Unnatural Season Two Major Update 25/09/2021 Episode Six The game is waiting for beta testing! Check out latest post for link

She is one of the people who were responsible for the death of your parents.
I killed her and the priest and took their souls for them to suffer for all eternity to pay for what they have done.

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Ah now I remember. I killed the father but spared Zoey. She lives a life of regret and grief, she’s paying for her crimes mentally and emotionally so I allowed her to live.

Allowed her to live too! She will live inside me, giving me power to fight against the terror who hide in the shadows, this way she will redeem herself.

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I did the same. Probably a good thing too since she’ll help you in the future.

these questions may have been asked before but I can’t seem to find it but hey, that’s me, anyway the question’s are these: 1) who are the romance options? 2) when is this game going to be released?

Marie and Charlene I believe, that has been revealed so far. Alongside the normal Unnatural season 1 RO’s

Forum rules state that that you shouldn’t ask for when an author will be releasing their work. It causes undo pressure on authors.

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Rushing things out usually gets us buggy messes anyway. One of the major problems with triple A games too.

I’m waiting to hear if season one is all fixed up.

Does asking how many of those missions are finished count as asking for an update?

Yes, it does. (Darn character limit)

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I’m stuck with episode one atm. My youngest is abit under the weather so not had much time to work on it.

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Oh. Hey. You answered anyway. Super mega ultra thanks.

Or was that about the attempts to fix season one?
Statement stands either way.

I was referring to the editing of season one.

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yeah sorry if I pressured you, I have really bad sentence construction so it was pretty much unintended if it did pressure you so sorry

Okay scenario time.

Let’s say the MC is watching a hostage situation through the scope of a high powered rifle. (s)he geto a chance to shoot the kidnapper (a werewolf) but the bullet would go through the victim who is blocking a clear shot.

Would you pull the trigger?

(note not a scene just curious how many people would pull the trigger in this scenario)


this could be your chance to add in another creature or invent an entirely new species of monster to rule the WORLD MUHAHAHAHA!!!
(don’t worry about me, just high on sugar this morning and my brains gone into overdrive!)

I guess it would depend on the setup. How many people would die if we didn’t take the shot? Will the person die anyways? Is there a way to get a better angle? Complicated question

My gut response is not to do it, since while kidnapping is bad that in itself doesn’t directly put anyone’s life in danger. (Not in the way a shot through the victim would endanger his/her life, anyway.)

I’d rather try to figure out the motives of the perpetrator first, and try to figure out if there isn’t a better way to solve the situation, preferably without anyone dying. In case the werewolf isn’t aware of what the MC is for example by proposing to switch places with the hostage. The MC is a lot more likely to survive in that scenario than an average human being, after all.

I wouldn’t. I probably couldn’t pull a trigger and possibly kill an innocent, even if it meant stopping the kidnapper.

Would it kill the hostage or would it hurt the hostage?
If it would kill the hostage then no, if it would hurt the hostage but not kill him/her then yes.

Limb shot. Probably a leg but the elbows might be a better target.

Yeah I’d shoot. Before things get any uglier I would rather end it. Even if it kills an innocent. Although maybe the bullet just goes through and doesn’t kill the hostage…if we are lucky.

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