Unnatural Season Two Major Update 20/03/2022 Public Beta now available check post 2512 Feedback needed!

Lucien’s romance path is now finally complete.

I’d like to say this means Season Two is finished but I’ve just been reminded of a bug I haven’t fixed yet. So that is on my to-do list today.

This means as long as I get the bug squashed I can send the files to CoG so they can do their continuity testing.


Submitted the files so CoG can arrange a continuity test. Final word count if no issues will be 680,375 words of story and code.


Just a quick update. I’ve got the link for the continuity test beta (where you can use your saves from the CoG servers) but there is currently a 404 error when you try and continue your game. It’s been reported so just waiting for it to be fixed then will ask for more testers.


Really enjoying the game, I am a fan

But in one of the missions I found an error:For the mission Drained after you search for the vampire in all the areas, and then select “search for its nest” you get an error “No option selectable”.
Thank You For Your Dedication To This​:100::sparkles:

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That’s curious. It passed the last quicktest and randomtest. I’ll look into it.

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I was playing this yesterday, and I got the exact same error. For me, the problem was that one of the directions repeated - the one where you find a security room with one terminal on played twice, for two different directions. So I suspect it’s a label error, where two options lead to the same text, and that might be messing things up.

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Thanks. I thought I fixed that error. Maybe I didn’t upload it when I thought I did.

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The Error is still there​:sob::sob::broken_heart:Now I have to start again.


I’ve just reloaded my files for Drained. If you’ve got a save prior to that case that should fix the issue.

I’m also in the process of uploading the files to moodyink so I don’t have to remove and add the save code when I need to test things.