Unnatural Season Two - Flash Fiction Contest for fun announced in post 1829

Yeah my friend wasn’t impressed either lol


I’ve had a month’s break from writing after completing NaNoWriMo in November. Now ready to continue writing, got a few targets to hit in the coming months but feeling a little bit under the weather so will be starting that soon.

Looking forward to seeing how people react as the story progresses


Currently the MC our Azure has the potential of two powersets.

They can either reclaim their original Azure powers; Angelus (Blade or Bow form), Letvir Vatra and Venator.


They can keep their mutated Shade powers; Shade Blade, Shade Spear, Shade Gauntlet, Shade Whip (as well as the ability to have shards of shadows too)

In season one both powersets can unlock an additional ability, either Shimmer for the Azure path or the Shade Scythe for the Shade path.

The reason for the difference in options is that at the base level the Azure Powers are stronger than Shade which offers adaptability and variation instead.

The plan for season two is to offer more Azure powers while letting Shade users refine their current powers (like how the shade scythe is a refinement of the shade ability to make new shapes). This also includes a new ability to create shade copies of themselves.

So from Episode 3 to Episode 6 Players in the Azure path will get to choose from a list of abilities they can learn. (One being the Shimmer ability you can unlock in the first season). The other abilities have yet to be decided but I’ll leaning towards letting players pick their four from a list of six, maybe eight (putting two hidden for players who are friendly with Charlene)

With refining Shade powers it means things like forming two shade blades instead of one, making shade armor as opposed to just gauntlets and being able to make bigger constructs such as larger and stronger cages etc

Question is would you consider this choice fair? I intend to keep the final power count equal in the end but shade gets more powers early on then they have to wait longer for some of their final ones.


Well if you want my opinion then i would have preferred it if the shade powers had more variety but weaker powers as you said more adaptability .on the other case the original power set would be a lot more powerful but a lot less variety. So its more of brute strength where as shade powers are for tacticians. Well thats just my opinion. Whatever you decide make sure that you enjoy the game yourself. I think thats the most important thing for us writers. Anyways i have been a major fan since the first game. So good luck

Yeah I’ve always seen Azure vs Shade = Power vs Adaptability I just want to increase some options for more choice :slight_smile:


I don’t know why, but shade powers always gave me a strong [PROTOTYPE] vibe.


It was more like the power rings to me. But then I kept passively restraining with it.

Hey i helped beta test the season 1 recent update; I was wondering if anyone had gptten n e codes for gameplus? I’m having trouble finding them and the game plus codes from season one aren’t correct…

The codes from season one are for season one
Season two will have different ones but currently there aren’t any.

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Happy you didn’t do it. It’s really messed up :pleading_face:

But the SRT, for now (I only play season 1) isn’t the only organization who fight monsters. It’s just the first public one. I’m not sure that SRT is really that important that I will return in the past to kill my family instead of the original monster.

I have a question how about our saves in the first season we should continue that would be great i ended up with azure powers and romance denise and some of the S.R.T. members were still alive and shut down thanks!


The save function gets added when the first draft of the second game is done. So there is no way currently to save it.

So we can import our saved MC in upcoming season 2?

Yes when season two is released you will be able to import a character from season one.

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Thank you! And goodluck making more of this :grin:

Thank you :slight_smile:

I just finished UnNatural for the second, third, fourth…like eighth or ninth time lol I LOVE THIS GAME! I can’t wait for season two! Really looking forward to it. I just stumbled across this forum and wanted to drop by and say thank you so much for your hard work and amazing imagination. Your game is appreciated and adored by many! :slight_smile: My favorite character is Lakota Black. I hope to see more of him in season two :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you glad you like it. You will be pleased to know you will certainly see more of Lakota in season two I am planning more social scenes in between cases

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General tip if a case involves vampires and your chosen partner is Victor. Expect him to kill steal.

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