Unnatural Season Two Major Update 25/09/2021 Episode Six The game is waiting for beta testing! Check out latest post for link

One of the comments mentioned in the beta has been it feels like the game goes by faster than season one and I think it’s because there were more social scenes in-between cases in season one.

So I’m currently making notes for potential social scenes between romance options and friendship stuff as well.


The first social scene being written is a sparring session where you will go up against three colleagues one by one (this will allow you to spar with your romantic partner as well as two other members of your team.

I’m also thinking of a camping scene but I need to come up with two more social scenes to add to episodes 4 and 5.


Small update. Sorry about the delay I’ve written all of the social scenes now. Just need to decide on whether I need to add an additional scene to episode 6 or not.

I plan to make the decision after its been gone through some more by my beta testers. Also making a few changes to Season One in response to Season Two :slight_smile:


What’s the code for the new game plus?

Are you asking about the codes for Season one or Season Two?

Season two has no active codes yet as I’ve got to make sure it’s possible to finish the game without them.

I was asking for season 2 in the demo it says new game plus and asks for the code.

The new game plus codes aren’t available at the moment. I’m currently making sure it is possible to reach the end without using codes before I code them in.