Unnatural Season Two Major Update 20/03/2022 Public Beta now available check post 2512 Feedback needed!

Small update: Valentine’s Dates with ${friend} and Scarlet are complete.

Just have Denise and Austin left to do. :slight_smile:


Oh my Scar is ready :heart:
Question I might have missed, i know Scar is a Dracula descendant, do vampires can reproduce at unnatural? Like have a child (i know Scar is totally human, just curious if it’s possible)

No they cannot.


Denise’s event is done. Just have got Austin’s left.

Quick Question for everyone. For those who reclaim their Azure power and do not claim any souls. What is the highest Angelus/Letvir Vatra/Venetor stat you’ve gotten by the end of Season One?

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I usually spread the use of my azure abilities to level all 3 as much as possible, and I also reinforce the seal by the end of the book so I’m not sure, I’ll post here when I play it again.

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This is the best i could do by always using the same ability and training it whenever I had the chance (i also had gone to rescue my brother to have more chances of using my power). I might have missed something since I’m a shade user usually, but i think this is the best

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Btw, as i was doing it, i noticed, azure users have it so much more easy than shade, letting go the extra mental, physical and will that you get by just not using shade at all and not having to worry about humanity, you can even ignore the save bro penalty just by absorbing a few souls that are going to have no impact at the end and even get extra stats for it (if u just take some and stop that is). And if you don’t absorb any soul you still end up with a grasp of your powers similar to our grasp of shade if we don’t sacrifice too much humanity.

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Just an FYI for everyone.

I’ve been working on a follow up to the tabletop rpg scene. But have not written for a couple of days as having a couple of issues with my laptop. I should be able to sort them our tonight so will finish that scene over the weekend.


I know it’s a cliche but I’m hoping for a path where we become a lone hunter facing off the supernatural

UnNatural is more about doing things with a partner.

However Daemonglass one of my future projects will have choices on who to hunt a daemon with and that does include a “solo” option.