Unnatural Season Two Major Update 20/03/2022 Public Beta now available check post 2512 Feedback needed!

I like that, it sounds regal as well


Updated episode two with the revised intros for Solomon AND Lucien which sets the code up for them to come back. Lucien can be picked for a few cases although he only has unique dialogue for Buried so far. I will work on the other cases in the next few days.

Edit: to clarify what I mean by a few cases. He offers the player help for 3 cases. But says he needs time in-between cases to deal with his burrow. So effectively you can pick him once in each episode from 3,4 and 5.


Lucien is now an official partner option in the following cases

From Dust
Snakes and Ladders
Little Red

Still to do

Witches and Warlocks
Bring out your dead
And any case from episodes 5 and 6.


Is the ghoul in Tunnel 9 on Drained supposed to always kill you? He kept killing me so I set all my stats to max with the BTI code and still died.

Edit: Also, noticed that if you die in Chapter 5 after completing “Who Snows” or during “Who Snows” it won’t show up as a case option after it takes you back to the start of the chapter.

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You need awareness >2 to react to the danger in time OR have a partner with a rapport >49.

Just updated the demo so the BTI code allows you to alter your awareness stat so you can get past it.

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Yeah, that has been reported and I’m looking into that issue. :slight_smile:


Small update:

First three parts of Anthony’s romance path are sorted intro and first two ingredients done. I know what the third and fourth ingredients are and will be working on them the next few days and finish off his romance path and sister scenes.

Lucien’s base parts are done you can pick him for one case per episode for episodes 3, 4 and 5 but you have to encounter him during the Episode Two case “Love games”. I am looking into how to work his romance into the scenes and when to add additional scenes to make up for the fact there are currently fewer chances to hang with non-colleagues.

Solomon has been added to Big Bad but currently, he has no other part because Lucien won the poll to be the new romance option.

Latest link for ease of use; Unnatural Season Two (dashingdon.com)

Latest word count is now; 654,156 words (story + code).

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Is Charlene Nash still a RO? I didn’t see any options to romance her, but I believe last I heard she was an option. Didn’t see anything saying she wasn’t when I searched “Charlene” or “Nash”.

She is still planned to be. But she is introduced too late for her to be a viable RO for Season two.

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I’ve got a bug that is now triggering in Episode Two which I am looking into atm.

But all four ingredients are done as is the spell and the curing Anthony’s sister. Will be fixing this bug tomorrow.