but I honestly don’t know what triggered it though it just happend on the last version too .


Okay I’ll look into it, quick question did you choose when Jack attacked David? (tackle aim to wound aim to kill?)


awesome :slight_smile: sorry for making more work for you thou.


don’t worry about it. I was meant to ask him but had forgotten lol