Unnatural Season Two - Flash Fiction Contest for fun announced in post 1829

Sure just as she wont be stabbing you with her Angelus shes just letting your gut borrow it for a few seconds


Hmm point taken… I belive i do not need more ventilation holes, you win this time

Okay you have a choice of one of three possible recruits and you get to ask each of them the same five questions…what would you ask them?


Hmm I guess my questions would be

  1. What was your first case?
  2. What’s your background? (training at SRT or before)
  3. What skills do you have?
  4. Any recommendations on what to focus on?
  5. Miscellaneous questions based on relationships and previously done cases

1.) Why do you want to work here?
2.) What can you do?
3.) Example case (Use one of our past cases as a test, to see what they would do.)
4.) Where else have you worked?
5.) Do you have any phobias, negative side effects to powers (if not human), or any other possible liabilities in the field, in the lab, or simply in the barracks?

  1. Previous experience with Unnaturals
  2. Attitude towards Unnaturals (in the Victor to Lakota spectrum… or PR nightmare spectrum… LOL :upside_down_face:)
  3. Any particular expertise (Vamprire/ Werewolf/ Ghost etc.)
  4. Experience using weapons
  5. Why do you you want to work here (@Dartknight- really good one!) or What’s your background (@MindightWatcher- reaally important!)

I think that both previous posters made great points about background and what brings the recruit here… it’s pretty telling…


Thought I’d share some of the questions suggested on Facebook.

“You’re tasked with taking down a female Unnatural, upon investigating you discover shes pregnant… do you eliminate the Unnatural and the child or Take In Alive?”

“Can you work flexible hours?”

“Blue or Red pill?”

The last one made me chuckle.

  1. To unnatural recruits: If necessary would you be able to kill one of your own kind in order to save someone’s life ?

  2. For possible prejudiced recruits: Will your vendetta get in the way of accomplishing the mission ?

  3. Why should I hire you instead of one of the other recruits ? What makes you worth recruiting?


@Nocturnal_Stillness LOL about the blue/ red pill. If you have watched The Boys (Amazon) the question is even funnier. :laughing:

@CreoleGuy519 Those are tough! Good job making the recruit squirm… On the other hand, if they don’t cry or run out the building in horror, you may have something to work with… or a sociopath- which may not be disqualifying. LOL:upside_down_face:


Hey just because they’re trying to be a part of the S.R.T doesn’t mean they’re exempt from a thorough interview process that weeds out the useful and competent from the sloppy and unreliable. Also I don’t want to recruit some self-righteous bigoted “monster” hunter who wants to kill all unnatural’ s nor do I want an unnatural who is incapable of stopping one of their brethren from butchering a human. Both seem like possible ideologies people might have in the world of this game.


Why don’t we do the cliche of killing the Unnatural mother then raising the child on our own and turn it into a super Unnatural killer.Years later finds out the truth then tries kills the mc for revenge or everyone the mc care about for his mother.

I’d have laughed if my plan was to actual reveal that the parents who were killed were actually responsible for the deaths of your real parents and they had planned to weaponise you…

Luckily that isn’t the case. I do have plans for a revelation regarding the mother of the MC but it’s not that.


Is there a demo for this?

Yes there is post 1648 iirc


I’ve made the decision to cut some of the cases from season two. Making four cases for episodes 3 to 6 will just bloat it a bit I think so I will instead follow season one with having three cases and letting players do two of them.

Any case I drop will more than likely get used for season three if season two does well :slight_smile:


Like there’s a chance it won’t. :blush: Unnatural has cult-status following. LOL There are ghosts (like so -> :ghost:) out there that think that the way we’ve been haunting you would call for some kind of supernatural restraining order. LOL Kidding… Maybe… :innocent::smiling_imp:


So with the decision to reduce the number of available cases from 4 to 3 per episode I’ve had to relook at my road map for season two.

So now the plan is as follows;

Episode Three - you can pick two out of Buried, Shadows and In my head

Episode Four - you can pick two out of Little Red (if you did The Big Bad), Snakes and Ladders and Memories (Although this can be replaced by either Who snows or Lullaby depending on an earlier choice).

Episode Five - you can pick two out of Drained (If you did Buried), Azurean Dreams and From Dust (Although this can be replaced by Who snows or Lullaby depending on earlier choice).

Episode Six - you can pick two out of Witches and Warlocks, Puppet on a string and Let the dead lie (if you did Spare Parts).

Finally the finale can go in two different ways the first path which is the originally planned I call The only good one…is a dead one. OR you will end up doing A Grim hello.

This means the following cases will be saved for another time Urban Tales. Demonology and The Damned and the Dead.

*Although I may still use them as some cases do rely on the player doing others. I’ll have to think about it some more.


Maybe I don’t recall correctly (that’s what happens when you lurk for a while before joining the fun :wink:), but I think you had Lullaby and Azurean Dreams in different episodes depending on whether or not the MC has strengthened the seal? Now it seems that Azurean Dreams has a set place and Lullaby and Who Snows may or may not be an option depending on choices? Or is it that depending on your choices the difference is that they become available in 5 or 6? What I’m wondering is, can you make choices that may eliminate those two cases as options for you?

I do so love cases that are connected in some way. :+1: Very cool… especially the puns. :star_struck:

Yeah you’ve misremembered slightly. Who Snows and Lullaby depends on where you put the Azurean Orb. Then depending on whether you choose to strengthen the orb or not they will be an option in Episode 4 or 5.

So if you chose to strengthen the seal Episode 4 you can chose between Little Red, Snakes and ladders and Memories then in Episode 5 you can chose between Drained, Azurean Dreams and From Dust/Who Snows or Lullaby (depending on choices).

If you don’t strengthen the seal then in Episode 4 you can chose between Little Red, Snakes and ladders and Memories/Who Snows/Lullaby (depending on choices) then in Episode 5 you can chose between Drained, Azurean Dreams and From Dust.

Basically you only get the option to do Who Snows or Lullaby if you hide the Orb in a specific place.


I’ll be working on the cases for episode 3 this week so hopefully by the weekend.

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